and randy, i’m happy to say, is safe and sound.

on sunday he traveled to Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, to go to a destination wedding.  well, on sunday he was supposed to fly out of springfield to chicago, and then his charter plane left ridiculously early from chicago on monday morning.

i was nervous about him flying out of spfld because they’re always delaying and cancelling flights – maybe i wrote last year about getting stuck in chicago because they kept delaying my flight back to spfld, and then they finally cancelled it and i was so mad that i was gonna rent a car, but then because i was so exhausted, i ended up spending the night at a hotel and then taking the amtrak back home, but i missed the amtrak and had to drag my suitcase around chicago for about four hours…

anyway, so it can either be fabulous flying outta here because the airport is so tiny, but like i said, it’s likely that they’re going to cancel your flight.

they were threatening that it was gonna thunderstorm on sunday evening, when randy was supposed to leave, and i figured they’d delay the flight and then cancel it and i’d have to drive him all the way to chicago.

but lo and behold, they cancelled it on him at about noon.  “air traffic control problems” is the weird reason they gave, so i told him i thought he should take the train because at least he knew it’d get there.  he chose to fly from peoria, and thank god he got his brother to drive him the hour and half drive there.  but the plane did finally take off, and he managed to get on the plane from chicago on monday morning, and yesterday he called me!  WHY ARE YOU CALLING, WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? i yelled.  he just wanted to talk, even though they’re charging him TWO DOLLARS A MINUTE.

he said the resort is fabulous; it’s all-inclusive including delicious cocktails, plus there are many pools and beaches and i think he’s having a good time.  whew.  now he just has to somehow make it back here…

meanwhile, i’m taking care of his poor little kitty, rupee.  she HATES everybody but randy.  she LOVES randy and purrs and purrs and purrs at him all the time and curls up on his neck and she loves him so much…but she DOES NOT LIKE OTHER HUMANS.

today i rode my bike over to his house; it was 6.2 miles one way, and not so bad even though it was pretty hot, because there was a breeze.  rupee was, at least, happy to see that i was giving her wet food, anyway.  randy just started feeding her wet food on friday before he left, and so at least that’s something for her to look forward to while he’s gone.

today she did let me pet her for at least 10 seconds, and then she growled at me.  i did it a couple more times, and she kept letting me, but for no longer than maybe 20 seconds, but i figure

at least it’s a start.

poor lonely kitty.

and speaking of poor kitties…les is always soooo tired!  right now, as a matter of fact, he’s nestled inside one of the little apartments inside his kitty condo!  but he also loves to sprawl over the top of it.

we took garrick, janice, and their new dog bianca for a boat ride.  it’s impossible to get a photo where everybody is smiling.  first it was garrick…

…and then it was bianca.  usually the only way i can get garrick to look like he’s having a good time is if i yell at him SMILE, DAMNITALL!  otherwise he looks like this, like he’s having a horrible time and doing his best to look happy.

winnnie, on the other hand, always seems kind of mad.  he’s been stretched out a lot lately, because of the heat.  he likes to stay outside for hours on end, no matter if the heat index is 103, which it is right at this very moment.

i think kevin took this picture, so i can’t remember or maybe never knew what they were looking at so intently.

one of my favorite photos.  ipuppy – what a stupid name for a harness anyway, but then it’s so funny, on my kitty cat.  i think i should change the name of my site to “crazy cat lady.”  but you know that’s what i’m all about anyway.

because i dropped my phone in the mud one day, and mom sloshed some water on it the next, kevin bought me this cool case that would keep my phone dry even if i dropped it in the lake, which is certainly inevitable.  so here’s les modeling it for you, as chester lies in the background with his funny white paws.

i liked it that he was just lying under these bird feeder-houses, one of which has a family of house wrens in it.  he didn’t bother the birds at all, thank goodness.

i guess this entry is all about chester…here he was, very comfortable on the dining roomn table, as if this was just fine and where he’s supposed to be.

winnie was curious about the sail boat.  it’s not in the water yet, because yet more birds built a nest in the hookup for the trailer, so kevin is waiting for the babies to hatch and fly away til he puts the boat in.  any day now?

here he is at the tomb ceremony last week.  mom’s friend sharon was here to visit, and she wanted a photo of kevin.  he didn’t make it to the ceremony last night, but at least he’s gone once this year, which i believe is once more than last summer.

he bought a festive banner for the dock, and when i was at lunch he sent me this photo and i realized HE WAS OUT ON THE BOAT WITHOUT ME!

it does look more like a party place, and hopefully we’ll continue to work on it.

darling kitties, inside in  their outdoor kitty prison.

they like it back there, but today they seem very glad to be in the air conditioning, while winnie cooks outside.

when randy gets back i’ll make him give me some of his photos and i’ll put them up here.  i’ll have to look up exactly where the dominican republic is, cause i’m not entirely sure.

and that is all for the moment,

mrs. g.h.