How how how did it get to be the last week of March? It’s because no matter what, time keeps marching on.

Here’s Les on Feb. 16th as a deer approaches the feeder.

The next day the deer was right up at the feeder as Les looked on.

On Feb 21st the snow was gone and there were at least three deer snacking on the bird food which had fallen to the ground. Lester always enjoys the deer show.

February 23rd it was so nice out that I took him for a walk.

Naturally, Spot was more than happy to join us.

Les always gravitates to this spot, mostly to furiously chomp away on the grasses.

Spot was blissing out. He even lets me pet his tummy now; he still wants nothing to do with others who he encounters, but he couldn’t be more tame with me. And Kevin, of course.

Finally, celebrating Mom’s 88th birthday. A good time was had by all.

Ok then,

Mrs. March Hughes.