Traveling Grace

Here are some of the trips I’ve taken, including photos and videos.

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New York 2023

Mom and I took a speedy trip to NYC to see “Some Like it Hot,” the best musical I’ve ever seen, because it was closing at the end of the year.

Florida 2020

Mom and I flew to Florida for ten days of fun in the sun in Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale in February 2020.

More Trips to Florida

Kevin and I took a few other trips to Florida, always to the beach. Mom and I also spent time at Florida beaches.

Glacier 2019

We left on the Amtrak headed for Glacier National Park on Sept. 10, 2019. It was quite an adventure

New York 2019

Mom and I took a quick trip to NYC in December. We stayed in a lovely Air B&B in Brooklyn and saw some great Broadway shows as well as the Rockettes.

Wales 2015

Well, technically this is “England, Wales, Ireland, and back to Wales,” but that’s a little wordy. Most of our trip to Wales in August 2015 was, indeed, spent in Wales.

UK 2011

Kevin and I went on a short trip to England in August 2011. We spent a night in Windsor, travelled to London and visited our lovely friends  in Maidstone

Scotland Cycling 2009

Kevin and I took a bike trip in Scotland in July 2009. Scotland is very hilly. It was incredibly beautiful and challenging and it rained even more than usual.

Danube 2007

This was our first bike trip, Sept. 2007. It was lovely to ride along the Danube, and we spent a little time in the charming city of Vienna.