here’s the video –  it includes a guy parasailing, somebody wind surfing , and some wild ponies!  a beautiful, sunny day in the south of Wales.

ok then,



happy day before valentine’s day!

by grace on February 13, 2016

and WHEW, the month roars by as usual, and spring is right around the corner!

except right now it’s only 18 outside.  luckily i don’t have to step one foot outside the door today.

so…NYC, a great time, we did so much, saw a couple of shows, had some delicious food, walked a whole lot…and then i got a bad cold.  the reason i’m not setting foot outside today.

but now i have time to write, in between napping.

i did take some photos while there, of course, but first i have to finish off january.

i emptied out my backpack so i could take it to NYC, and of course it was an ideal sleeping spot for les.


here’s our deer – why haven’t we named her yet?  she’s more and more bold, and soon will be coming in for afternoon tea.


which dog is this? i think it’s swetsadie, you can tell from the scars on her face.  poor tiny doggie!






bev RETIRED at the end of the year, so we had a little dinner to celebrate her retirement, plus her birthday that we hadn’t properly celebrated.  we surprised her, because of course she wouldn’t want any kind of celebration for her GLORIOUS RETIREMENT.  plus her birthday.

i’d made some mini cupcakes, but on the day of the party i thought I MUST HAVE CAKE, because you really need a cake with some writing on it.  i found a scrumptious coconut layer cake at the grocery store and luckily had some leftover icing which i tinted and wrote on it.








and outside…the lake, beautiful as always even in te dead of winter.  many of the geese were standing around on one foot.








our deer always makes her way around to the backyard feeder.  since then kevin has put chairs all around the feeder so it’s just for the birds, not the deer and the geese.




the moon was full and so dazzling, and of course my phone can’t do it justice.


at least sadie’s life is prety darn great now.  she and amy’s other dogs love to bark hysterically whenever they see our deer feeding in the driveway, so it’s good that she’s there to keep them entertained.


i sure did miss him while i was gone!


ok, now i must edit together my next video from wales.  and then i’ll nap.  or maybe i’ll nap first…

all right then,

mrs. frigidly cold february hughes.



here we are in february!

by grace on February 4, 2016

so, spring is right around the corner…my personal goal is to try t get all my photos and videos of our trip LAST AUGUST up before it has been a year.  possible?  maybe.  i’m doing my best, but life seems to be getting in the way quite a bit, not so much time to sit down at the computer.

and today is busy again, because tomorrow i’m headed for NYC!  Bev’s daughter lives there, and bev and i are going to visit.  tomorrow mom and i take the train to chicago to visit my aunt sandy who had some major surgery, and after a night there, i fly out of midway airport on saturday.  bev’s daughter, erin, has a good friend who is the lead in aladdin – she’s jasmin!  i’m fairly confident  we’ll get to go see the show, which  should be exciting.

bev asked me what else i’d like to do, but somehow i haven’t had time to even look for new and different NYC things.  i want to go to the metropolitan museum of art because i just want to sit and look at the impressionist paintings, and bev has never been there, so i want to show her all the stained glass and the other beautiful things.  well, not all of them, because you can’t see all the stuff in a day because you just get museum-numb after a while.

i’m confident that i’ll have some time to think about other ideas today, besides the one million things i need to accomplish.  and yet here i sit…

here’s sadie, looking darling in her striped coat.


and this is one of my favorite photos of her.  such long legs!


we celebrated my neighbor bernice’s birthday on january 12th – i made lasagne and cupcakes.  here are my cupcakes formerly known as “irish car bomb cupcakes,” until the creator of the recipe decided that was politically incorrect, so now they’re called “irish whisky and beer cupcakes.”  they’re sinfully decadent, they take some time to make, and i wanted them to look fancy with the sprinkles and all.


we all look a little drunk here, but i think it’s just sugar overload.


but here’s proof of my continuing early alzheimer’s creeping up on me…i left a bunch of cupcakes with bernice and took a half dozen home and put them in the freezer.  they were in a huge container so i took one out and put it in the fridge, and my intent was to put the rest of them in a smaller container and back into the freezer.

they have disappeared.  no, i didn’t eat them in the middle of the night, i’m pretty sure nobody came in a swiped them…but i have absolutely no memory of actually putting them back in the freezer, and they’re not there – i checked many times, amy came over and checked, everybody looked in the freezer.

i assume that someday i’ll find them, old and very moldy and sad.

here’s lester being cute, to help me get over the angst of the lost cupcakes.










we made it to solva, yaaaay for that!  we made pretty good time, and next time i swear i WILL NOT WORRY SO MUCH about not making it!  in the description of the hotel in solva, it said that there was a good restaurant there, and we should make a reservation if we wanted to dine there.  so i called ahead, and the only opening was early in the evening – maybe at 5:00?  of course we’d be famished by then, but then i spent too much time worrying about getting there in time gfor dinner.  at some point i decided it didn’t matter if we made it in time because there had to be more than one restaurant in town.

solva was hopping with lots of vacationers.

our b&b, The Cambrian Inn, was quite lovely and old but also refurbished and modern.  the best of both worlds. the guy behind the bar at the restaurant led us up, up, up many stairs to the top floor.  our suite took up the entire floor!  it was the exact opposite of the Clock House in Marloes.  the windows were funny – there was that window in the ceiling, and it was a little stuffy in the room but luckily kevin figured out how to open the window.


the only other window was that teeny one facing the street.  you had to crouch down to look out!  it looked like the place had very recently been turned into guest room.


and here’s our whole other empty room, where we could have held a party if we’d known anybody to invite.


the bathroom was huge and pretty fancy.


i was so happy to be there!


we hurried to get cleaned up, and went down to dinner.

and of course it wasn’t all it was advertised to be.  it wasn’t bad, but because it was so very early, the place was filled with great big families with many very very loud children.  i remember that the bread was very good – i got some cockles for an appetizer because i wanted to try them.  you were supposed to spear them with toothpicks and add vinegar.  they were a little bit rubbery.


a cockle is a kind of clam, i just learned.


kevin had a delicious pie – chicken?  beef?  with a basket of delicious fries.  i decided to have a bevy of apptizers for my main course, including very rare beef and a salad.  but the beef came with lots of salad, so i had a ridiculous amount of greens.  dang greens.


we didn’t stay for dessert because of the loudness of the place, and were glad to stroll around the town.  it’s a very popular tourist destination.



so many cars!


after our saunter, we decided to go back to the hotel for dessert.


hmm, why no sticky toffee pudding?  i don’t think they had any.  instead, a delicious rhubarb thing with fabulous ice cream, plus port for me and whiskey for kevin.  at this point the restaurant was really packed and hoppin’, but luckily we found a comfy couch near the bar area and sat there enjoying our food and drinks.  many people were all milling around waiting for a table, and we were most pleased tat we could just walk up to our lovely room!

one more day of the official pembrokeshire path hike to come…

ok then,

mrs. h.



saturday, august 15th, as we continue our hike from little haven to solva

January 28, 2016

we were a little tired after our hike across the sands at newgale sands, and the path ahead of us went up, up, up. when we got to the top, the view was, of course, beautful. and then down, on the conveniently-placed stone steps.  what if it’d been raining?  i wouldn’t have been fun at […]

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2nd part of our morning, saturday, august 15th – little haven to solva

January 23, 2016

that last set of photos took us from a little before seven in the morning up to…about 10:30.  yes, picture-taking took up a big portion of our hike. here’s the next three hours, all the way up to lunchtime. this was a lotta steps to climb.   another beautiful day! so basically the path is […]

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Saturday, August 15th – 11 miles from Little Haven to Solva!

January 22, 2016

that’s a lotta miles!  well, not so many for experienced hikers, but a lot for us. we woke up early on saturday morning, before 7 a.m., and it was another beautiful day.  here’s the view from our window. breakfast was fresh everything, so delicious. because we were up so early, we were the only ones […]

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snow snow snow!

January 20, 2016

four and a half inches last night.  i’m trying not to think about it, because i don’t have to leave the house til after nine.  hopefully the roads will be fine and dandy by then. kevin is out snowblowing.  a very good fella. meanwhile…this is just a week and a half ago, when it was […]

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January 16, 2016

last friday, january 8th, jim’s picture was in the paper on the front page of the city/state section, above the fold!  it was a great photo, and jim said the photographer, Dave Spencer, followed him and his buddies around seven holes as they played disc golf. jim is a fantastic disc-golfer, and i’d like to go […]

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Video from Friday, August 14th – a baby seal! a guy parasailing!

January 15, 2016

here’s a video of our second day of hiking.  watching the video just now, i saw how close i was able to zoom in on the baby seal way down on the rocks, as he made his way out to the water.  there’s also some pretty good footage of a guy parasailing; once again, i […]

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