hiking, biking, and then…

more hiking around.  after the long walk and shorter bike ride, we sat in the park at the other end of main street from our hotel and watched the horses and bikes and people.  it was nice to just sit there, but for some reason, and i can’t remember why, we decided to walk up the hill towards the fort.


the fort had just closed, and i know what we knew that – maybe we just wanted to walk because it was a beautiful day, and because we could.

here’s the governor’s house on mackinac.  he wasn’t home.


we walked around a quiet road and ended up on the side of the island with the bridge in the background again.


there was a little path along the west bluffs, and along the path were many big and beautiful victorian homes.


the path was narrow, and not very long.  and we were the only ones on it.


beautiful flowers!  next year, i’m going to have more big flowers like that.


here’s the turnstile at the end of the path, i guess so bikes and horses wouldn’t be inclined to try to get on it.  and here’s a wagonfull of tourists!


i loved this row of houses.


more beautiful gardens!  i think we heard a phone ringing in one house, but didn’t see anybody around.






ok, i looked up this house, it’s called Cairngorm.  if you click on the link you can see photos of the beautiful interior – it’s for sale, for 5.8 million dollars!  but you get a real deal, because the furnishings are included!  i guess they do real estate like that a lot there on mackinac, because of the huge expense of hauling stuff on and off the island.  you’d hope that everybody had some good taste in furnishings, since maybe stuff isn’t changed out so much.


look how big and beautiful it is!  i strongly recommend that you look at the link, to see the fabulous inside.  and if you have some money saved up for a second home, you should buy it.  and invite us to stay.


i don’t know if you can see the pony stuff animal hanging off the balcony.


i did notice that some of these grand “cottages,” as they call them, are for rent, but there’s a month-long requirement.  i couldn’t find any rental prices online, but most of them have so many bedrooms and bathrooms, i bet they cost a pretty penny.

speaking of which – at the end of the street, there was the grand hotel, in all its grandness!


as we passed the famous enormous front porch, a michigan party was in full swing.  we didn’t stop inside, because they chage $10 a person to even enter the lobby.  i’m sure they must have been invaded by everybody before they started charging.  our plan was to have lunch there the next day, anyway.


we walked back down the hill and found a nice little pub to have some delicious dinner.  i had a chicken sandwich with yummy sweet potato fries, and kevin had one of the fanciest chicken pot pies i’ve seen.


after dinner we strolled down main street again and stopped in at the only grocery store.  i bought a tiny bottle of riesling.  s122

we were admiring the baked goods, and a woman told us about these cookies – she said she travelled internationally, and always got them on planes (is that what she said? she must travel first class on some pretty nice planes!), and she loved them.  she said there was caramel in the middle, and you set one on top of your cup of coffee and it heats up the coffee. sold.


we bought a bag, and tried them the next morning and they were, indeed, quite delicious.  sweet but not too sweet.  i found them on amazon and bought a good amount.  click here for the link.  they’re called stroopwafels.  i highly recommend them.

and that’s it for our first busy day!

ok then,

mrs. already the backside of mid october hughes.


more mackinac!

by grace on October 16, 2016

here’s a quick posting of the bike riding we did during in the afternoon of wednesday, september 21st, after spending the morning doing quite a bit of walking.

you can rent bikes by the hour, and we started out at around 2:30.  it was fun to be on a bike on such a flat road on a sunny and beautiful day.  we stopped at Arch Rock again to get a picture from below.


i wore these earrings all day because they’re the ones i wore on our wedding day.  i don’t usually wear them, and sometimes i can’t find one, so i was happy to have them on.  isn’t it crazy and deserted?  perfect!  by this point we’d ridden halfway around the island (it’s only 8 miles around!), and you can just barely see the bridge in the distance.


we decided to cut through the middle of the island instead of circumavigating it, and it was a bit hilly, but nothing too strenuous.  we stopped at the stables to pet some horses.  the stables were also deserted, except for one woman and her dog who were in charge.


we rode past a funny part of the island, one that i bet not many tourists see – it was a small town with modest houses and some apartments, and i’m sure it’s where many of the workers live.

we reached the top of the island and then it was an awesome coast all the way down the hill and back to town.  we were out a little less than two hours, and like i mentioned in an earlier post, i’m excited at the thought of going back and taking our own bikes.

here’s the Grand Hotel carriage, fancier than all the others.  i don’t think you can see it clearly, but the horses all wore drapey cover things over them, and the drivers wore top hats.


here we were at the opposite end of main street from our hotel.


by this point we were pretty tired, but then decided we’d take one more little walk…

more pictures to follow.

ok then,

mrs. when do we get to go back to mackinac hughes.


what a day it was!  this was wednesday, sept. 21st, our first full day on mackinac, and it was definitely, definitely supposed to rain. since i’d left my new raincoat in the car, i wasn’t too pleased with the prospect of rain.

but it’s just like here in springfield when it says that there’s a 100% chance of rain, but then it doesn’t.

the morning did start out a bit chilly and dark, and maybe there were a few sprinkles before we started out in the morning, but it was all good.  we sat on the deck at the Windermere Hotel, drinking our respective beverages and enjoying the view.  greyhounds sure are a lot bigger than the italian variety!  plus they appear to be much less wired.


this is one of the taxi carriages, i believe.  they frequently turned around here at our hotel.


this lighthouse is on a separate little island, and what’s up with that?  well, here you can read all about it…it’s on a tiny, uninhabited island called round island, and it was restored in 1978 for the filming of “somewhere in time!”  and i just read on this website that richard stares out at this lighthouse from windermere park, which is of course that park belonging to our hotel!


a splendid tree at the water’s edge of the park.


i wonder if lots of people hang out here at our park in the summer?  there’s a nice little place there on the left that sells hot dogs and stuff, but it was already closed for the season.  and incidentally, that big hotel on the right is right on the water’s edge, and is quite a bit pricier than our lovely hotel.


we walked down main street, filled with many shops, and at the end was the park, with the fort up there on the left.


we stopped to look at a few fancy boats at the marina.


i wouldn’t necessarily want to stay at this hotel because it’s smack dab in the middle of town, but i really really wanted to get in that huge hot tub.  i read that it used to be a very small pool, but as a hot tub i bet it’s great.


there’s the fort in the background.  our goal was to walk up there this morning.


i loved these little flowers that remind me of balloon flowers.


we walked up quite a few steps, and were rewarded with this view.


there are a bunch of historic old houses on this east bluff, and here’s a magnificent one.


we took a little path off the street and i loved this little sign, because it calls the town a city.   it reminds me of a fairy tale; i expected to see little red riding hood tripping down the path.


we walked to the historic fort and were going to tour around the grounds because kevin said that was one thing he really wanted to do.  but it would have taken a couple of hours, and been mostly inside, and we decided to do that the next day, instead, because the chances of rain were greater then.

we hiked down a wooded path to the Arch Rock, which was quite photographable.  we got to the viewing area in between times when big tour buggy packed with tourists were pulling up to take pictures.


lovely.  we decided that we’d next rent bikes for a couple hours so we could bike around the perimeter of the island, and here’s the road we’d take.


more interesting flowers, but we don’t know what they were called.


one of the tour buggies.  you could take pricey narrated tours visiting the highlights of the island, but we of course, were happy to get around on our own.


and luckily we walked down these stairs instead of up!  we walked back to the road and ambled back to our hotel.


it was a very busy day, and this was just the first part of it.

ok then,

mrs. wishing i had reservations already for next year hughes.



Mackinac Island!

by grace on October 11, 2016

(it’s pronounced mackinaw, fyi, in case you’re going to be chatting about it with anybody).

i love mackinac island!

in my last post about our trip up north, i said that we left at 6:30 in the morning on Tuesday, Sept. 20th, to drive from Starved Rock to Mackinac Island.

i didn’t mention that when i got up much much earlier than i ever get up, i went to put on my glasses…and the side piece had broken right off.  uh oh.

kevin had brought backup glasses, but i don’t have any decent backup glasses, that have bifocals.

luckily kevin also brought an emergency kit with some nice tape in it.  he neatly taped the side piece onto my glasses and i gingerly wore them for the res of the trip, definitely looking like a big geek, at least from the side, with the white tape wrapped around my frames.

Here’s me, looking very glamorous, riding in the car very early in the morning.  at least i wore the earrings that i wore for our wedding!


it was really foggy as we set out.


and we drove, and drove, and drove some more.  we didn’t want to get anywhere near chicago, so we went up through wisconsin, and finally reached the shores of michigan.  so beautiful!


we thought we’d take the 6:00 ferry over to the island, but somehow we got to St. Ignace, where we were to board the ferry, at about 4:50.  the woman selling tickets said we could make the 5:00 ferry, so we had ten hysterical fast-motion minutes of running all around getting tickets and paying too much extra for getting the valet parking and scrambling around to get our bags out of the van…

we sat outside on the upper deck of the ferry even though it was a bit chilly, and we realized that my new raincoat hadn’t made it onto the boat with us.  but it was beautiful and look at the bridge, i reminds me of san francisco…


the grand hotel!  it was fantastic to see it from the water.  kevin had been to mackinac two other times, but i’d never been, and it was just fascinating.


our hotel is the bright yellow one, the Windermere Hotel, and i knew that was it because of the brightness of the yellow.


when we got to the island, after such a short ferry ride, a guy from the hotel was there to take our bags.  he hopped on his bike, and we walked to our hotel…literally across the street from the dock.  ok, not across the street literally maybe, but it was maybe a two minute walk from the dock to the hotel.  very ridiculous that the guy carried our bags on his bike, but it was ok.  but then we had to carry them ourselves up to our room on the third floor…

our room was terrific, very roomy, with nice big windows.


here’s the beautiful garden down below!  such a nice place, and they had a big front porch with rocking chairs.  i think that one of the things the grand hotel is known for is their huge porch with rocking chairs, but this porch was plenty big, and sometimes there were even a couple of empty chairs to sit in.  why didn’t i take a picture of it?  but here’s the lovely garden.


and the view from one of our windows!


i can’t figure out what kevin is studying here, but it looks important to me.


we almost immediately went out to find some dinner, and this is the side of our hotel, and our room is up there on the top somewhere.s74

we had dinner at a place called the mustang lounge, purportedly the oldest bar on the island, and we did get to sit outside, and i have a perfectly fine quesadilla, but kevin got one of the worst reubens he’s ever tried.  so that was disappointing.


after dinner we strolled all around, and i loved being able to walk right down the street, no cars anywhere…did i mention that there are no cars on the island?  horses, horse-drawn cariages, and that’s it.  well, they were doing some road work, so there might have been a couple of road repair vehicles, but mostly just bikes and horses.

and i bet it’s kind of crazy there in the summertime, but because it was september, it wasn’t so crowded and here we are on one street up from the main street.  gee, nobody here at all.


this is another lovely hotel; there were many of them around, but i loved that ours was at the very end of the main street, a little bit away from the many many shops and restaurants and other hotels, plus we could sit on the porch and look out at the water and the horses going by.


we walked all the way up to the grand hotel, and this is their lavish front lawn.  we didn’t go inside because they charge $10 a person to even enter the lobby.  i’m sure this is because they must have gotten swamped with tourists all the time.  but the grounds were free.


here’s a closeup of a horse-drawn carriage made of shrubbery.  cool.


we did quite a bit of walking that first night on the island, but it was nothing compared to the walking we did the next couple of days.

lovely lovely lovely, i want to go back soon.

ok then,

mrs. i can’t believe it’s october and life is much too busy right now hughes.




another thursday door!

October 8, 2016

although of course it’s already saturday!  i took this picture and wanted to post it on thursday, as part of Thursday Doors, but as usual, i had no free time to sit down this week.  but luckily i read the fine print of norm’s requirements for posting and i have til noon today – noon eastern time, […]

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my first thursday door!

September 29, 2016

my husband kevin has been posting pictures of doors on his blog, “Old Guy Walking” and then he links the posts through this website called, you guessed it, Thursday Doors.  I’m wrong, that’s not the name of the site, but it’s a link that a guy named Norm has set up on his site.  Norm sounds like […]

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a little trip…

September 29, 2016

last sunday, september 18th, kevin and i drove to starved rock, where we’d been in the spring, and then we spent three nights on mackinac island. for one thing, i want to stay on mackinac for at least a week next time.  at least.  and take our own bikes. but first, starved rock… when we […]

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september 26th!

September 26, 2016

and before you know it, it’ll be october.  it continues to feel like summer, though, so it continues to be challenging to get into the fall mindset. last week kevin and i took a little trip to starved rock state park, and then up to mackinac island in michigan. but before that… lester didn’t want […]

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Italian Greyhound Extravaganza!

September 17, 2016

on wednesday, mom and i joined amy and jim on an overnight to Purina Farms, close to six flags in St. Louis.  it was the 2016 Italian Greyhound show, and when amy told me that their four IGs were going to be in a rescue parade, i said I MUST GO TOO! here’s a video from […]

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happy anniversary!!!

September 16, 2016

my kevin!  it’s so hard to believe we’ve been married 10 years!  the time has flown by… xxx grace

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