good news for winnie!

by grace on May 18, 2018

this morning we took him to the vet and he rode on my lap – he was much less stressed there rather than in a crate.  I told kevin to be extra sure that we didn’t have an accident since Winnie wasn’t buckled in.

they had to take blood from his jugular vein which seems would be pretty awful, but the great news is that his blood sugar level is great after not having any insulin since yesterday morning.  everybody is pretty confident this is why he had the seizures.


kevin told me that last night he woke up because Winnie was restless, but the kitty was just cleaning himself, but kevin stayed up for quite a while, just watching him.

tonight everybody should sleep better.

meanwhile…the first Saturday of may I finished mulching in front of the house. ta da!











I bought this thermometer because it was shiny and pretty; it doesn’t have an accurate reading when the sun is on it, but I don’t care.











later that day we took our first boat ride.  it was mom, amy, jim and me…kevin was out of town.  the only thing better than a boat ride is when somebody else is driving.  amy was doing the steering here and I was so happy.











on the other side of the lake on one of the islands we saw some white pelicans, and I think they’re nesting.  since then I’ve been back a couple of times and they’re still all there.  we’ll have to keep checking, and maybe we’d get so see baby pelicans, which would certainly be the cutest thing ever.











we were trying to slowly cruise past so as not to bother them but some of them took off.











a nearby heron was nonplussed.











it was kind of warm that late afternoon and we saw a few herons standing around like this – maybe it helped them cool off? none of us had ever seen them do that.











and that’s all for now, still so much to do outside…

ok then,

mrs. h.



Winnie, plus happier times…

by grace on May 16, 2018

Winnie isn’t doing well.  he had a seizure the night before last just after we’d gone to bed.  it was horrible, as he writhed and convulsed, for what seemed like forever.  I called the emergency vet but we decided we didn’t want to take him there; if this was it, we didn’t want his last hours to be spent in that cold place.  we were pretty sure it was the end…but then, eventually, he calmed down.  I fell asleep as kevin continued to watch Winnie, who was now lying in bed with us.

we were pretty sure that he’d be in horrible shape the next morning, but he seemed fine.

but last night he started limping horribly.  oh boy.  but we all went to sleep…but at three in the morning, another seizure.  this one wasn’t as bad, not as long, not as much thrashing…but not good.

yesterday we spent a lot of time consulting with the vet on the phone about him; we’d thought that maybe the convulsion was because of a different drug we’d been giving him for a week, but the vet was confident that wasn’t it.  we go back on Friday.

this morning he seems fine again, no limping either.  whew.

so everybody is pretty much on edge around here.

here’s a few photos from earlier in the month when things were more carefree.

on may 3rd, mom and I went to a fundraiser for my friend Erica’s homeless mission.  I bid on a few silent auction items even though I need nothing.  but when I saw a basket that included this giant martini glass, I couldn’t resist bidding on it.  and I won; for some reason most other people didn’t think it was a must-have item.















lester and riley continue to keep us entertained.  here they are on top of their house, as first of all riley gave les a bath.











they stopped to pose for me when I called to them.












but then riley climbed up on the log.  I didn’t get the picture right before this, when he tried to squeeze himself into a lying positing right in front of the log with one paw draped over it.  he quickly realized that was an impossible position to maintain.












he briefly thought it’d be comfortable sleeping on top of the log,











but quickly realized it was much better to stretch out next to les.











things are quiet around here for the moment, except for lester and riley zooming up and down the stair chasing each other.

ok then,

mrs. h.



may, in the middle of summer…

by grace on May 14, 2018

I kept saying that it’d probably go from really cold around here to incredibly hot.  and unfortunately I was right.  right now as I sit here in the air conditioning, it’s 90 degrees outside.  c’mon.

so far may has mostly been a continuing flurry of outdoor work but I might not do any today.  i’d hoped to start power-washing the deck but I think i’m too exhausted by all the raking and weeding yesterday.

next door, jim seems to be cutting down all the honeysuckle trees growing down by the water.  as I worked in the side yard between the houses yesterday he kept dragging what looked like entire big trees past me to the brush pile in the circle.

here’s a summary of the month thus far:

first, kevin was out of town and he borrowed my van, so I drove the BIG TRUCK.  it was a little bit fun but also I kept fearing that i’d scrape against the cars on either side of me.  I also noticed that there were many other much smaller trucks driving around, and felt very smug about that.  I did constrain myself and didn’t drive anybody off the road.












one night I went off to the movies and dinner with a friend and when I got back, kevin had taken riley to the emergency vet.  his left from paw was swollen to twice the size of the right and he was limping.  it wasn’t broken, and the vet though it might just be a sprain.  the vet gave riley painkillers, and when I got home riley was obviously enjoying them because he leapt off the back of the couch.  not good.  we didn’t give him any of the painkillers they sent us home with, and he did lie around quite a bit the next day but was soon back to leaping and jumping.

kevin bought a new big plasic tube to replace the huge one that had been in the fenced yard, and he buried it.  it looks much nicer back there now except for the prison fencing.

this was may 3rd, and the hostas and now huge.  plus I decided to transplant a few more of them because there’s always something that I feel needs to be dug up.

turtles sunning as I ran.  there had been more of them and by the time I got a little closer they’d all plopped into the water.  turtles are about the shyest creatures when you want to get a photo.

riley, living the life of riley again.

one of amy and jim’s Italian greyhounds is having some issues and they took him to the vet in champaign, so kevin and I took turns dogsitting the other four.  here’s kevin first-ever selfie.

when it was my turn I found that it’s not easy to get a picture with all four dogs in it.

I planted quite a few bleeding hearts last year and this one looks good.

ok then.

mrs. what happened to spring hughes.






the night sky

by grace on May 14, 2018

the other night, lighting lit up the sky.  it kept going and going, and I went out and started taking pictures, not confident that any would even show up.  I started taking bursts of photos, up to 40 in a burst, and I probably took about 200 of them.

here are my 10 favorites.



is he the real live Rocket Raccoon??

May 8, 2018

early in the evening, when it was still light out, this raccoon appeared on the deck.  look at his smile!  if you inspect it closely you’ll see the bird seeds stuck to the end of his nose (I didn’t even see it, but Bev pointed it out to me).  it looks like he’s grinning!   […]

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april…cats, mostly.

April 23, 2018

yeah, a mighty chilly april.  I’ve either been busy working or sitting around waiting for spring to actually arrive. riley is doing his best to adjust to life-at-breakneck-speed that we have around here.  I love how his paw is dangling down like that; he hasn’t done that since. Winnie has had his ups and downs, […]

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finally spring, maybe? hopefully? hopefully.

April 19, 2018

yes.  spring.  it seemed that we’ve had now had a ritual of snow every sunday.  snow on easter, snow the sunday after that, and the sunday we just had…well, no snow really til Monday, and then it was a very brief blizzardy thing early Monday morning.  but it’s been chilly and blustery and i’m itching […]

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sunday evening, right before it start snowing yet again…

April 8, 2018

i’m convinced now that we’re going from winter to summer, no spring at all.  my poor daffodils have been trying valiantly to bloom but it’s a good thing they haven’t because the snow is going to start again any minute now.  ridiculous. I just hurt my leg somehow, skidding on the floor.  how?  why? the […]

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leaving the beach…

April 6, 2018

I hated leaving Seagrove Beach.  but it was a great bit of time, and hopefully we’ll either go there or maybe somewhere nearby next year.  we had to vacate the premises at 10 on Friday morning, Feb. 24th, and we had time for one more walk on the beach. as we headed back I noticed […]

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last day at Seagrove Beach

April 4, 2018

next time i’d like to go for a week.  I wish we could find a condo on the beach that allowed cats so we could stay for a month, but on the other hand, would we really want to traumatize our kitties with such a very long car ride?  kevin and I were aggravated being […]

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