The past three months..

by grace on July 24, 2022

Well, so much happened after we got back from Seattle in April, but this is all I have for the rest of April – first, Spot so happy to follow me over to Mom’s house, and he would have gone right into her house if I’d let him.

I was just not thinking about how that cat is an eternal optimist, because Kevin and I went down to the vegetable garden to see how nicely the plants are progressing and Spot followed us and plopped himself down in the dirt, but then sprung back up when I called him. He had the choice to either follow Kevin to the front yard where Kevin was hard at work installing windows on his sailboat, or he could follow me up onto the deck. He knew that I wouldn’t let him inside but of course he continues to be hopeful that this would be the day.

We put my boat in the water so early this year, April 28th, but then because of different things we didn’t even up going out til June. Oh well, we’ve been out a few times anyway and I intend to go out a lot in the coming week because the temps will be in the reasonable 80s.

The last day of April, deer were enjoying nibbling from a bird feeder.

I’ve just spent an incredibly frustrating week, dealing with the prednisone I got from going to urgent care on Sunday. I can’t recall taking it before, and it messed me up so much. I was kind of wired on Monday and then couldn’t sleep much and as the week progressed I felt worse, queasy and light-headed and exhausted and unable to sleep. Thank goodness I took the last two of them on Friday morning and last night I slept over nine hours. I’m still not feeling 100% normal, but at least much better.

Meanwhile the cardiologist’s nurse called to tell me that I have Atrial Tachycardia, which they determined after I only wore that wretched heart monitor for four days. This is better than Atrial Fibrillation, but do I really have it anyway? I know that when I was wearing the monitor those four days, I was out in the sweltering heat pulling weeds and mulching like crazy and the monitor kept coming un-stuck because it was so hot.

Maybe the spikes in heart rate were due to that? They prescribed me a beta blocker which will slow my heart down and I haven’t started taking it yet because I was worried about taking that plus the awful prednisone. I guess I’ll start tonight, but I don’t have a good feeling about it. I have an appointment with the cardiologist in a few weeks and maybe I won’t have to keep taking the drug?

It’s been a bizarre summer so far of weird and incredibly annoying medical things. I want to get past all of that already.

ok then,

Mrs. past the middle of summer Hughes.


That was fast!

by grace on July 18, 2022

I finished posting that post and looked at my e-mails and there’s a copyright claim on both pieces of music that Michio played. At least now I don’t have to worry about looking up the one piece, it’s “Romance,” and the copyright owner is some entity called UMPB Publishing. I was wondering if I’d get a notice like this, but didn’t think I would since both pieces are so very old, but like I said, at least I know the name of the piece and I might just play it tonight.

Some of our cats have never head the piano being played and I bet they’d freak out…

ok then,



Wrapping up our trip to Seattle

by grace on July 18, 2022

Finally, finally, here are the last images and videos of the trip that Mom and I took to Seattle in April. Three months later, and this is it.

Monday April 18th I went for one final run, and this time it was chilly and rainy. This seagull didn’t mind.

It was cool to see the rain on the water.

I stopped to visit the sea lions one last time. They, too, were unperturbed by the chilly rain.

I watched as a fancy big catamaran passed a smaller boat.

We’d been to Golden Gardens park on our very first day, but only saw the beach section. I saw this wooded part on the map and wanted to drive there, because it was only a few minutes from our place. The woods looked interesting and inviting.

I just read about the woods on trip advisor and somebody posted in April that it’s not safe to hike around there because of all the tents set up, I’m guessing homeless people? We did see many homeless encampments around Seattle.

We drove over to visit Sharon and Michio one last time and he entertained us with his fantastic classical guitar-playing. He practices every night, which is of course critical to being good at something. Practice practice practice.

I took videos of all his pieces and this one is five whole minutes.

I taped only a portion of this piece and I was intrigued because I know it and have played it on the piano. What are the odds that I’ll play the video and find it by playing different pieces in the main piano book that I’ve played from? I literally cannot remember the last time I played the piano, so I guess the odds aren’t so good.

We were due at Stan’s house for dinner and he called while we were listening to the music. Stan’s best friend and his wife had flown in from D.C., had picked up pizza and were waiting for us. We bade Sharon and Michio a quick good-bye and sped across town to Stan’s.

I had to drive up the steepest hill I’ve ever encountered on the way, and I did get better at the hills of Seattle.

Once again, here’s the last image of Mom and Stan. Still sad that he’s gone, but at least he and Mom got to spend a good amount of time together.

While Mom, Stan and Stan’s friend were catching up I stepped out onto the back deck and saw this awesome pelican.

We got back to our place before dark and I stood outside for a while as another train passed.

When I went back in I don’t know why, but I looked at the little dining table more closely and realized that the top had an inlaid checkers/chess board on the top.

So I need to go back there for sure to play some checkers.

We got up early on Tuesday morning for our flight and here’s the last picture of the bay…

and the very last Seattle video.

We successfully made it to the airport and when we got to our gate people were lining up to board a flight to Hawaii. I’d noticed people on the escalator in shorts and flip flops and thought that a bit odd because it was so chilly that day. Hawaii, that’d be nice…

No plans for any trips right now. Hopefully, hopefully Kevin and I will get the chance to go somewhere, sometime, but besides the pandemic there’s of course the issue of having so many dang cats who need a lot of care and feeding.

But we’ll see…

Ok then,

Mrs. Finally Reaching the End of Seattle Photos Hughes.


Easter Sunday, April 17th, 2022

by grace on July 17, 2022

I started the morning with a run. Well, first I took a bunch of pictures/videos because the mountains were out for the first time. And so beautiful…

I started my run so very early for me, before 10 a.m.

The marina was full of sailboats going out and some were already motoring back in. Early risers.

I stopped to look at the sea lions again, because why not? I was desperate to get a shot of somebody getting up onto the sea wall and tried my best but it just didn’t happen.

However, the sea lions were having a splendid time.

After that Mom and I went to the Ballard Farmer’s Market and enjoyed some pastries.

The market was crowded but not unbearably so. I took a video of a guy playing music nearby and was amused watching it just now because my mouth and nose are covered in pastry crumbs and powdered sugar. That video will never see the light of day.

We stopped by our place before heading over to Stan’s house and a whole lot of sailboats were out in the harbor.

At Stan’s, we met his very nice son Jeff. He and his wife had made lots of delicious food for us.

I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of Jeff, more than his arm. We had meatloaf, corn casserole and cheesy potatoes, all things that I never eat. Such a treat. Plus somebody from Stan’s church had brought over half a hummingbird cake. This is Bev’s favorite cake, and it was quite delicious. It’s kind of like carrot cake only even better.

Different people stopped by while we were at Stan’s, and when we left we stopped on Magnolia Drive and I got this terrific photo – that’s Mt. Rainier in the left background, and way over on the right near the bottom is a bald eagle! Doesn’t get more scenic than that.

When we’d pulled off to look at the view we didn’t even see the eagle but luckily a woman there pointed it out to us. Quite something.

When we got back to our place, Sharon and Michio came over and we had wine and snacks and enjoyed the day some more.

A very busy day full of so much beauty…

And just now it dawned on me that we were there three months ago. C’mon, Grace, wrap it up already. But in my defense, I’ve spent the time since then in some kind of medical crisis or doing lots of weeding.

It makes me sad that Stan won’t get to see my photos, but I’m pretty sure I shared many of them with him.

Meanwhile, around here right now…it rained almost two inches and I went running out in the rain which was kind of fun because the rain made it so cool. It would have been a good day to get some more weeding done, but instead I had to go to Prompt Care, which took a while, and when I got home I wanted desperately to do this.

This time it was for a rash I got from unsuccessfully wearing a heart monitor for a while. I actually only wore it for four days before my chest got red and painful, and then I took it off for a week and put a different kind on, one for sensitive skin, and then I got stung by a wasp and my chest immediately started to burn again, and I waited another week and within two hours I was in pain again. That was Monday and it started getting worse instead of better yesterday so today I’m glad I went to the doctor and got drugs which will hopefully start working soon.

It’s been a summer of annoying medical things for sure.

But there have also been good times and SOON I will post them here.

ok then,

mrs. july 17th hughes.


Just one more thing about the National Nordic Museum…

July 11, 2022

Look at this cool swan!!! Isn’t it fabulous? Here’s what they said about it on their site: On Thursday, July 7, the Museum welcomed Her Excellency Lone Dencker Wisborg, Ambassador of Denmark to the United States to Osberg Hall to celebrate the arrival of Thomas Dambo’s Nordic Swan (2015). Ambassador Wisborg gave a presentation on […]

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National Nordic Museum

July 10, 2022

In my last post, I had many photos/videos of the many sailboats I saw while running alongside the marina in Seattle on Sat. April 16th. That afternoon, Mom, dearly departed Stan and I drove around to look at many sights he wanted to show us, and ended up at the fabulous National Nordic Museum. It […]

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More Seattle excitement

June 25, 2022

I just counted the number of videos I took on Saturday April 16th while jogging along the Shilshole Bay Marina waterfront in Seattle. Thirty! C’mon, Grace, what’s wrong with you? I can’t imagine that I managed to maintain a challenging heart rate because I must have stopped every few minutes to take a video. I […]

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June 23, 2022

After realizing yesterday that my spring banner was out of date, I managed to create a new one. But that picture of the Seattle mountains was sure pretty.

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June 23, 2022

Tuesday morning I woke up feeling so much myself again with boundless energy. I’d been so drained that I’d forgotten how good it feels to feel good. I went to the grocery store for the first time this month and scampered around outside in the garden area, scooping up many on-sale flowers. I hadn’t bought […]

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June 22, 2022

After posting that last entry I looked at that lovely picture of the mountains on the banner and was dismayed to suddenly realize it still says SPRING. I know that summer just officially started yesterday but it feels like it’s already whooshing past. Hopefully I’ll have a new summer banner before the season has left…

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