how is that possible, anyway?  why does time speed by so much more quickly as i get older?  how is it that the fair is starting on thursday?

it’s a strange day today; it’s usually hot and humid at the start of august but instead it’s cloudy and cool and i should be out running right now.

maybe later?


our cats beg for food, which is very very bad.  human food will make them have health problems, i’ve read that a lot.

and then this is what happens – chester so desperate for a bite of turkey.  so bad, but SO CUTE.

and the thing is, i buy ridiculously expensive treats for the diabetic cats that are 100% freeze-dried chicken, so why is actual turkey any worse?

this is another photo from that night with the amazing clouds.

and this is the full photo of the banner.

one morning this bug was hanging out in the yard.  i’ve never seen a bug like this and thought it pretty cool.

so did lester.

but he wasn’t that interested, and preferred lying in the grass.

winnie was happy for a comfy place to relax, if only for a while.

later that day i picked up a chair that had been turned upside-down by the wind and this tiny white caterpillar was sitting on the arm.  i thought it was dead but when i touched it, it moved.

les, inside the garden fence checking out the crop progress.

some cool japanese eggplant.

les loves to hang out on his tower overlooking our new giant window.  sometimes he’s facing the lake, but mostly he’s just sleeping.

we haven’t had  a lot of travel or excitement this summer, but it has been mostly peaceful and nice.

ok then,

mrs. maybe i won’t run today after all hughes.


august already…

by grace on August 6, 2017

i can’t believe it’s August 8th, as the summer sprints along.

here are a few outside photos from july.

oh, that moon.

can you spot the heron in there on the right?

another evening of beautiful clouds.

we had a big storm, and just as i was opening the screen door, this big branch fell in front of me.  i guess it wouldn’t have done too much damage, but i’m still glad it didn’t fall on me.

as i was running through a field at UIS, i saw these new things.  i wonder what they could be?

this new pole seemed to go with them.  are they some kind of solar things?  that doesn’t quite make sense to me.

ok then,

mrs. quiet sunday afternoon hughes.




by grace on July 28, 2017

as i ran between the corn rows at the end of may, i thought it’d be interesting to take pictures of it as it grew.

corn grows mighty fast around here.

may 25th:

June 2nd, just eight days later:

June 8th, just six days after that!

June 17th, a mere nine days later:

June 24th, one more week, and the corn was already quite high:

three weeks later, july 16th, and now there was corn growing on the cornstalks, which now had tassles, and the stalks reached way over my head.

i pulled apart an ear of corn, and the kernels weren’t fully ripened, but last sunday i tried another ear, and they looked ready to eat by then.

not that anybody is eating any of it – i think it’s used for the many other, non corn-on-the-cob uses that they use corn for.

i’ll take more pictures later in the summer, as the corn starts to dry.  that process will take a lot longer than the two months it took for the corn to turn into corn on the stalks.

and that’s about all the excitement around here.

ok then,

mrs. almost the end of july hughes.




giant chicken!

by grace on July 27, 2017

the addition of the giant window was fantastic, but i’m in love with my new giant chicken.


lester, however, was nonplussed.

here’s the view of the chicken from out new giant window.

yeah, technically it is a rooster, but i like saying “giant chicken” better.  i was at menard’s early in july, and for some reason i was feeling like of blue.  blueness makes me buy things, i’ve realized.  i bought the beautiful, although a noxious weed in australia, duranta tree, and then i came across the GIANT CHICKEN.  and decided that i had to have it.  i lugged it to the checkout, but they said i’d have to order it, that was a floor model.  so i lugged it back and walked the mile to the ordering place, and they said, no, you can’t order it anymore, you have to buy the floor model.

by this time i’d been happy about ordering it because there was a small dent under his chin, but then i was more happy to carry him right out to my car.

he sat around in the screened porch for a while, until kevin was able to secure him into the ground.  he’d come with a bunch of inferior stakes that wouldn’t have kept him upright for any length of time, so kevin bent a few piece of rebar and pounded them into the ground.

we’ve had a few pretty big storms since he’s been in place down at the water, so i’m confident that he’ll stay securely there til we have to pull him up for winter.

so the big chicken and the big window, by far the most excitement i’ve had this summer.

ok then,

mrs. really close to the end of july hughes.




a giant new window.

July 25, 2017

instead of taking a long trip this year, we installed new windows in the living room. this is what the big window used to look like…there’s a beautiful view of the lake, except for the big panel in the middle where there was a mirror.  plus the seal on the far left window was broken […]

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guest blog!

July 25, 2017

I woke up this morning to see that the lovely Tanja, from the site The Red Phone Box Travels, had posted my guest blog on her site!   Here it is.   Tanja is from Croatia, and writes about the wonderful places she’s visited; she is especially enamored of London, and has all kinds of interesting things to […]

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July 24, 2017

here are three photos from the very beginning of july, such a very long time ago, it feels like. les, always stalking something down by the water. this is a beautiful new tiny tree i bought on impulse.  it’s called a Duranta, and i just read on wikipedia that although it is cultivated in some […]

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the really real last photos of june…

July 22, 2017

whoops, i forgot about these photos.  here’s a snapchat photo, which i took the morning of the 20th anniversary of harry potter.  how is it that 20 years have passed since the first novel was written? i had to take this photo of the fridge because it’s probably the cleanest and emptiest it’ll be…it was […]

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final photos of june

July 22, 2017

so, ta da, the final photos of june as july zooms right along. here’s bev, giddy with excitement when she spent the night a few weeks ago – she had a procedure done at the hospital and they told her she shouldn’t be alone for 24 hours in case anything happened. all that happened is […]

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July 21, 2017

yesterday, thursday morning,kevin drove the van over to the boat dock as i slowly left the shore on the boat.  i noticed that kevin had installed a nifty new black lamp post at the end of the dock! cool. the water was still, no other boats around, and the breeze felt good.  i arrived at […]

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