one last boat out of the water in october…

by grace on November 16, 2018

after glenn helped us get out sailboat out of the water, we helped him get his out.

this was Tuesday, October 30th – we all drove over to the yacht club in kevin’s big truck and attached glenn’s trailer.  glenn climbed aboard, and I was excited to get to go out one last time for the year.  it was a beautiful morning.

the little sailboat motor started up and glenn and I set off, as kevin drove to the sailboat launch over on our side of the lake.  we’d have to motor under the Linsday bridge, and glenn had never taken his sailboat under the bridge since he can’t sail under it, so it would be a first.

or maybe not.  I happily enjoyed sitting there taking pictures of the beautiful, crisp fall day. i’m pretty sure we only had about three fall days, mostly going right from summer heat to snow.

but then…the motor died.  uh oh.  glenn is generally cool as a cucumber, but I think he started to panic, maybe, as he frantically kept pulling on the motor rope.  it started up a couple of times but then died.

I finally called kevin, who suggested we call our boat guy, josh.  I did, and glenn described to him the motor trouble and josh said it must be the carburetor, which meant it wasn’t going to work.  hmm.  glenn called the yacht club and I thought that maybe they’d have somebody there who could help us?  it seems they should, since the membership is so expensive.  but no, the yacht club just called CWLP for us, which I could have done myself.

meanwhile, kevin texted me, writing “why doesn’t he unfurl the jib a little?”  the jib is the smaller mast in the front.  it was a windy day, and the wind was already nudging us in the direction of the dock where we needed to be, so this made sense to me.

but glenn is a very, very focused individual and I think he was only concentrating on MAKE THE MOTOR START, so he just kept pulling on the cord.

eventually he somehow managed to start it and we puttered over to the dock, but we met kevin at the dock on the other side of the lake so we wouldn’t have to try to navigate under the bridge.

land ho!  kevin was all set to get the boat up on the trailer.

this is a funny photo because I think glenn looks smug, but I know that’s not his emotion – I think it was mostly just relief.

I had to stop taking pictures for a bit because all hands were needed – glenn held onto the boat in the back and I had to pull, while kevin tried to guide it in.

that went ok, and then kevin magically balanced on top of the trailer not getting his feet wet as he winched the boat up.

this is my favorite photo of kevin even though I didin’t zoom in enough – he’s braced against the bar as he finishes hooking the boat up.  very agile, my kevin.

glenn watched to make sure the boat wasn’t scraping the ramp as kevin pulled it out of the water.

I stood around in the parking lot for a good long time as kevin and glenn prepped the boat for hauling.

so hard at work!  I was perfectly content to continue standing around.

as they worked, a truck pulling a boat pulled up and I saw a little dog in the front seat.  it joyfully bounded all over the place as its owner got ready to take his fishing boat out.

I guess I had to help a little, because the next thing I knew, the boat with the dog standing proud at the bow was whizzing by.

a little more this and that, and the boat was ready to go back to our house.  they needed to take the motor off the boat before they took it to storage, but the motor was locked to the boat.  glenn had a little baggie of keys, but none of them fit, so they had to stop at home in order to cut off the lock.  and to drop me off.  the final boat adventure of the year.

when we got back I took les for a walk, but after he sat on the rocks for alittle while he started meowing up at me, so it was a short walk.

riley, doing a yoga pose.

and boom, end of October posted, and it’s not even the end of November yet!

in addition to the first snow, we then had about four inches of snow the night before last.  ridiculous.

ok then,

mrs. deep in the hear of winter before thanksgiving hughes.



october boat rides

by grace on November 13, 2018

this is one of my favorite pelican photos (and I took approximately one million of them during the summer/fall).  we went out on the boat on October 20th, and I went out again on the 22nd.  kevin didn’t want to go with me, so I went by myself and had a surprisingly good time.  I realized that when I go boating alone I can go wherever I want.

I first zipped over to the pelican point and was sad that they weren’t there.  I decided to head under the Lindsay bridge to see if I could find any, but when I cruised by todd green’s house, right across the water from us, I realized they were there!  it was cool to get this photo of flying pelicans as well as ones on the grass.


on pelican point, the pelicans mostly hung out on the rocks, with a few in the grass.  since they weren’t there that day, I could see the extent of the pelican poop.  but in the photo above, because todd doesn’t have riprap, but instead a sea wall, the pelicans all congregated on his expensive, lush grass.

such a beautiful day!  it’s a little hard to get my head around the fact that today it’s only 25 degrees, feels like 15, with a layer of snow on the ground.  what happened to fall?

this is one of the islands on the other side of the bridge, near the yacht club.  tons of birds were nesting in the trees.

I only came in finally because I had to work.

a few days later, October 25th, we took the boats out of the water.  here’s the view of our dock as I drove the pontoon boat away.

this was the easiest boat out of the water we’ve ever had – I think because I had practiced docking the boat on our new boat lift, I felt more confident about guiding it onto the trailer.  good times!  the whole process was speedy, thanks mostly due to kevin’s expertise.

we got home and I spent an hour cleaning the boat, while kevin started to get the sailboat ready to come out.  his friend glenn came over at about 2 in the afternoon to help remove the sail.

glenn then motored mom and I over to the boat launch; I’ve never used the motor on the sailboat, but maybe next year i’ll be able to do it.  it didn’t look very tricky, anyway.

it took a couple of tries to get the boat onto the trailer, but no big deal, really (especially for me because all I really did was take pictures).

kevin secured the  boat on the trailer and the job was done!

this is one of my favorite photos of mom because her hair went completely crazy in the wind.

more boat adventures soon, but here’s les and riley, enjoying the middle level of their kitty condo.

ok then, stay warm,

mrs. Tuesday bitterly cold November hughes.


more from october

by grace on November 10, 2018

and the thing is it seems like deep winter all of a sudden.  fall passed in the blink of an eye – it got deeply cold yesterday and snowed. ugh.  to early.  let’s go back to mid-October when we had that little flash of autumn.

Winnie enjoyed lying in a new box.  he’s hanging in there, although he eats a huge amount every day and continues to get skinnier.  we tried to get him some new medicine for the pain in his front paw, but he’s already taking so much stuff that the vet said our options were very limited.  we got him one giant needle full of medicine, to see it he could tolerate it, but we haven’t even given it to him at all because the last time I gave him something with such a giant needle he yelped in pain.  this needle, for his arthritis, hadn’t fazed him before, but now that he’s so thin it really hurts.  poor fella.

he hobbles around, but not horribly.  he still purrs and likes to sit in our laps.

lester and riley, before we added the second top shelf to the tower.  they made it work all snuggled up on one cushion, but not for long.

a beautiful morning on the lake.

white pelicans!  I think this is the closest I got to them.  mid-October, they were still hanging out at the point down the way.

and that wraps it up for this chilly November Saturday evening.

ok then,

mrs. Saturday hughes.



way back at the beginning of october…

by grace on November 4, 2018

kevin saw these two cute wooly worms.  a mother and a baby?!  I’ve never seen that before.

these were taken the day after our exciting Friday morning of towing our neighbor’s boat out of the water.  we got to starved rock too late on Friday for hiking, but we set out at the crack of 10 in the morning on Saturday October 6th.  i’m pretty sure we went to Hennepin Canyon.

I took this when kevin had just taken a bi bit of a fig bar, and I said CHEW FASTER!  it was a little bit drizzly that morning.

we were at a canyon far from the lodge but there were quite a few people despite the farness plus the rain.

at this point I was only a little soggy.  i’d stuck an umbrella into my backpack, but then I instantly forgot it was there.

a couple approached from the other side with their two cute little dogs.  I think they’d brought some kind of folding chairs and just sat there enjoying the view.

after we passed quite a few people who were wearing plenty of rain gear I finally remembered my umbrella.  it was ridiculous that I didn’t even have a baseball cap, because I almost always have one in the car.  but it was a nice hike anyway.

we drove to rock falls and as we went the temperature started dropping.  I guess we hadn’t brought jackets because of all the boat shenanigans on Friday?  I usually overpack, and i’m never lacking layers.  but we stopped at the wal mart across from our hotel and all I had was my long sweater.  quite the fashion statement.

I bought a sweatshirt and kevin got a flannel shirt and we were all set for a nice weekend with kevin’s siblings.  a good time was had by all!

meanwhile, bev sent me this darling photo of riley.

he’d never curled up in this little carrier before, and hasn’t since.

on our way back to springfield, we stopped at not the best rest area in the world.  I had to take a photo of this sign duct-taped to the inside ofd the stall door, because I’ve never come across one with such a very thorough list of things NOT TO FLUSH.  plus, naturally, somebody had picked off many of the letters.  because that’s what one does at a rest area.

whew, so much more to post!  I had hoped for a lot more sitting-down time today, but maybe tomorrow?  or Tuesday?

I hope your Monday is a good one,

mrs. November with a slight chance of snow on Thursday hughes.






November 4, 2018

hmm, once again, time whooshes by and I haven’t posted for a good long while, but at least I updated my banner on this rainy, windy sunday morning.  I have to do one million things now, but will hopefully get back here today… ok then, mrs. sunday end of daylight savings time hughes  

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boat ride!

October 18, 2018

this is the latest we’ve ever had the boat out…actually, every year since we had our old boat, it broke down sometime mid-summer. this year the water has been really high, plus new boat… it was a beautiful day for it, and I wanted to see if the white pelicans were in the same spot […]

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“just sit right down and you’ll hear a tale…

October 10, 2018

a tale of a fateful trip…” *Gilligan’s island opening* I haven’t finished with my photos of September, but here’s the story of the boat shenanigans from last Friday, October 5th. kevin and I were going up to Starved Rock on Friday; we’d planned to leave between 10:30 and 11:00 so we’d have time to do […]

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the rest of the animals at the st. louis zoo

October 4, 2018

well, this isn’t all the animals at the zoo, but here are a few that we saw.  by this time it was about an hour before closing so we were walking very quickly in order to see more animals. the polar bear was hanging out, but since it was such a warm day you’d think […]

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penguins and puffins at the st. louis zoo

October 3, 2018

after thoroughly enjoying the Humboldt penguins outside, we went into the chilly penguin palace.  these are king penguins, native to Antarctica. they’re the second-largest penguin type, at about 33 pounds.  and so cute. at one point they all started making a terrific noise in unison, reminding me of the chorus that amy and jim’s dogs […]

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penguins at the zoo!

September 30, 2018

In my last post I forgot to post these two pictures of the bears, just hanging out… and then, the penguins!  I think I liked them so much because they were so very funny and seemed perfectly content to waddle around and swim and gather nesting material.  these are the Humboldt penguins, which are native […]

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