first day in New Orleans – WW II museum

by grace on April 23, 2017

our first full day in New Orleans was sunday,  march 12th.  it was fun to take the quick ferry ride over to New Orleans proper.  it was rather chilly and grey so we decided we’d head for the WW II museum.

here’s the Confederate Civil War museum next door…we decided not to go in, because maybe we wouldn’t get such a warm reception, what with kevin being in the 114th reenacted union regiment.

but just yesterday he told me that after hurricane katrina the confederate museum flooded and some members of the 114th went down and helped repair the guns that had gotten wet.  so maybe they would have offered us doughnuts and coffee?  we’ll never know…

it appeared that everybody else had the same idea, going to the museum because it was chilly.  we stood in line for a half hour to get tickets.  it was a pretty cool place to wait, though.

after leaving the entry building we were walking to another building in the huge complex, and there was a band setting up outside.  a might chilly afternoon for playing, but i wanted to go out and watch them.

it was the Western Illinois University Jazz Band.  funny that we drove all the way to new orleans to hear a band from illinois.

i don’t feel that the poor keyboard guy over there on the left got to play at all.

the first thing they played was a great version of America the Beautiful.  now i wish i’d taped more of it.

my question is, why are there no females in the band?  it made me wish i’d pursued a brass instrument instead of the violin when i was in grade school.

here’s “the stars and stripes forever.”

after this chilly entertainment we entered one of the vast buildings.  upstairs was all about the conflict in the pacific, and downstairs was the conflict in europe.  we chose upstairs, and there were many many things there.

and many many people.  it was an incredibly cool place, but so crowded with crowds of crowds that it was hard to see things, and hard to get around.

the gun at the top was mighty huge.

a flamethrower – it’s something i’ve read about but never seen in person.


giant binoculars!

after a while we couldn’t take the crowds anymore, and decided to go to this enormous building filled with giant planes.  we could have walked up all the stairs but opted for the elevator.



we did walk down the stairs, not like going up.

it felt like we hadn’t been at the museum very long, but we went outside to go to yet another building to see the featured movie that they call “4D”.

outside was this…

no chocolate bars inside, unfortunately.


the movie, which was had to pay extra for, is called “beyond all boundaries.”  it was an incredibly experience, and i’m including the trailer here even though on youtube it says “this video is unlisted.  be considerate and think twice before sharing.”  i’m not sure why it says that, and maybe i’ll get some kind of chastisement from youtube for putting it up here, but if you get the chance you should watch it.

you can read more about it here.  it’s funny – the movie kind of reminded me of the movie they show at the lincoln presidential museum here in springfield – both have seats that shake, for example, and all kinds of movie magic.

after the museum we walked over to the french quarter briefly, and i was happy to see these bubbles coming from this building.

a first day in NoLa full of quite a bit of walking.

ok then,

mrs. hughes.



we left orange beach, AL on saturday, march 11th.  as we drove away from the beach, we encountered a huge line of traffic headed towards the water.  spring breakers?  or maybe this is what it’s like all the time there in alabama?  hard to say, we were just happy to travel in the opposite direction.

we stopped at a rest area in mississippi, and it’s hands-down the fanciest rest stop i’ve ever seen.  it looked more like a large home, and inside it was very homey, with lots of easter decorations and a woman behind the counter giving out cups of coffee.

they do need to power-wash their sign, but still, really nice place to rest.

it was a relatively short drive to new orleans, but when we got into the city we were suddenly immersed in all this traffic.  i guess i’d pictured new orleans looking more…quaint?  i didn’t expect to see a bunch of high rises, like any city.

our b&b was actually across the river from new orleans proper, in Algiers, and when we pulled off the highway we went through a very suspect-looking neighborhood.  kevin said we were actually passing some gang members.  uh oh.

but then we turned down this street, and ta da!  lovely trees shading the roadway.

we stayed at the House of the Rising Sun B&B, and here’s our nice room.

Algiers Point is very old, by american standards anyway, with lots of cute houses on the quiet streets.  more than one doorway featured a sleeping cat.

we decided to stay in algiers point instead of venture across the river, and at the time we were there, there was only one restaurant in the area – a couple more were about to open, but because there was just the one, we didn’t have to make a decision about where to eat.  it’s called the Dry Dock Cafe, and it was delicious.  it’s right across the street from the ferry, and after dinner we strolled over to get a better look. here’s the view of the city.

we planned to take it easy as much as possible in new orleans, but that never seems to quite work out.

more later.

ok then,


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so, i guess

by grace on April 5, 2017

that “La La Land” is really one of my favorite movies.  i saw it twice on the big screen and am looking forward to seeing it again when it comes out on video.

i just saw this totally charming video by a high school kid, asking emma stone to prom using the music from the opening number on the film, one of my favorite ones.

here it is. fabulous.


p.s. “about me”

by grace on April 2, 2017

whenever i have a little free time, and i realize i definitely need to work hard on having more free time, i’ve been looking at other wonderful sites that people have.  they’re all interesting and like i said, i wish i had more time to explore them.  but i did notice that just about everybody has a page called “about me,” where they have a usually concise description of themselves.

the other day i decided i, too, need an “about me,” and i started writing it.

but then, as i do, i just kept typing and i quickly realized that this about me was way way way too much information about me.  i saved it and thought i’d get back to it sometime.  or maybe it’d be better to start all over.

but in the meantime, the weather is somewhat warm today so i’m mostly busy digging up flowers that the deer manage to eat most of every year, and i’m tired of always being mad about that.  i already dug up quite a few lilies and pulled the cart up the hill and almost passed out because it weighed approximately a million pounds.  next time i’ll take the little tractor down.

and now i have to dig holes in the fenced yard in order to plant the flowers. whew.  amy already had an enormous pile of mulch delivered but i didn’t want one yet but now i have mulch-envy.  but that’ll be quite a job.

but it sure is nice to get back outside.

ok then,

mrs. suddenly too much to do but it’s all good hughes.



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April 2, 2017

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more of the beach in orange beach…

March 31, 2017

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the gluttony that is lambert’s throwed rolls…

March 29, 2017

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March 26, 2017

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