thursday vegas doors

by grace on May 25, 2017

first, my thursday doors…this is an entrance to the signature suites at the MGM; the place has so much glass and it’s all mirrored plus i’m sure it’s top of the line anti-reflective and triple paned to keep out the blazing heat.  i’m standing at the entrance to one of the pools; there are three giant towers at the signature and each has its own pool.  this is at the end of a fairly long run i took on the morning of may 4th.

this is just one of the beautiful places at the Wynn Las Vegas – the entrances to the Wynn and Encore theaters, with a big statue of  popeye in front.

i just read about this statue – it’s by the artist jeff koons, and it cost $28 million!  an art expert at Sotheby’s auction called it “one of the great sculptures that nobody knows.”

because we’d been doing so much walking around the property i didn’t take more than a moment to stop and snap this photo.  i also read that they’re going to move it to boston eventually, so i hope that i get back to vegas and stay at this hotel before it leaves.

as for the rest of my morning – i decided i wanted to run up the strip because it was a beautiful morning and i knew it’d be fun to run and see all there is to see. i ran all the way up to the Mirage, the hotel where kevin and i stayed with mom and dad back in 2007.

the cirque du soleil beatles “love” show was playing at the mirage back then, and it was still there.  amy, mom and i talked about going to see it that night, and i stopped by the mirage to take a little break from running.

here’s the aquarium on the back lobby wall at check-in.  two people were cleaning it, but i think you can only spot one.

their lovely jungle-like area next to the lobby.

here’s the section of the bellagio that was recently damaged in a fire.

i love the long esplanade in front of the bellagio, and i loved running early enough so that there weren’t hordes of people.

i stopped in at the new hotel, the cosmopolitan, and here’s the chandelier bar.

this is the view from the walkway over las vegas blvd.

this is a mighty recruitment sign.  it seems that las vegas would be a challenging place to work, not that it’s not challenging to be a cop anywhere right now.

this is a panorama of the entire new strip of stuff that hadn’t been built the last time i was there.

this is how tall the signature suites are – there are 38 floors, and we were on the 26th.

the lonely pool at our tower – the funny thing is that it got more and more crowded at the big mgm lazy river and their multiple pools, but the pools at the signature were always almost deserted.

i ended up running a total of 45 minutes, much longer than i normally do, just because it was fun to keep running and looking around.

we spent quite a bit of time at the lazy river, but then we later walked and walked and walked all around the Wynn.  i walked a record-setting number of steps that day!


ok then,

mrs. thursday doors hughes.

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after we spent a lot of time getting ready – amy was in a flurry of fixing our hair and putting false eyelashes on us – we got in a cab for the short ride over to the Park Theater at the  Monte Carlo for the cher concert.  it may be her final farewell tour, but i’m pretty sure this is the 3rd farewell i’ve seen.

we stopped at the buffet at the monte carlo and had to panic a little because there was a big line.  but it moved lickety split and we had oodles of time for the many delights of the buffet.

even though the buffet included pretty much all the food in the world, i didn’t overindulge too badly…except for the desserts.  which i ate all of.

i like this photo because you can see the sparkles amy sprayed into my hair.  you gotta have sparkle when seeing cher.

of course i went a little bonkers taking too many pictures, but i did whittle it waaaay down – i think i took about  a hundred, and pared it down to less than 20.

i also shot some video and i’ll try to post it although youtube will probably shut that down right away.

we were pretty darn close to the stage, so that was great.

The park theater is pretty enormous and just about sold out as far as i could tell.  online it says that seating in the theater is anywhere from 5,200 to 6,400.  either way, that’s a whole lotta people.

and of course cher made a spectacularly grand entrance from up high.


i mean, just think how heavy that wig must be…

there were, of course, huge screens so we could see her really close up.

she chatted a bit here and there, and one of the first things she said was “I’m 71, what’s your granny doing tonight?”

i’m writing this post on my birthday, and i’ve had a few moments of feeling old, but cher is totally inspiring.  not that i’ve ever been able to parade around in so few clothes, and i certainly won’t be doing that when i’m 71, but boy does she look good!

here’s a snippet of the opening number, until youtube takes it down.

all the costumes and sets and dancers and everything were fabulous.

here’s a little of  “gypsies tramps & thieves” – note the guy on such tall stilts!

“The Beat Goes On” – as i’m uploading these videos i already got an automated warning from youtube – but it says that i can keep my videos up if there’s an ad on them.  so if you want to watch the videos you’ll probably have to watch an ad.

she also sang a very touching “i got you babe” with the video of sonny.  touching.

i just kept thinking about how heavy all that stuff must be, but i guess that since she’s been wearing so many wigs and costumes and headdresses for so much of her life, her neck muscles, as well as the rest of her, must be very strong.

i wasn’t going to include this picture, but i realized that she’s riding in on a boat!  a barge like you’d float down a canal in Venice on.

i don’t have any good photos from this number, but the video turned out pretty nice.

this is near the end, wearing that iconic sexy little black outfit.

here’s her final number…

here she is, touching peoples’ hands after it was over.  randy says he doesn’t recall her doing that so much at any other concert of hers that he’s been to.  maybe she’s getting a little more touchy-feeling with age?

so inspiring.  she’s certainly testament to the fact that you have to keep moving, and she’s just so fabulous.  i’ll see her next farewell tour when she’s 80, and when she’s 90 –  if she keeps doing it, i’ll keep going to see her!

ok then,

mrs. one year older hughes.



one more by the lazy river…

by grace on May 24, 2017

since we weren’t celebrities and no paparazzi were photographing us, we had to do it ourselves…


lounging by the lazy river in vegas

by grace on May 23, 2017

it was a perfect way to spend most of our day.

but first, amy had gotten up early and gone out walking, and then we went together.  and we went back to walgreens, because las vegas just isn’t fun if you can’t go to walgreens at least once a day.  here she is in front of the huge new complex of fancy buildings.

when we got back to our suites amy made us a delicious breakfast, and then….ahhhh.  we spent the vast majority of the day at the lazy river, in the lazy river, floating down the lazy river.

the is one of the most perfect views in the world, in my opinion.

you can just barely see randy, floating by.  people in the river had inner tubes, but you had to rent them and it was kind of pricey and i thought it was fun just to drift along in the gentle current.

mom mostly enjoyed lying in the shade.  yes, there were many, many beach chairs.

amy rented an inner tube for randy, and there he is on the far left.

the MGM pool area is also the entrance for this place called the Wet Republic.  it’s open during the day, and you have to pay admission.  on the site it says that attire is “fashionable swimwear” and they have “world-famous djs.”  really?  world famous?

amy knew about it, and showed me some online photos of the many, many celebrities who show up at the wet republic.  i’m assuming they’re always clad in fashionable swimwear.

since the entrance to the wet republic is right there next to the lazy river, you’d think we’d have spotted some celebrities, but we saw nary a one.  maybe they have a special celebrity entrance?  yes, i’m sure they do.

as the day wore on the lazy river area filled up and more and more people were drinking more and more.  we did see one woman get escorted out; a guy said she’d come in at ten in the morning, already drunk out of her mind.  oh, the glamour of vegas…

did we do anything else that day?  i don’t think we did; we spent a lot of time getting ready to go see CHER in concert.

ok then,

mrs. g. hughes.



vegas, finally!

May 23, 2017

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four years ago today,

May 18, 2017

my dad died.  it’s weird to think of it being four years ago. here’s an old photo of mom and dad at a going-away party for somebody, many many years ago.  i have no memory whatsoever of this event, but i know i was there because i saw a picture of me at the event. […]

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april thursday door

May 18, 2017

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boat launch! plus more from april…

May 17, 2017

we launched the pontoon boat on april 15th, which might be the earliest we’ve ever done that, although i can’t possibly remember yesterday much less last year.  even if we might have launched it earlier one year, it always broke down. kevin did all the hooking up and then unhooking and i was in charge […]

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May 17, 2017

erica got us all tickets for the Mission Outreach fundraiser so we all got dressed up.  this is one of my favorite photos of bev, showing off her cute leggings.  we all looks so color-coordinated! a nice meal, and erica is there in the background, hobnobbing as she does. i tried to take a picture […]

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in between trips…

May 14, 2017

it was nice to be home with our kitties in march.  les enjoyed sitting on a rock in the water. i spotted a bunch of turtles on a log when running through the woods, but most of them plopped into the water before i had a chance to take a picture. isn’t that a massive […]

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