Excitement in November…

by grace on January 16, 2021

…relatively speaking, of course. On November 17th I saw more than one boat out on the water and then I realized a lot of noise was coming from across the lake. I got out the binoculars and could sort of make out the activity on East Lake Drive.

Mom came over and took a turn with the binoculars.

We decided they must have been dumping rip rap over at the fishing area, so the next afternoon we drove over to investigate.

I pulled into the parking area and we watched as they scooped up the rock.

Over and over, with the scooping and the dumping…

We’d planned on taking a walk at Center Park so we headed there. When we walked over to Vachel Lindsay Bridge the wind almost blew us over.

Here’s the guy trying to steer his barge in and rock being dumped onto it.

It seemed that they moved so quickly, with at least three but maybe even four barges.

The next guy lined up his barge while the other one was being loaded up.

Another video where you can see the guys chatting. The guy in the cabin is lucky to be sheltered from the wind.

Mom counted five scoops that they dumped into the barge, and you can see as it motors away that the rock isn’t even visible because the barge must be so deep.

I think maybe it took them a few days to complete the job. It’s just funny that they waited til it was so cold to get it done.

And finally, one darling kitty picture, Riley so cozy back in November.

And that’s it for this cold and gray January morning.

ok then,

mrs. 2021 Hughes.


Way back in November 2020

by grace on January 14, 2021

i didn’t manage to post many photos in November, so here a few of them now.

I got this picture while standing on a ladder outside a bedroom window. Kevin had been taking Riley for a walk, but then Riley likes to try to run amok, in a fairly gentle and sedate manner.

I’d been scraping the window, and here they are as i started painting. I wasn’t going to do any taping but quickly realized that would make a lot more sense, plus it wasn’t a horrible job like when I taped the many small panes of glass in the front door.

The thing about doing this project is that it’s a place that nobody is ever going to see. It’s on the side of house surrounded by a little bit of woods and really, the only people who would notice the windows are the groundhogs living in our neighbor’s back yard. And Kevin says he thinks they’ve gone across the road for the winter anyway. Maybe in the spring they’ll be back to admire my handiwork.

They do look nice with a fresh coat of paint and it will help the frames to keep from crumbling.

An even better angle showing how hidden this side of the house is.

I made a short video, also.

Meanwhile…Lovey spends quite a bit of time every day in the living room with us. She still won’t let me get near her, but at least she’s clearly comfortable being close by.

This was an historic moment as Lovey decided to die down in the bottom level of the kitty condo.

Sweetie, with her little pink sock from last year.

And Riley, occasionally happy to lie in the new kitty home, the re-purposed laundry basket.

Meanwhile, back here in 2021…it’s another gray day but it was reasonably warm for the last couple of days and I even went running, which was great. Snow is threatening in the next couple days so we’ll see about that.

ok then,

Mrs. H.


Icy Sunshine

by grace on January 11, 2021

Here’s the front walk on Saturday January 3rd at 11 o’clock at night. Snow had been threatened in the forecast and it finally started coming down.

On Sunday we woke up to dazzling sunny skies. Everything was covered in snow and on top of that was a layer of ice which created a magnificent effect.

In the afternoon I had to go out and see it up close even though it was mighty cold. Here’s the view from my living room window.

There wasn’t a lot of snow and I love it that Kevin has put this old Halloween scarecrow decoration down on the garden fence gate.

A flock of geese was sleeping on the water.

I walked out on the dock and I’m sure these are deer prints, so the deer were so brave to walk all the way out to the edge. I didn’t think they ever did that.

The giant sycamore was the most dazzling thing of all. I kept stepping farther back towards the end of the dock to try to get it all in.

The trees all down the lane were incredible.

This is my favorite photo, as the drops of water dripped from the tree into the lake.

I had to take a video and in it you can see the water falling.

The next morning the sun had gone and the fog rolled in. We noticed that the snow had filled in the spaces in the fence, which we’d never seen before. It looked like white blankets draped over the top.

The snow is almost complete gone now which I’m happy about, but the skies have mostly been dismally gray since then. The sun will come out…sometime?

ok then,

mrs. monday is it really already after one in the afternoon? grace.


happy kitties

by grace on January 10, 2021

I don’t know about you, but I could use some nice kitty pictures about now.

So here they are.

First – Kevin bought a cat grass kit, complete with darling little black and white kitty cup to plant the grass. They sprouted fairly quickly and all the cats enjoy chewing on them. Here’s Lovey, her black and white-ness going well with the mug.

I think she’s the cat who likes it the most, although sometimes Lester will vigorously yank the grass out from the roots.

In addition to the cat grass, as I’ve posted before, all the cats love watching cat TV. I managed to capture this little video of Riley going to town.

And one more photo of Riley – but the story is about the bag. Behind our couch in the living room is a small shelf, a barrister bookcase, and on top of it are a bunch of lovely little pieces of china that I bought in England, plus a few things that Dad had. Behind them I’d propped up this burlap bag from a shop called MacGregor’s of Killin. I’d bought the bag when we were on our bike trip in Scotland and I vaguely recall that I might have bought things at the store to put in the bag?

But anyway, I guess I could actually use the bag sometime, but it’s been sitting there behind the English stuff on that bookshelf ever since I got it, in 2009.

At Christmas, as I’ve also written about, I take down all the stuff including the bag in order to put some decorations on it. But this year when I went to put everything back, I could not find that bag. I knew I’d moved it to either the music room or the bedroom, and I kept looking and looking and realizing, as I do every day, that I need to get rid of so much stuff in both of these rooms. But where was the bag?

And then it occurred to me that I hadn’t bothered to look under some of Kevin’s stuff lying on the floor in the bedroom. And there, under a backpack of his, was the bag! It felt good to find something.

Here are a few photos of that 2009 trip to Scotland, on the way to the tiny town of Killin and in the town itself. First, Kevin on the bike path on the way to town, a converted rail track.

When we left the paved path it was a very very long descent into the town, and this is the view. It was so beautiful, and luckily right then it wasn’t raining. It was July in Scotland, but they had more rain that year than normal and it rained on us at least some part of every single day were were biking.

When we reached Killin, we’d read that they had “falls” but they weren’t the big waterfalls we’d expected but they were lovely nonetheless.

Here’s the main street, the next morning as we got ready to head out. It started raining shortly after we left. I bet MacGregor’s of Killin is one of those buildings.

I just looked it up online and that’s it on the right, the big white building with green awnings. I’m happy to see that it’s still in business, because the town was so tiny and we saw a lot of “for sale” signs down the street.

It’s so weird, too, that that was twelve years ago. Gone in a flash. Will we get back across the ocean again? I sure hope so.

ok then,

mrs. gloomy grey January Sunday Hughes.


Last of December

January 4, 2021

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Christmas Gifts

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Christmassy Stuff

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happy…two days after Christmas…

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