i haven’t even started trying to find any truly spectacular doors here in springfield, IL, because i fear that there aren’t many.  we certainly don’t have the beautiful old doors posted from around the world on norm’s thursday doors.

but i did think this door inside a thai restaurant it pretty cool.

and now, for the randomness – here’s one more photo from las vegas.  this is near one of the exits at the MGM – all the casinos are complex labyrinths so you are lucky if you’re able to get out.

i bought this lovely hibiscus in may and it just keeps blooming!

my birthday, may 24th, at yet another asian restaurant.

can you see the turtles all lined up on that log?  this was during a run through the woods.

right after i saw the turtles i headed up the hill…and there was this deer.  i couldn’t believe it was so close, and i’m sure it was thinking the same thing.

a beautiful night out on the boat.

we could see the rain in the distance.

i’m trying to improve my panorama photo skills.  this one isn’t too bad; i’ve already done tons of work to the fenced yard this year, including transplanting all the lilies that had been deer fodder all around other parts of the yard.  i also dug up the hostas that i’d already transplanted a couple of times, and planted them over there on the far right.  i still have a little work to do, but it looks so much better than it did..

finally, my very last photo of may, darling lester.  he’s resting up here, ready to stalk more birds and animals.

whew, finally, that’s it for may, as the end of june looms.

the weekend weather is going to be perfect, so i’ll be outside again, trying to finish up many more projects that have been languishing.

ok then,

mrs. late for a thursday doors posting friday morning hughes.

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by grace on June 20, 2017

as the first day of summer approaches, i try to find time to sit down and write.  here’s all i have for the month of may after our trip to las vegas.

a spectacular display of irises in bloom.  i want that many irises.  maybe next year – deer don’t eat them, so i want to plant a lot.

here’s a wide shot of a duck and a goose nesting in flower pots on somebody’s docks.  it’s not so easy to spot them, so i tried to get a close-up of each.

the duck…

…and the goose.  i’d never seen that before.  we actually did have some eggs in a planter on our dock, but they had an unfortunate ending.  but i never saw a duck nesting on the eggs, which was odd.

i like this photo of les because it looks like he’s sitting on top of the water.

the sky was so pretty this night.

i don’t think i’ve ever seen a snake this close in the water.

amy was mowing one day and happened to stop the mower, and looked down to see this tiny little turtle.  very fortuitous that she stopped!  although the mower might have just run right over the top of the little guy. she carried him out of the yard to safety down at the ravine.  i’m sure one of her dogs would have done something with it.  i can’t imagine one of them killing it, but they probably would have crushed him.

after kevin tilled a new garden and put a fence around it, lester found it to be the perfect place to relax.

near the end of may, kevin spotted this ground hog!  never seen one before.


he was making a beeline for the garage, and kevin went outside and pushed the opener to scare him out, and sure enough, he scurried away.

and that’s all the wildlife for may.

much more in june.

ok then,

mrs. tuesday evening hughes.




sometimes i feel like we’re living in the wild here.

a tiny fawn appeared at the fence the other morning when i was drinking my tea.  since then we’ve seen it nursing, as well as leaping and bounding after its mother.  so tiny, and so darling.

and tonight – well, the cats have really been catching many animals.  just yesterday i was in the music room looking for an envelope and heard a little noise.  i turned to look and there was les paul, happily munching on a baby bunny.

it had no head.

yes, lester felt that the head was the most delectable part of the bunny.

at least i knew it was dead.

tonight i let chester out, thinking he wouldn’t be long because it’s finally raining, plus there’s some thunder and lightning.

sure enough, he was at the window in no time…but he had something in his mouth.  it was very small, and at first i thought it might be a moth, but i don’t think moths are out at night, are they?

because it was raining i let him into the screened porch and he dropped it.  a tiny baby mouse.  oh brother.

he kept dropping it and playing with it and i kept yelling KILL IT, CHESTER, KILL IT!  because i didn’t want an injured mouse getting into a corner and dying.

after a bit of this i realized that chester just wanted to play, so i shoved him into the house and shut the door.  i then spent a good 15 minutes attempting to catch the poor little thing, who i don’t think was injured, but just freaked out, as one would be when being bandied about by a giant ferocious tuxedo cat.

i tried scooping him up with a napkin but that didn’t work, and i finally got a little glass and an envelope (not the one i’d been searching for on the previous day), and cornered him.  i picked him up by his tail and plopped him in the glass.  he didn’t seem too worse for wear, and i hope he has found his way back to his home now.  i guess i don’t know how this is possible – i just let him out onto the grass, but maybe his mom will smell him and come looking?

that’s all the animal excitement for tonight.

i sincerely hope.

ok then,

mrs. wednesday night hughes.



vegas plus lots of photos from the plane

by grace on June 11, 2017

we didn’t leave las vegas until around noon on friday may 5th, so we had enough time for one more lovely sit by the lazy river.

here’s an arial view of the exact spot where we lounged the first two days – right there in the middle.

and here’s a shot of the Wet Republic, which i wrote about earlier – it’s a place for celebrities and wannabes to see and be seen.  luckily it was only open during the day, because we could clearly hear the music from the 26th floor.

we really could have walked to the hotel from the airport, because it was just right there.  i did see a young woman walking along the hot and dusty road into town, and it didn’t look appealing in any way.

we had a different spot on our last day, and it was fairly private and the best place of all.

but all good things come to an end…

i always sit on the aisle on a plane but for some reason i didn’t this time.  after a while i started to become fascinated with the landscape.

first, there were all these circles…

and then wow, over the mountains, it looks just like a topographical map, doesn’t it?  really cool, and it made me think about how vast our country is.

here’s a little road snaking through a valley.  remote.

i couldn’t figure out what the puffy things on the left might have been.  some kind of trees?

and then more of these circles…

and this one really is just like a topographical map.

right in the middle there is a house, a little white dot in the middle of nowhere.

this give you a better perspective of the nothingness of the landscape.  how far do they have to drive to get to a grocery store?

i never did figure out what the zig zagy lines were here.  it looks like snow, but it wasn’t snow.

here’s a closer look at the circles – when i got home i found out that it’s called center point irrigation, and it conserves water.

but i couldn’t find out why some of them are half circles or 3/4, or there’s that funny half smiley face, or something that looks like a pac man eating a circle.

and that one near the bottom that is a circle within a circle.

eventually the circles went away, and i thought this was also beautiful landscape.

soon, back to the midwest, regular old trees and fields…

but there had been massive amounts of rain, and the mississippi outside of st. louis was flooded.

there was so much water where there should have been fields.

and there’s a road, completely submerged.

and that’s it for las vegas, finally…i hope you’re enjoying your summer, even though kevin pointed out that it’s not officially summer yet but it is in the 90’s already.

ok then,

mrs. sunday afternoon hughes.



more las vegas

June 4, 2017

whew, where have i been for the past 10 days?  outside, or trying to recover from the infinite amount of yard work.  but i love to be outside so much now that the weather is warm – i haven’t even opened my e-mail in a while and i shudder to think about how much clearing […]

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thursday vegas doors

May 25, 2017

first, my thursday doors…this is an entrance to the signature suites at the MGM; the place has so much glass and it’s all mirrored plus i’m sure it’s top of the line anti-reflective and triple paned to keep out the blazing heat.  i’m standing at the entrance to one of the pools; there are three […]

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CHER – “I’m 71, what’s your granny doing tonight?”

May 24, 2017

after we spent a lot of time getting ready – amy was in a flurry of fixing our hair and putting false eyelashes on us – we got in a cab for the short ride over to the Park Theater at the  Monte Carlo for the cher concert.  it may be her final farewell tour, […]

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one more by the lazy river…

May 24, 2017

since we weren’t celebrities and no paparazzi were photographing us, we had to do it ourselves…

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lounging by the lazy river in vegas

May 23, 2017

it was a perfect way to spend most of our day. but first, amy had gotten up early and gone out walking, and then we went together.  and we went back to walgreens, because las vegas just isn’t fun if you can’t go to walgreens at least once a day.  here she is in front […]

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vegas, finally!

May 23, 2017

i took such a crazy amount of photos in las vegas on our three-day trip, and i’ve been doing my best to pare them down to show you. on the morning of may 2nd i had to take this photos of this duck with its little gaggle of ducklings down at the water before leaving […]

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