before the storm…

by grace on January 18, 2019

the first part of january was snow-free, kind of warm-ish. i took this picture because it struck me as funny, this planter inside another planter, covered in water. and then it froze, and i bet it’s thoroughly covered in snow right now.

kind of like a planter in aspic…

a couple of days later i had lunch with my friend julie at the yacht club, and i could see white pelicans on the island! not a lot of them, but it was nice to see that there’s still here.

on sunday the 6th we took a nice walk at Lincoln Memorial Gardens. we were pretty bundled up, but met people walking who weren’t wearing hats or anything. i like to be warm enough when outside.

here’s mom’s new cat! she used to be called Chance, i think, but mom is going to call her Kitty. easy to remember. isn’t she darling? such big eyes! she’s been living in mom’s spare bedroom for a couple of weeks now i believe, but we’ve finally found a gate tall enough to put in the doorway to keep her separated from mom’s other cat, Hobbs.

Hobbs is maybe 10 years old, and has a serious weight problem. so we didn’t think she’d be able to get over the fence and into the bedroom. here’s the fence:

the tall white fence is something that’s been sitting around in our back yard ever since we moved here; mom and dad left it when they vacated the premises. there was another fence in front of the white one, but somehow hobbs managed to get over it. a friend speculated that maybe she climbed it? it’s a mystery, but now that we havethis other fence to support it she hasn’t been able to find her way in.

when hobbs did get into the room she was just after Kitty’s food even though they both have the same stuff. because they’re cats.

mom said that when hobbs got in, and it happend three times, i think, there was a horrible yowling coming from both cats. the last time it happened she came into the bedroom and kitty was on top of the bed and hobbs underneath it. so maybe kitty is a little bit fearless? but she did have a cut on her nose.

i’m hoping that they’ll eventually warm up to each other, that’d be so nice for both of them . Kitty had been living in a house where the owners had gotten a dog, and the kitty had been in terror for two years, even though the dog didn’t try to chase her or anything.

maybe it’ll work out. i’m hopeful. this morning when i was at mom’s, Kitty scurried down the hall to mom’s bedroom and then back again to her sanctuary. she bravely did that a few times, getting more confident.

on the 10th, les and riley tried to relax.

happy boys!

last friday, the 11th, kevin was out of town and mom and i got chinese food and took it next door to amy and jim’s. i was highly amused by my fortune.

hmm…don’t think so.

the snow started at about seven that night, and didn’t seem so bad…

but it never seems bad at the start, does it?

kevin took a trip with his friend glenn, and glenn left his car in our driveway. this is what it looked like by 10 that night…

still not bad…

and this is the next morning. about seven or so inches of snow.

kind of buried…

and this is sunday morning after a couple more inches fell. jim spent hours saturday morning using the snow plow and the snow blower, and did a great job of clearing our driveway and his own. but hmm, the car was pretty snowed in by this point.

i have more photos of our snowy weekend but won’t get to them before the snow starts to fall again tonight.

i’m completely sick of winter now. today i was thinking about the nice time we had in florida last year, that lovely condo on the beach…

ok then,

mrs. at least it stays light longer in the evening although i haven’t seen the sun for days Hughes.



by grace on January 15, 2019

i don’t have lots of photos from the holiday and i’m so over it now anyway, but i think this photo is very funny because why is kevin’s arm bent like that? he looks just about as uncomfortable as a person could be! funny.

Mom, of course, always enjoys herself…and the dogs just want people to pet them.

randy stopped by on christmas night dressed in this festive ensemble. lester was impressed.

randy gave kevin this star wars stocking hat. it has yoda ears, which i don’t think you can see so well here.

and here’s the final photo of 2018 – jim, winning in disc golf! what did he win? a hole in one, i’m surmising…

yaaaay jim!

and BOOM, we’re moving on to the new year…

ok then,

mrs. getting stuff done as we start 2019 hughes.


kitties in december

by grace on January 13, 2019

riley is finding it more and more difficult to just relax.

many times the two kitties sleep side-my-side on top of their condo.

i’m pretty sure there aren’t many other kitties who are this photogenic, always looking like they’re posing for a magazine.

…and of course, les always has to climb up into the box in the closet leading to the attic. king of the world!

ok, i have just a couple xmas photos and then MOVING ON ALREADY to 2019!

ok then,


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the rest of our trip to chicago…

by grace on January 12, 2019

whew, i really need to get back at this; need to finish up 2018 already!

We had a massive snowstorm last night, maybe 8-10 inches? so now i’m able to sit around for quite a while.

i took this photo of the building, lights and the moon as we strolled down michigan ave in chicago. the moon looked better in real life, as it always does.

it was a mighty long walk back to the Palmer House, but we stopped at the original Lou Malnatti’s pizza and had a delicious dinner.

we walked past the christmas market and for some reason it wasn’t quite as packed as it had been earlier in the day. we were able to actually step inside the fence, and were able to make our way – but there wasn’t a good option for actually getting close enough to any of the stalls to examine the wares. oh well, next time!

by the time we got back to the hotel it felt like midnight, and i think it was maybe 7:00. i roamed around looking at stuff, including their massive workout place. this is just part of the main workout room; there were also many other room where they held classes and stuff.

it was completely deserted. i took a photo of one of the funny pictures hanging there – lots of long-time-ago photos.

along all the corridors of the hotel were photos of celebrities who had performed there. i liked this one of sonny and cher – this was so long ago that cher had all of her real parts.

the lobby was so gorgeous.

it was crowded with people, but when we left early on sunday morning to catch the train there weren’t many people about. here’s the view from the top of the escalator…

…and the view in reverse.

the peacock doors, which were created by Tiffany. i found an interesting blog post about the doors:

we hurried by this jewelry store on the corner, and i took this photo because i vaguely felt it was somehow important…did mom buy dad her engagement ring there? now that she’s reading this blog, maybe she’ll figure out how to leave a comment. you never know.

we were back in springfield midday, so it was a super-speedy but fun little getaway.

but that only brings me to the middle of december…must keep posting…must keep posting…

ok then,

mrs. hughes 2019.



January 5, 2019

I’ve had this site since 2004. quite a few years. mom used to read it, but then she didn’t open her computer so much, then she just stopped altogether. when she got a fancy new iphone she started playing some of the games that i played on my phone, and I now play on my […]

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More fun in Davenport

December 30, 2018

After breakfast at the lovely Current Iowa hotel, we walked down the block to a shop called Chocolate Manor. we’ve been in the Quad Cities a few times and i’ve always looked up things to do and Chocolate Manor always beckoned me, but there was never time to check it out, or it was closed. […]

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ted’s boatarama!

December 26, 2018

on the first week of december kevin told me he’d had a call from the guy at ted’s boatarama where we bought our new pontoon boat during the summer. he said the guy invited us to a holiday dinner, and i said, well, that’s in the quad cities and he said, well, we could spend […]

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TWO days til xmas…

December 23, 2018

…I’m just saying. not a huge amount of time for getting ready. not huge. some might say, not much time at all. i’m not one of those people. I guess i don’t have that much to do, not very many people to buy gifts for, i guess i’m done with that. i felt like i […]

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December 9, 2018

now the icon for internet explorer is down on the bar on the bottom of the screen and a billion pages of it were opened, but somehow they didn’t show up til now.   plus, the most important thing is that Christmas is in just over a couple of weeks.  ready?  of course not.

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wrapping up November…

December 9, 2018

oh boy.  head about to explode, late on a sunday night.  first – new wordpress update and i can’t really figure it out.  i know that when i did the update there was some kind of choice about doing it the old way, instead, but now of course i can’t find that.  it’s suddenly so […]

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