yes.  spring.  it seemed that we’ve had now had a ritual of snow every sunday.  snow on easter, snow the sunday after that, and the sunday we just had…well, no snow really til Monday, and then it was a very brief blizzardy thing early Monday morning.  but it’s been chilly and blustery and i’m itching to get in the boat in the water and to order six giant scoops of mulch and start in on the outdoor projects…

meanwhile, riley continues to adjust just fine around here. here he is on april 1st, easter morning, happily snoozing on the middle floor of the kitty condo.

of course, a kitty never likes to linger too long, so eventually he made his way over to the adjacent shorter tower, and les jumped up to his place atop the tower.  riley really does enjoy being up top, though, and sometimes I put him on a lower shelf in order for les to claim his throne.


of course les didn’t want to be up there all day, and eventually I watched as he burrowed behind the pillow on the chair to snuggle down there, mostly hidden from view.

we had talked about having grilled salmon for dinner, and the sudden snowstorm didn’t deter kevin from venturing out to grill up some mighty fine fish.


of course he gave little pieces to our entirely unspoiled kitties.  we all enjoyed our meal.

meanwhile…lucky bev was on the east coast, enjoying the warmth and sunshine of a beach in north Carolina.  lucky, lucky bev.

I can’t recall the daffodils taking this long to bloom; this is Tuesday, april 3rd and the ones in the back were barely blooming.

but I guess that’s a good thing since it was well below freezing just the past two nights.

in between the bouts of snow and cold we did have a couple of warm days, and it hit 81 at one point. just to give us a taste of summer…

spring, eventually.

ok then,

mrs. Thursday morning hughes.



i’m convinced now that we’re going from winter to summer, no spring at all.  my poor daffodils have been trying valiantly to bloom but it’s a good thing they haven’t because the snow is going to start again any minute now.  ridiculous.

I just hurt my leg somehow, skidding on the floor.  how?  why?

the news about Winnie isn’t good.  he has mast cells in his spleen, and if they were somewhere else they might not be bad, but his spleen didn’t look good to begin with.  so, spleen cancer.  no good options – we won’t put him through chemo and the other option is to remove his spleen, which we certainly won’t do either.

right now, anyway, he’s still eating and sleeping and seems happy, mostly.  we have pain meds we can give him; we’ve done it a few times, when he start attacking the other cats, a sign that he’s feeling bad.  at least it’s a liquid that we can squirt into his mouth with a syringe; he doesn’t like it but it’s not like trying to give him pills.

whew, it’s always something.


lester enjoys his walks.  here he is under the neighbor’s car.

and up on the sailboat…

and under a neighbor’s canoe…

…and in their shed.

we haven’t taken many walks lately cause of the cold weather.

and riley continues to be very cute.  more photos soon.

ok then,

mrs. are you kidding me it’s about to snow on april 8th hughes.



leaving the beach…

by grace on April 6, 2018

I hated leaving Seagrove Beach.  but it was a great bit of time, and hopefully we’ll either go there or maybe somewhere nearby next year.  we had to vacate the premises at 10 on Friday morning, Feb. 24th, and we had time for one more walk on the beach.

as we headed back I noticed this guy setting up a lot of stuff for his family.  it took a while, but he achieved a pretty substantial spot.  I hope they spent the day there.

we thought we had plenty of time to get everything into the van, but there was lots and lots of stuff.  the cleaning people all showed up at the door and we hurried to stuff the remaining things into the van, and off we went.

the drive down had seemed way too long, but as we left Florida we started listening to an audio book that i’d checked out of the library.  it was a P.G. Wodehouse story; I have read his books for years and years – he’s a clever and funny author, and the guy reading it did a great job.  it made the time pass so quickly.

our destination for the night was just south of Nashville and about an hour before we arrived we hit some heavy rain and I was driving and it wasn’t fun.  but we made it safe and sound, and I wanted to find some good food that was within walking distance of our hotel.  I don’t trust the reviews on yelp so much, but there was a sushi place only 3/10 of a mile, and we headed out.  for some reason the directions on my phone weren’t good and we ended up at a retirement home, and the phone announced that we’d reached our destination.  we walked through the parking lot in back of a strip mall and found the place, called Zushimaki.

it was an unprepossessing hole in the wall, but I had the best sushi i’d ever had.  mmm, i’d drive back there today, but it would take a while.  I might have had better sushi when I lived in LA but that was such a long time ago that I can’t remember.  I got crab Rangoon to start out with, plus sake.  delicious.

the rest of the drive home was uneventful, and on our return les had found a mouse.  bev, who was cat-sitting for us, had taken pictures of les lying in front of the fridge and then the garbage can in the kitchen, but the mouse had moved on at this point.

les didn’t find him that night.  the next day I heard a noise and realized it was coming from the pantry.  I started moving some of the huge amount of stuff stored there, and after i’d cleared away a good deal of things on the floor and took out a small George foreman grill (why is it in there??? when is the last time we used it??? I must clean out that dang pantry!!!), les suddenly lunged in and pulled out a mouse.

whew.  luckily kevin was home and managed to successfully wrest it from lester’s grip and carry it outside to safety.

a good time was had by all.

it’s a chilly Friday april morning today, with more snow expected on sunday.  will spring never come?  hard to say at this point.

ok then,




last day at Seagrove Beach

by grace on April 4, 2018

next time i’d like to go for a week.  I wish we could find a condo on the beach that allowed cats so we could stay for a month, but on the other hand, would we really want to traumatize our kitties with such a very long car ride?  kevin and I were aggravated being in the car for so long, and I imagine the kitties would complain bitterly.

I spent some time out on the sand taking pictures of the birds.







at this point some of them were getting sleepy, and starting to nap.

these two got very close, hoping for some food.


this bird still hoped for food as the others napped.


finally, almost everybody was asleep.

in the afternoon we rode our bikes in the opposite direction from the way we’d gone the day before, this time to deer lake state park.  it was much smaller than graystone, and we only hiked a bit on the sand.  there was a longer hiking trail across the road that didn’t appeal to us.

off in the distance there were many condos, and walkways snaked all over the place out to the beach.  at one point we saw a golf cart headed out to the ocean.


interesting dune.

there were few people out on the beach, and we didn’t linger – it was getting mighty hot out there.

we biked the short distance back to our condo, remarking at how there weren’t any tourist shops or much of anything along the road at that point.  it’s such a different place than gulf shores, Alabama, where there were t-shirt shops every couple feet, plus many restaurants and all kinds of things.  the one souvenir shop we spotted on our way back to the condo was closed.  oh well, we don’t really need one more souvenir in our house.

when we got back to the condo we were kind of hot and tired, and kevin took a nap.  I was going to sit on the beach (for a change), but decided that I should run.  I love to run on the beach, and this was probably my last chance.

I started off and it was mighty warm, and I kept looking at my fitbit – according to it, my heart rate started getting much too high, and when it reached 180 I slowed down.

even since i’d been sick, whenever I ran or even walked my heart rate skyrocketed.  either the fitbit was broken or my heart was.  whichever it was, it seems to be ok now.

we had a quiet evening that night, spending a bit of time getting ready to leave the next morning.





biking in florida

April 2, 2018

  we took our bikes with us on the trip and it was great to have them.  on our second full day there, we biked down the nice bike/walking path alongside county hwy. 30A.  30A is a big deal down there in florida, at least to the people who live/visit there.  we saw 30A books […]

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good news, mostly…

March 30, 2018

gee, lots has happened since last Friday…my cold reached an apex on Saturday, but now it’s mostly gone.  kevin took Winnie to the vet for an ultrasound yesterday, and he has something suspicious going on in his spleen.  we await results from a biopsy.  the good thing is that Winnie is acting ok, eating and […]

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March 23, 2018

Kevin  took this darling picture of Riley, lying next to my Mooch pillow from Mutts cartoon.   He seems very comfortable with stealing Lester’s  perch.          

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Things not so great on this blustery Friday.

March 23, 2018

Winnie hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday morning, so that has put us on edge. Kevin just talkedto the vet, who says it’s probably  because of the pancreatitis, so they are giving us more drugs for him. So hopefully things are not as dire as they have seemed all morning. Also, always having a plan of […]

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Winnie, hanging in there…

March 21, 2018

we took him to the vet this morning; we found that having him sit on my lap on the the ride to the doc is much better than him being in his cage. the vet visit, not so fun for him.  the good news, hopefully, is that he has pancreatitis, something that’s not going to […]

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March 20, 2018

Oh boy. On Friday he threw up, so we took him to the vet because of his diabetes, no food in his system after getting insulin. He was OK all weekend, until today; he ate breakfast, but he has not eaten anything else today, until Kevin gave him some canned chicken. He ate a little […]

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