by grace on June 24, 2019

This was June 6th, Sweetie’s first adventure in the fenced yard! i think her only experience outside had been so go out on her previous owner’s deck. she never got to run around in a yard.

kitty paradise

she loves the yard sooo much.

here’s Riley, still not sure what to make of this foreign kitty who isn’t very friendly, as Sweetie lurks in the background against the fence.

she loves outside!

Because he’s Riley, he quickly mellowed out.

super chill.

Under the plants is a favorite spot for Sweetie, as Les patrols the kitty highway.

I gave everybody some fresh catnip, which is growing and spreading like crazy, and Lester was quite content.

Here’s the base of a very tall tree that fell over due to all the wind and rain. it was leaning against another tree and kevin managed to carefully chainsaw it right down. he’s been doing quite a bit of that so far this summer.

the only thing now is that because of all the rain Kevin fashioned an extra tube feeding out from the sump pump into the fenced yard, and two days ago i took Sweetie out to see it and she completely freaked out because it made a whooshing noise as the water pumped. it wasn’t really much of a noise; Les Paul found it to be a delightful thing to observe, waiting in vain for chipmunks to magically pop out, but Sweetie, not a fan.

She’s been spending more time alone upstairs lately for some reason, but i’m sure she’ll be back down soon with our kitty family.

ok then,

mrs. drizzly monday morning hughes.


darling demons…

by grace on June 23, 2019

rain rain rain, that’s mostly what we’ve had around here.

besides the fact that the weeds are sprouting up too fast for me to keep up with them, the rain also washes away the deer spray.

yesterday a deer was happily munching on some of amy’s flowers and then wandered across to my side yard to start in on mine. luckily amy chased her away and then sprayed my flowers for me. THANKS, AMY!

i spent three days weeding weeding weeding and finally munching the entire side of the house. mom helped one of the days which was awesome.

here’s the section with the lilies and the hydrangea in back; the hydrangea are doing fantastic this year, but if left untreated the deer will eat them in addition to the delectable lily buds and flowers.

the other day i realized the deer had eaten half of the tops of these spiky purple flowers in the front; they look a little bit like thistles, and people always think they’re weeds, and they keep spreading like crazy.

the little spiky tops which eventually get big and purple when in bloom are spiky to the touch and what kind of deer would eat them?

this girl.

yesterday i was sitting in the fenced yard and heard a little sound and it was this deer eating a bunch of honeysuckle. why can’t she be satisfied with that, the honeysuckle has sweet blooms and it spreads like crazy and i have to pull it all the time?!

when i took the photo she trotted around to the back and i had to yell at her to get away from the hostas.

that was all well and good, but then, this morning…

these are the hostas at the back of the fenced yard. it took me a long time to individually pull and also use the shovel to dig the tall grasses that had sprung up inside and around the hostas. they’d looked so bad for such a long time, and i spent over three hours yesterday weeding like mad and spreading some mulch.


and last night i know that deer said to herself,”how nice of them to get rid of the really not tasty weeds, plus the sweet and delicious hostas are now framed with the lovely red mulch!”

she ate half of the hostas outside the side of the fence. these are closest to the house; she clearly doesn’t give a damn about proximity to us. she’ll probably be moving in soon!


and finally…sometimes they’ve nibbled on these hostas at the bottom of the deck, but nobody has ever ravaged them like this.

you have to be kidding me!!!

maybe the deer are somehow attracted because of the mulch? because i think that i’ve run out of mulch and energy instead of mulching in these areas, plus the hostas have been so huge that you couldn’t see the mulch anyway.

so anyway, that’s the problem here in paradise. i’ll keep spraying, but i sprayed today and it started raining abou 10 minutes later, and it’s gonna rain again at 4:00, and then later, and then tomorrow…

maybe there’s some kind of thing that would be a deterrent? something like the fake owls that are supposed to scare away the woodpeckers.

i must look into that…

i have lots of photos of our sweet kitties, but right now i must get back outside because it’s fairly lovely out at the moment.

ok then,

mrs. sunday afternoon hughes.

p.s. have you seen “rocketman?” it’s AWESOME!


ta da!

by grace on June 17, 2019

i worked on the banner saturday night but it wasn’t the way i wanted so i got up yesterday morning and started working before even drinking any lapsang souchong at all.

i asked for kevin’s advice, and voila! here it is.

on wednesday evening, after yet more rain, i happened to look up from my ipad where i was playing games, or maybe i was clearing some of the many many emails that i don’t care about out of my computer – and i looked up, and there was this glorious rainbow.

we hurried down to the shore and the left end of it looked like it sank right down into the lake. so cool! plus i can’t remember when i’ve seen a full rainbow, plus there was the bonus double rainbow, although just a portion of it.

anyway, it has been rainy. just friday morning it rained three and a half inches.

two weeks ago, the 5th, this is how hard it was raining. it was incredibly windy, plus there was some small hail. as i was taking this picture kevin was saying STAY AWAY FROM THE WINDOW. luckily, no branches smashed through. whew.

buckets and buckets of rain…

at water’s edge, this little pin oak tree that kevin likes tipped over. he used a metal bar to prop it up, and it’s still hanging on. the giant tree next to it continues to lean precipitously into the water.

after all the rain that day i stepped onto the front porch and noticed an unusual dragonfly caught in a huge spider web next to the door. it wasn’t moving and i figured it was probably dead.

its two front wings were bent, and i carefully pried it from the web. it did a little flapping, and i smoothed down its crumpled wings.

i set it on the porch rug and it looked remarkably OK.

i went back inside, but then kept coming back to check on it. it finally made it onto the front walk, but i figured it might get smashed there so i carefully coaxed it onto a leaf and set it down in the front garden area.

the next morning it was gone, and in my mind anyway, it flew off and is now living a contented dragonfly life.

ok then,

mrs. monday hughes.


I know…

by grace on June 15, 2019

..i know i know i know…it’s been so long since i’ve written here; i’ve been terrifically busy working in the yard, and then it rains so much and all the weeds i’ve pulled come right back, and then i’ve been wasting a bunch of time on stupid games on my ipad.

tonight i’ve been furiously been working on a new banner so it doesn’t still say “spring 2019,” and then suddenly boom, it’s fall. i’m not quite done with it yet, and i have to go to bed so i can get up early and start pulling the weeds again, plus many many other outside things.

so, tomorrow, at some point, when it get too hot or i get too exhausted, i’ll come inside and finish the banner and put up some photos. cross my heart.

ok then,

mrs. summertime h.


may is almost over!

May 29, 2019

hard to believe. it rains and rains and rains some more, all the time… meanwhile…on friday, may 17th, i went to bloomington with glenn and julie to see the musician paul thorn. her sister’s husband had heard about him, and julie and her sister’s saw him perform in ohio. her sister is a huge fan […]

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May 22, 2019

in that last post i wrote poppies but of course they aren’t poppies, they’re peonies. mom pointed it out, yaaaay, mom for reading my site! ok then, grace, after a very busy day of powerwashing the deck.

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sweetie’s first taste of fresh catnip

May 20, 2019

last tuesday, the 14th, i picked a bunch of catnip and brought some of it upstairs to Sweetie. And boy, she loved it. I tried to get a photo but she was a constant blur. meanwhile…one day i was sitting on the couch and there were two woodpeckers at the feeders! i managed to get […]

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friday! and suddenly it feels like august…

May 17, 2019

i think it got up to 92 yesterday, or something completely bonkers like that. it’s already mighty warm today. go figure. also, suddenly we have lots and lots of buffalo gnats. on wednesday kevin and i were outside and all of sudden a bunch of tiny things were zipping all over the place, landing on […]

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groundhog staredown!

May 13, 2019

Last wednesday, may 8th, i was hanging out at mom’s house and suddenly her cat Hobbs was on high alert. for Hobbs that means she was staring intently at something outside. a groundhog! i couldn’t think of the name for it; i’d seen three dead ones on the lake road in the days prior to […]

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Happy Mother’s Day…

May 12, 2019

i’ve been sitting on my couch for over three hours now; i’ve been very very negligent about even looking at anything on my laptop, and i decided to finally do some stuff. i thought i’d write a little something here, but then i couldn’t login. i tried and i tried and i created a different […]

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