Moon Rising in September

by grace on October 14, 2021

Whew. It was rainy and relatively mild this morning so I spent a half hour digging up more little chameleon plants that have sprouted up because we’ve been having lots of rain. It was nice to not have to worry about the sun or mosquitoes.

I took a half-hour lunch break and went back out and suddenly there were a million billion mosquitoes chomping on my exposed arms and shins. I kept going because there weren’t that many weeds and I wanted to complete the task. I should have taken 10 minutes to go inside and cover myself with bug spray, but instead I kept going.

I did get it done, yay for me. Well, I got this batch of them dug up, I know the soil is infiltrated with millions of little rhizomes waiting to grow and shoot up.

Meanwhile…here’s another night in September sitting down on the dock with Spot, Sept. 27th. At first there was just this tiny glow above the tree line and I thought, “what’s that???” But I quickly realized that duhe, it’s the moon. Obviously the moon comes up in different places but I didn’t expect it to come up right here. Also, we were out later than usual – this was at about 11:00 at night.

I thought it was quite beautiful, and of course Spot was in heaven, hoping that we’d just live here on the dock.

I had hoped this was all the photos from September but there are just a very few more, as October marches right along…

ok then,

Mrs. Sitting Around for a Minute Hughes.


Mostly Spot, way back in September…

by grace on October 10, 2021

Kevin took this photo of Spot in our attached garage. When I first glanced at the picture, I thought, “where on earth is that messy place?” And was chagrined to realize that it’s our garage. Soooo much stuff…but maybe a lot of it is just empty boxes? Let’s go with that. Spot was delighted to sprawl in the garage, feeling like it’s one step closer to being an inside kitty.

Here he is on Sept. 20th as we enjoyed time on the dock.

It was cloudy and lovely the next night.

And this is historic, on the 24th he crawled onto my lap for the very first time. It was quite a bit cooler then, and it’s funny that I was wearing my flannel jammies because right now it’s still in the 80s and we have the air conditioning going.

Later that same day, he tried to get comfortable.

The day after that, the 25th, Kevin went out on his sailboat and I love this picture because to me it looks like he’s saying “land ho!”

Lemondrop has taken to lying on the front porch with Spot, which is nice. I feel that if we ever bring Spot inside someday, we’d have to bring in Lemondrop as well, because otherwise she’d be lonely and sad.

ok then,

Mrs. October Hughes.


A September Rice Krispie Treats Debacle

by grace on October 6, 2021

Not to brag or anything, but I’m a pretty good cook. I’ve made incredibly complicated dishes including Indian dinners that I literally spent days preparing. Indian food has many spices and many steps and I wish I had some right now, now that I think of it. Mmm, garlic naan…

I’ve also made many elaborate desserts including my own wedding cake which ended up taking a very very long time and involving many pans and days of work and so many gold dragees…

I have a friend in her 80s who says she isn’t able to cook anymore; she just can’t get it all together to make anything. She’s also very worried about her memory but I tell her that my memory is so bad that I won’t even know who I am when I’m her age.

But I usually feel like I’m still pretty good at cooking, except the other day when I attempted to make Rick Krispie Treats.

The Rice Krispie Treats recipe calls for three ingredients: 6 c. Rice Krispies, a bag of marshmallows, and 3 Tbsp of butter.

I made the treats about e a month or so ago, melting the butter in a saucepan and then adding the marshmallows and mixing it up til they melted and then pouring in the rice krispies. But I decided I needed to mix the butter and marshmallows for a while so that they were sufficiently melted, and the result was dry Rice Krispie Treats.

So when I set out to make them again, the morning of Sept. 25th, I read the recipe on my phone and decided to try them in the microwave instead. I put the bag of marshmallows and the butter in a big bowl, covered it, and microwaved it for two minutes, when I was supposed to stir and microwave for another minute.

But after two minutes they seemed completely melted so I added the Rice Krispies and mixed them all together and put them in the pan.

This is the result.

They were waaay too soft. How did I mess up Rice Krispie Treats, a treat that a child could make, and that I’m sure I made as a child?

Because, a ten ounce bag of marshmallows, not a 16-oz bag. It didn’t even occur to me to glance at the bag size instructions. It said that you could used about 40 marshmallows instead of the 10-oz bag and then I noticed that I had an almost-empty bag of marshmallows in the pantry, I’m sure left over from when I made the way too crunchy ones previously.

Now I’m looking at the recipe on my phone again and it clearly states “1 package (10 oz, about 40) marshmallows.”

I’m going to blame it on the fact that I’m not at my best in the morning. Not so great at reading things as thoroughly as I’d like to be able to do.

The Rice Krispies didn’t look bad, they were just very very soft. I tentatively cut one and it tasted fine, just incredibly sweet, of course. I tried to come up with a way of salvaging them so I dumped in the small amount of Rice Krispies left in the box – it was maybe a cup or two. I crunched them over the top and then folded the two ends together and smooshed them into the pan again. They were satisfyingly easy to smoosh.

But then I had gooshy Rice Krispie Treats with a thin layer of rice krispies in the middle. I fixated on what might make them less sweet, and the only thing that popped into my head was pickles.

For sure, pickles would cut the sweetness, but I knew it was a stupid idea. The only thing I could think to spread on top of Rice Krispie Treats would be a nice layer of chocolate or maybe chocolate peanut butter, but of course either of those would make them worse.

I called Bev, who makes Rice Krispie Treats almost all the time, and she assured me that pickles wouldn’t be a good idea. She suggested adding more Rice Krispies but I was all out. She didn’t have any creative solution to my problem so I hung up and tried another one and maybe it was OK. Just a small bite of one would probably sent Kevin into a diabetic coma however, and I didn’t want to eat the entire pan myself.

I ran the pickle idea past Amy and she started sending me many frantic texts saying stuff like DON’T EAT THEM and I HAVE SOME IN MY FREEZER I CAN GIVE YOU. And also RICE KRISPIE TREATS WITH PICKLES ON THEM WILL TASTE LIKE RICE KRISPIE TREATS WITH PICKLES.

She brought over her frozen Rice Krispie Treats which were delicious, not too soft, not too crunchy, and not full of pickles.

I left my over-marshmallowed Rice Krispie Treats out on the counter and eventually cut them into big pieces after a day or so and they were still completely soft. I tossed them out in the yard and I’m sure some poor hungry raccoon or possum or rabbit (do rabbits eat Rice Krispie Treats?) or maybe a deer or a bird had a nice meal. Hopefully whoever ate them didn’t have blood sugar issues.

There’s not a crumb left.

I will probably attempt some Rice Krispie Treats in the future and for sure I won’t put in too many marshmallows, and maybe I won’t over-cook them. Then again, maybe I can just convince Bev to visit again. I haven’t seen her since the beginning of the pandemic and I do miss her, not just her baked goods.

Ok then,

Mrs. Really into October already Hughes.



by grace on September 22, 2021

Kevin informed me that it’s going to officially be fall at 2:20 this afternoon, in just over two hours from now, so this new fall website banner is ahead of schedule, something I do manage to achieve once every lifetime or so.

Meanwhile, back on September 2nd I took a boat ride by myself and had a delightful time.

Mom took this awesome photo of these two fawn right in front of her window.

I thought the clouds were particularly interesting on this day.

In my past post I mentioned this terrific book that Jim gave me, all about Lake Springfield, called “Lake Springfield in Illinois.” The caption on this photo talked about the opening of the zoo and the fact that Marlin Perkins from “wild Kingdom” was there, but didn’t identify any of the others. The guy to his right is Jim’s dad! His dad, Lawrence, was one of the founders of the zoo and Jim hadn’t known he was included in the book, but told me that he got in the paper quite a few times over the years. He said that Marlin Perkins was his dad’s friend. Pretty cool.

Spot helped Kevin with gardening. He’s always eager to follow us around wherever we go outside.

Riley and Lester always enjoy hanging out on whatever new thing might be lying around.

The gulls usually don’t pose quite this nicely when we’re cruising by.

For the past few nights I’ve been taking Spot down to the dock to sit on the swing and enjoy the night sky. This was from the 19th, the first night.

Ir’s funny that it’s the first day of fall because it’s a lovely cool day and I’ve been back at the digging up the evil rhizomes. I feel like I’m close to the end but then of course there are millions more of them under the soil when I start jabbing at the ground with my garden fork. It rained two and a half inches two night ago so the ground is no longer super hard but now instead it’s quite clumpy and muddy and wet. Oh, the fun I’m having.

Ok then,

Mrs. Hughes in the fall.


Yeah, so

September 16, 2021

happy anniversary to us. We were married 15 years ago today and at this exact time on that day it was official and we were probably making toasts or something at the Motor Boat Club. I got sad looking at some of our wedding photos because so many people are dead, or we’re no longer […]

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The Dreaded Chameleon Plant

September 9, 2021

I’m always writing here about Kevin’s many projects, but don’t get the idea that I’m just lazing around. This plant below has been my obsession when I identified it with my friend Wanda’s help on August 17th. Maybe you know about this already, but she said that if you have the google app on your […]

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More August Fun

September 7, 2021

On Aug. 16th Kevin removed the very old deck off the bedroom and is in the process of replacing it with concrete tiles. Riley has been excited about it ever since. He finds it a fascinating place to sniff and creep around in. Kevin unearthed this giant slab, part of the old patio off the […]

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As the summer whooshes to a close…

September 6, 2021

September, really? It was almost fall-like for a few days but now it’s hot again, but not into the triple digits at least. Way back in August, Riley kept trying to relax. Ditto Lester. He’s lying on the case for our giant inflatable swan that we pull behind the boat and it has become a […]

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The State Fair!

August 23, 2021

It was nice to go back to the fair since it was cancelled last year. The Sunday before it opened I decided to drive into the fairgrounds to see stuff since I figured that when at the fair I wouldn’t be able to walk everywhere I wanted to because of the lingering knee pain. I […]

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Kevin’s New Shed

August 17, 2021

As I mentioned previously, Kevin bought a great big shed Sunday Aug. 1st. It came in a big box, but the box was smaller than I thought it’d be to hold such a giant shed. It required a whole lot of assembly. Here’s the bottom 12 x 12 frame. Spot helped him the entire time. […]

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