I know I spend too much time feeling bad for Pumpkin who lives all alone upstairs. I have been bringing him down for short periods of time, when everybody else is in the back of the house, and I do go up there three times a day and spend time with him. Kevin joins me every morning, unless he has something else going on. But also, look at this picture – I think he has a pretty good life and is pretty happy.

This was a rare occurrence except you probably can’t see them all – all four downstairs kitties were in the yard yard at the same time. Sweetie hasn’t been going out so much because Lovely is hateful to her sometimes. But there’s Riley over on the left, Les Paul on the move in the middle, Lovely up on the deck box, and little Sweetie is down in the hostas on the right.

This was April 11th, over three weeks ago, and the hostas have gotten even more giant since then.

In the mornings when Kevin goes out back to hang the bird feeder he also scatters some seeds on the ground for the geese. He and a goose have a ritual, where Kevin bows at the goose and the goose bows back. I tried to capture it, and at least I got a shot of Kevin bowing.

There was a cat house inside the old cat house and Kevin pulled it to the front so of course Les climbed right in.

Because the old house was rotting, Kevin bought a nifty chicken coop to use as a new cat house. Riley, as usual, tries to relax.

Ta da! Les was the first one to lie on top of it. It’s cool that there’s a door in the front that folds down to a ramp, and we put a pillow inside. The flaps on either side roof pieces open so it won’t be too hot in summer, although I think they mostly prefer to perch on top so they can survey their domain. As you can see, Kevin positioned the little cat house to the right, so it’s like a little separate apartment.

Finally, I bet Les and Riley have hung out on the table on the screened porch before, but I couldn’t recall that, so I quickly took a photo.

For sure, cats cats and more cats, but that’s what happens when they’re just so photogenic.

Ok then,

Mrs. H.