…and we’re already into April. How do I never have time to just sit at my laptop, typing in stuff? I must make more time for this. I don’t know how. Eventually, maybe, I’ll figure it out.

Meanwhile…way back at the beginning of March we took a van full of friends on a road trip all the way to Decatur to see the band “Here Come the Mummies,” which we’d seen last October. I’d bought a t-shirt for Randy at that concert and wished I’d bought one for myself, and those of us who didn’t have them bought some. Randy is there on the far right but it was pretty impossible to get a good photo because of the very low lighting.

It was great to go out with Kevin!

The Mummies were just as good as they’d been before and I’d love to see them perform again. I looked at their schedule and they don’t appear to be around any time soon; the last time I looked they were going to be touring in Australia. They really get around, those Mummies.

It’d be interesting to read more about them; all the musicians are so talented but they don’t list their real names and I wonder if there are a bunch of different Mummies who are interchangeable? The band has been around for a very long time and I bet the original musicians must be gone. I will have to research further when I suddenly magically have a bunch of free time.

Spot, always so happy to go anywhere and do anything.

Many many years ago my friend Erica gave me this Crown of Thorns cactus because it wasn’t doing well at her apartment. Gee, I’m pretty sure she gave it to me in 2013. It got way too tall so I hacked at it and then more branches sprouted and it’s now pretty darn spectacular.

All the plants in our former hot tub room have been doing nicely and pretty soon most of them will enjoy the full sun outside.

It was very warm and springlike for a while there, with temps in the 70s, but it’s cooled down again. But there’s so much green out there and soon I’ll be spending lots of time tackling the never-ending yard chores.

Ok then,

Mrs. H.