First of all, let me just say that right at this moment, 3:00 on a sunny and very windy March afternoon…it’s 72 degrees outside! So this’ll be quick because I need to go right out and enjoy the beautiful day.

Anyway, many kitty photos in February, but also a skunk…this photo is something, the giant skunk and the kitties crouched way back away from him.

Pumpkin, living his best life stretched out on Kevin. He never ever does that to me, because he loves Kevin the most. It’s funny that this photo is here because I was just thinking of letting him out of his en suite prison cell bedroom for a while. But I need to get outside. Plus I’m worried that if I let him out he’ll then be crazy to get out some more, like Lester does daily. Kevin takes Les on supervised walks around the yard so that’s pretty much all Les really wants to do.

Sweetie, also living her best life.

Brrr that was a cold February day, with the geese standing around on the ice.

I’m lucky to be married to the coolest Civil War soldier ever! Kevin had just come back from some Abe Lincoln ceremony and of course Spot was there to greet him.

Lester and Riley aren’t usually lying this close together.

I’m sure I must have been up early on this morning to go to some doctor’s appointment. It sure is beautiful that time of the morning.

And now I must get right outside…it’s not going to be this warm again for the foreseeable future, so I’m going to seize the day. I hope you’re able to enjoy it!

ok then,

Mrs. H.