January – well, it’s over. We had some bitterly bitter cold and I ended up in the ER for a record-breaking third time. It was because of the high heart rate with Afib again, but then I got to see a new Electrophysiologist last week, is a heart doctor who specializes in the heart’s electrical system and he was very good and reassuring and if the thing happens with high HR/Afib I don’t have to go to the ER again which is a relief. And we’re going to wait and see if I might have to have a cardiac ablation, which creates scars in your heart to stop the misfiring electricity. I feel like I’ve identified most of my Afib triggers and I am cautiously optimistic that by avoiding them, I might avoid more Afib. But it’s a disease that just gets worse, but maybe I’ll be just fine without any heart operations for a while.

And meanwhile…well, mostly just cats around here. Here’s darling Lester, always happy to pose.

We also got some troubling medical news about Les Paul – he is in the beginning stage of kidney disease which means he has to have a special diet. We’ve gotten five different kinds of wet food from the vet and they’ve all been a fail except he does half-heartedly eat the final kind we tried, but he only eats a bit of it if we heat it up and feed it to him from a finger.

I was very anxious about him, and stress is something that I’m supposed to avoid with the Afib, but I did find four more kinds of kidney care cat food online and it’ll be arriving this week. Fingers crossed that he’ll find at least one of them to be tasty. He does eat the dry kidney food from the vet but we feel that he should also be eating the wet food because caring for his kidneys involves him getting plenty of water.

Whew. Don’t tell our other cats, but Les is my favorite, and I want him to live a happy life for as long as possible. Actually I guess that’s true for all of us, isn’t it?

Anyway, here’s Kevin and Spot down at the very frozen lake. Kevin says that the ice was 18 inches thick at one point.

Pumpkin, happy to have many different places to curl up in his ensuite bedroom.

This is historic – I’ve never seen Riley looking out the window sharing the chair with Sweetie.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, so maybe you’re enjoying the game.

ok then,

February Grace.