Even though it’s suddenly chilly out there that’s OK because things are green and soon it’ll be warm. The other day when it was a little warmer but not too warm I did yoga out in the fenced yard which was very enjoyable.

The ground is amazingly uneven, which I didn’t know until I was doing the yoga poses. It was cloudy that day; I’d done yoga another day on the shady deck off the bedroom because the sun was beating down in the yard, but the grass was much softer. I’d like to do that again, at least til the mosquitos have arrived and it gets boiling hot. But then again, maybe I’ll wear bug repellent and wait til afternoon when the sun has moved.

The night of April 1st, I sat with the outdoor kitties on the porch when it was stormy. It’s funny that Spot is the cat who acts so brave compared to poor little Lemon Drop, but he’s always freaked out by a storm. He burrowed his head under my arm and would have stayed there all night if I’d have let him.

The next day both kitties scrounged for water, Lemon Drop drinking out of the puddle in the driveway Spot drank out of a bucket or something Of course we keep them well-supplied with fresh water, from a heated bowl in winter, but obviously water on the ground is much more delicious.

The eclipse! I read and looked at so many pictures that people took that day. It kind of made me wish we’d driven to see the total eclipse, but Kevin held up the binoculars and got this cool image.

I got the last pair of eclipse glasses that they were giving away at the library and we shared them. Mom joined us for the eclipse in 2017, but she had a doctor’s appointment this time. She said that when she left the building, lots of people were standing around in the parking lot looking up.

Spot was just super happy that we were spending time with him outside.

This is as dark as it got, pretty dark I think. Many people wrote that the total eclipse was magical and life-changing and they were already making plans to see the next one. Looking at an online chart, the next total solar eclipse is on Aug 12, 2026. It won’t be here, though; we’d have to go to Greenland, Iceland, Portugal or Spain. It’ll also be in Russia but we won’t be venturing there.

There’s another one on July 22, 2028 in Australia, Christmas Island, Coco Islands and New Zealand. The idea of Christmas Island appeals to me, and Kevin and I have been talking about going to Australia…maybe 2028 would be a good year for it? The next total solar eclipse that’s near here won’t happen for another 20 years. Will we be around then? Hopefully.

Anyway, Bev went to southern Illinois in 2017 to see the total eclipse and she said it was cool but not like-changing or anything, so maybe I don’t need to put that on my bucket list. Except I don’t actually have a bucket list, so there’s that. I would like to take a trip again before i die, but it’s a more challenging thought with so many cats…

Ok then,

Mrs. seriously almost the end of April??? Hughes.