well, here are a bunch of photos from xmas, which seems sooo long ago.

the tree did look pretty good, even though it was dry when we got it.

here’s this funny cardboard train that my grandmother got, i think, in the 50s.  i would tell you more about it, but it’s now in its original envelope down in one of the many tubs in the basement, so that’s not going to happen.  maybe next year, but by then of course i won’t remember.  maybe if mom actually reads this post she’ll see this and tell me what she knows about it.

this is christmas morning, mollie with one of her presents, a big toy bunny.  it was hard to get a photo of her standing still, because she was so excited that she kept shaking it all over the place.

this is her best present, because of her wearing it like this all over the house.  really hard to get a picture standing still!

my favorite christmas picture, for sure.

chester was interested in all the gifts, but in a laid-back kind of way.

les always looks like he’s posing.

he did like to nibble on the bows and gnaw on the tree sometimes.

still xmas morning, so much debris everywhere already.

so, mollie started trying to find a place to bury the rawhide wreath.  she went upstairs and tried to bury it in the couch for a while, but she ultimately didn’t like the spot.  she had already taken the rawhide candycane out in the back and buried it, so we blocked the doggie door so she couldn’t get out and do the same with the wreath.  but she really really needed to bury it someplace.

superstar kitty.

winnie, always so tired.  at least he came down to be with us for a little bit on xmas, instead of hiding somewhere in the house.

chester, with one lone ping pong ball.

mollie cleverly buried the wreath underneath this t-shirt on a chair in the bedroom.

and then she was busily trying to destroy the bunny again.

and whew, that’s all for now, so many more pictures to post, but i have to do a bunch of things now.

i need kevin to take a picture of me in one of my all-time favorite gifts, that dad bought me.

ok already,

mrs. tuesday hughes.