it’s only fall, but the sky looks like winter, bleak and gray and where is the sun?  it will surely return again someday.

meanwhile…soon i have to go to randy’s house to check on sweet little rupee, but first, i have a big melange of all the photos from the rest of september.

first, the beautiful watercolor that randy gave amy for her birthday.  he gave me one, too, and they’re all from some book of charming watercolors of cats.

randy and amy, as he’s snappily dressed in his white shoes.  he bought them for the wedding he went to in the dominican republic, and i hope he’s gotten good use out of them over the summer.  plus, there’s always next summer, although it does seem like it’s about four million years away at this point.

amy goes walking with the dogs at southwind park; i only went there once, a couple of years ago, but it looks really lovely now and i’ll have to go someday.  not today.

i love this clever solor panel with the flower and giant bee!

les and chester are acting like this is clearly their nesting place.  yesterday i cleaned off the table and put down a different table runner, and hopefully we’ll actually eat here soon.  which will, of course, prompt lester and chester to jump right up yet again.

mom’s cat susie is so sweet and darling…

i wanted to get more than one photo of these huge mums, as they started to bloom.  at least i managed to get two different shots, this first one on september 7th,

and this one five days later, on the 11th.  not a lot of time, but a lot more of them opened up.  yesterday we were down at the dock and noticed that another bunch of mums had bloomed, and we’re pretty sure that we didn’t plant them.  they could be a hybrid of the reddish and the yellow ones we planted.  maybe i’ll get down there today and take a picture.  and then maybe you’ll see it in december…

chester and winnnie, who always end up really close to each other when i take les for a walk, but as you can see, they’re acting like the other VERY BAD CAT is not there at all.

i have no memory of taking this picture one morning as we enjoyed our morning beverages out on the little deck with the kitties.

winnie clearly enjoyed himself.

one morning our neighbor bernice called to say that a speed boat was floating around in the bay; she’d seen it drifting over from our house, and she thought that somebody was in it – maybe somebody had a heart attack or something dreadful?  she called the lake police, who came out and ascertained that it was empty…but then they didn’t try to tie it up or anything.  they said they were going to check to see who it belonged to.  and then they left.

kevin and i walked over to investigate, and we saw that the neighbors on the other side of amy and jim, the kopeckys, had no boat in their slip.  yep, the boat looked like theirs all right.  they’d been out of the country and i thought they had been back for a few days.  i called them but got their machine.

so i drove our boat over and kevin climbed onto their boat from ours and we attached a rope and i had to back our boat out of the bay and over to our dock.  somehow i managed to get their boat close enough to our dock so that kevin could get out and tie it up without having to jump in the (cold, very cold) water.

linda kopecky called me soon after that and said they’d just then arrived at home.  they figured that because the water had gotten so high, the boat floated away.  luckily it was a happy ending.

moving on, so many events in september…here’s amy teaching at the fit club; on thursday nights she has a good crowd, and she usually gets all the guys in the class to come up and join her for one number.  this is the maximum amount of guys who are ever in the class; i think it’s a pretty good number, considering it’s a dance-based exercise class.   i took many photos but of course most of them were way too blurry.

i love it that it’s tiny amy and these mostly very tall guys!  i wish i had a good photo of when they were all jumping in the air.  i’ll have to take many more photos, plus i think i’ll bring my video camera and videotape it.

one morning i was dusting the bedroom, which i never, ever dust, and i found this lovely tiara and put it on.  it instantly improved my mood.  i don’t remember where it came from, but it’s a nice one.  i’m not sure when i’ll get a chance to wear it somewhere, but i should always wear it while cleaning.

and finally, les paul and chester in their own side-by-side boxes!

that concludes all the excitement, kitty and otherwise, for september.

i hope your tuesday is a good one.

ok then,

mrs. october hughes.