and it’s early around here!  last night i asked kevin to please wake me up by 7:30, so he woke up at five because he was afraid he’d oversleep.  and then, of course, i was up by seven.  so we’re all up.  but i, for one, won’t be fully awake for an hour or two.

somehow i thought i’d posted all my photos from september, but i took many, many other pictures and i don’t know what i was thinking.  and yes, of course they’re mostly the cats!

ok, maybe they’re all pictures of the kitties…

chester had his little paw resting on my foot, and he’s not so interested in human contact, so this was very nice.

and this was shocking, since chester and winnie are arch enemies.  maybe they didn’t realize that they were so incredibly close to each other?

les had to check out the motor on the pontoon boat.  he doesn’t jump up on it so much, but when he does, he must thoroughly investigate everything.

and at the same time, he must be alert for any potential threatening interlopers all around.  right now he saw chester making his way down the hill.

luckily chester is no threat, so les relaxed for a brief moment.

chester had no intention of making the huge jump on that unknown and scary boat.

and les scanned the horizon for stuff to hunt.

even though chester is scared about getting on the boat in the water, he always leaps up on the ones on land.

and then, he and gus the goose peacefully shared the same space.

gus continues to hang in there, although there have been lots and lots of interloper geese out on the lawn lately, which means that kevin or i go out and get them all to stand up in order to figure out which one is gus, and then we have to carefully kick out the bad ones.  which sometimes isn’t so easy to do.

it’s supposed to be a lovely day today, and after working this morning, i am hopeful that an afternoon boat ride will be possible.

and that’s all, before eight in the morning.

ok then,

mrs. g.h.