after tossing and turning for most of the early morning, with many bad dreams, the only one of which i can recall is that mom and i were sitting in the boat down at the dock, except it wasn’t the boat, it was my old grey minivan, and we were starting to sink and our feet were in water.  i looked up at the house, hoping to get kevin to somehow help us pull the van out of the water, but in the upstairs window a guy was smashing huge pieces of furniture.

luckily, this is the only dream i remember.

i finally staggered out of bed a little while ago, at maybe 8:20, and kevin had pulled the pontoon boat out of the dock and came up to tell  me he’d been in the water trying to find it for about an hour.

i started steeling myself for jumping back in, but he called SUSART, Springfield Underwater Search & Rescue.  (the link is an article about who they are and what they do, which is basically they dive down and retrieve things; they’re a nonprofit organization who appears to be awesome). the guy who answered the phone said they’d be calling to say when they’d send somebody out!

so it’s going to be very exciting around here this morning, plus i don’t have to jump in the lake!  not to retrieve anything, anyway.

the bad news is that i just checked the LIFEPROOF website, the maker of my waterproof case, and it said that the case will work in water up to 6.6 feet…for an hour.  oh dear.

maybe my case is extra-watertight?  extra resilient?  at least nothing seems quite as bleak now that the sun is up and i’ve had some tea.

ok then,

mrs. will keep you updated hughes.