it was 73 yesterday, an amazing thing!  we were supposed to get 2 to 4 inches of snow last night, but luckily instead there was only a dusting, a trifle of snow, plus first it rained for a very long time, which will help all that grass grow.  c’mon spring!

ok, finally, here are some of the photos from our last warm and glorious day in florida – i sat by the pool in the morning before breakfast, looking out at the water.  ahhhh.

this was around 8:30 in the morning, and there weren’t so many people or boats around yet.

i saw this little duck on the sandy area outside our fence, and worried that it might be injured, because if it was, i’d want to rescue it and bring it home, and that  might have been a slight issue on the plane.  i’ve never actually read the waterfowl rules for flying on an airplane, but really, it’d fit in one of those little cases that you carry little dogs in, wouldn’t it?

luckily i didn’t have to find out, because eventually the duck flew away.  whew.

we got vouchers for a free breakfast every morning at the outdoor restaurant, and the first two mornings i’d been good and healthy and had oatmeal or toast and fruit, but by the third day i was sick of all that.  as randy says, WE’RE ON VACATION!

so i ordered the eggs, and what a great breakfast it was!

since we’d whirled around like crazy dervishes the last two days, we spent this last day on the beach at lovers key state park, right across the road.  we actually drove the few miles down the road to the south entrance, where there was lots of parking and a little tram that carried us out to the beach.  here’s the view from the tram.

this part of the beach wasn’t really much different from the north section, where i’d been running the first morning.  there were quite a few people lined up on the beach, and of course, the birds.

my face isn’t red cause i’d been drinking, but because it was mighty warm that day.  you could even say it was HOT.  somewhere in the 80s.  hard to imagine.

after mom and i sat around on the beach for a while we decided we needed to cool off a little in the shade, and the big benefit of this part of the park is that there was a little stand selling stuff including ICE CREAM BARS.  mmm, delicious.

this is the view from our picnic table, looking out at the beach.  not very crowded, really.

i convinced mom to wear one of my baseball caps, instead of her black hat that didn’t do anything to shield her from the sun.  so she looked very modern and cute!

we stayed for a good long time, and as the day progressed people started clearing out, leaving the beach to us and the birds.

ok, this is one of the coolest things i’ve ever seen.  we saw this couple riding along on this funny vehicle, and realized that it was some kind of contraption made of two coolers!  they were somehow connected, and somehow motorized, the perfect thing for fishing.  but they would also be awesome for any kind of beach activity!  see, there are handlebars in the front, and little places to set your feet right behind the front tires.  genius.  when they wheeled by us i tried to get a picture but wasn’t quick enough, so i was glad to see them when we walked back to the parking lot.

meanwhile, back in the frigid north…kevin sent me these photos, as he ventured out to do some cross-country skiing.  well, cross-circle skiing, as he headed out around the circle in the middle of our lane.  when i got these photos it was so hard to imagine the cold weather, just like right now it’s hard to imagine ever seeing green grass again.

kevin and i went cross-circle skiing when i got back home, and i managed to fall an amazing number of times, considering we weren’t going downhill.  i actually fell when standing still.  i’m really, really good at falling.

we skiied around the circle and it was pretty fun, but i said DON’T MAKE ME GO IN THE BACK YARD, because i was certain i’d plunge to my death, right down the hill and into the lake.

kevin assured me we wouldn’t go in the back yard, but then of course we did.  he showed me how to stop so i wouldn’t go hurtling out of control, but i started down the very gradual slope and yes, of course i started rocketing forward then fell.  while i was lying there, he suggested that i kick my legs around so that i could turn and go the other way, not so downhill.  “so is this how i’m supposed to turn, by falling down every time?” i asked.


our last night in florida, and soon i’ll post the photos of our evening.  and by “soon” i mean, hopefully before march slips away.

ok then,

mrs. wednesday morning hughes.