it’s that time of year again – it’s a little warmer than usual, we had six big scoops of mulch delivered to our driveway, there’s so much to do outside…that’s how i spent most of my weekend, starting on friday morning.  i’m a little sore this morning and when i woke up i thought, “i WILL NOT do anything outside today.”  but it’s another sunny, lovely day, and i’ll have a few free hours this afternoon, and i’m already planning my outside activities.  i’ve spread so much mulch, but i feel there’s only a small dent in the pile.  yesterday was all about pulling weeds, digging up more roses of sharon bushes, planting stuff…because i’m starting so early this year, maybe things will calm down earlier in the summer.

but that’s probably not realistic.

will i ever finish my postings of our lovely wales trip?  someday.

meanwhile…sometimes the other side of the lake glows as the sun gets lower in the sky.  it’s not possible for me to capture how beautiful it is.




randy and i went to the opening of the Staley Museum in Decatur, which my friend Julie is in charge of.  it’s a lovely place, and a fun time.  randy sat at the big desk that looked very presidential.


randy’s cute little kitty, pee wee.




i actually went to hear a lecture, this one was at the library, about a guy’s very very long bike ride on the santa fe trail.  whew, it sounded kind of hot, and a little dangerous, riding sometimes on highways with trucks roaring past.  the guy never wears a helmet!  he stopped at the philmont scout ranch, and that rang a bell somewhere deep in my mind, so i took a picture of the slide to show kevin.  yes, kevin used to go there as a boy scout!  he would have enjoyed the talk immensely.


a perfect kitty resting spot.




one of the rare times that chester lies on anybody’s lap – he was so funny, all sprawled out like this.  he stayed that way for about 20 minutes, a record for him.


numie, sadie, mincy, all so tired.  amy and jim were thinking about getting two more dogs, but i think they’ve decided against that idea for now.  i think this is wise – these three are so cute when they’re sleeping, but when they’re awake they need constant attention.  maybe they could get a couple more dogs if they also got a full-time live-in dog nanny.


the other morning i walked down to the water, looked over at the old dock and saw some kind of animal stretched out.  it rolled around, having a nice time basking in the sun.  what was this thing?  he didn’t see me at all.


i crept closer and managed to get this photo before he dove under the dock.  it’s a mink!  doesn’t he have a cute face?  there was a mink right at our feet a couple summers ago when kevin, jim and i were standing down at the dock.  that time, he’d looked up at us in surprise and then scurried off.  i’m lucky that i was able to get this photo, and i’m pretty sure he must live under the dock.  our new pet.


last summer our tall grasses got totally out of control, and my friend beth wanted to get some of them.  she came over to dig them up, and brought me these beautiful flowers.


amy tok some of the dried grasses and made this nice arrangement.  digging up the grasses was insanely difficult; it had rained quite a bit, but those roots were so dense and thick that beth had to dig, and i dug, and then finally kevin dug, and it was a huge, huge effort.  i’d like to dig out a little more of them because they get so huge – it’s supposed to rain a lot in the upcoming week, so maybe i can try that again.


there’s always something to do around here.

but now i have to shower and look presentable for a while, before getting grubby and covered in mulch.

ok then,

mrs. monday morning hughes.