it’s been a weird summer thus far.  rain rain rain, and then a couple hot days, then more rain…i haven’t had to water the plants much, which is a good thing!

wow, i forgot all about these beautiful peonies that i picked in may…they bloomed like crazy this year.

i bet kevin took this picture; it looks like an early in the morning one.

here’s just a small part of the DEVASTATION OF THE DEER.  dang deer.  about three of these lilies bloomed, but the deer ate about 97% of them, plus other lilies around the yard, plus hostas.  i keep spraying the deer spray and it keeps getting washed off by the huge rains…there’s a handful of lilies that might still open, and i’m going to spray them again tonight because it might not rain for a couple days.

i mean, he does this EVERY NIGHT!  cutest cat ever.  this morning i let him outside the back door, but it was so wet that he and chester just hung out on the deck for a while then wanted to come in again.

my darling neighbor bernice gave me this fabulous bouquet.  so festive!

and kevin surprised me with a dozen roses.  it was crazy to have so many beautiful flowers for my b’day!  which also seems like it was ages ago.  the other day, bev reminded me that we stayed here for my b’day; in my mind, we’d gone to osaka for dinner.  my mind which is continuing to forget great swaths of stuff all the time…

poor winnie, trying to get comfortable out on the very clean deck.  the floor doesn’t look so good now even though i power washed it again already.  but the flowers look great…if the sun comes out again, i’ll have to take some pictures.

this is about my favorite photo ever of les.

ok, and now, TA DA!!! that’s all the photos for may!  now i only have june…and july…so i guess i’ll continue to be  like i usually am, horribly, horribly behind.  but at least i have been getting many things done this summer.  things not involving sitting inside in front of the computer!

ok ok ok then,