i did spectacularly break a butter dish last night, with no effort at all.  i was trying to get a can of diet root beer out of the pantry and somehow managed to CRASH the glass butter dish to the floor, with many, many little shards of glass everywhere.

nothing broken today, but it’s not even noon.

sooooo…april.  i was thinking i’d just skip the many, many photos i took in april but then i decided i could post some, but HEAVILY EDITED.

well, i’m not posting all of them, anyway.

early april, chester stalking a couple of geese.

kevin and winnie were watching something, maybe chester.

because then chester sauntered away from the geese, totally not interested.

lester, on a walk with his old harness which was too snug.  he didn’t care so much.

you might recall that kevin was constructing a mast for his sailboat.  les helped a lot.

lester stepped inside his kitty condo to supervise.  kevin had to sew a multitude of different layers of material together to create a super-strong section for attaching something, maybe a ring for a rope.

winnie was interested, too, but found it very hard to keep his eyes open.

kevin went to a huge amount of effort to sew all the pieces one on top of each other…and then realized that they were in the wrong place.  uh oh.  so then he had to pull them all apart, and for some reason we don’t seem to have any seam rippers in the house at all.  chester was highly interested in the process.

les had to take a break on top of the condo.

since this was over a month ago, i have no idea why kevin was so excited here.  maybe when he sees this, he’ll remember?  highly unlikely, but you never know.  i’m sure that when i took it i was sure that i’d remember.

chester, who always looks so ungainly for such a sleek and beautiful black kitty.

les thoroughly enjoyed his new harness, even though it was pink.

i realize there are soooo many pictures of les, as usual…just think about how many i actually took cause i did pare them way down!

les started frantically digging around in the leaves for a very long time.  after a while, he pulled out a baby vole.  or it mighta been a mole.  he was very excited about it, but luckily kevin had just walked down and was able to get it away from him.

on april 11th, the very first little crocus i saw.  a really, really late spring.

meanwhile, the plants in the hot tub room continued to get crazy huge.

les and chester enjoying the dock.

les really has a great time most of the time.  except when i won’t let him run amok outside, which is many times a day.

winnie decided to play with lester’s leash.

when i take les for a walk, winnie is usually lurking around.  i pet him as much as i can, even though nobody loves to be petted more than les.

and that’s all for this morning, almost afternoon…

ok then,

mrs. may hughes.