i’ve been struggling to add posts about our trip, much too busy these days working and stuff, but here are some photos of our kitties who are feeling very neglected at not being represented here.

les, enjoying the dock.





sometimes kevin chases him around the house, and then les ends up jumping on the pool table, and sometimes he tucks his paws down into a hole. yes, the pool table is kind of full of stuff, but it’s getting better and soon we’ll be able to play pool again.  i will be an historic day!


numie, mincy and sadie, always in need of at least one blanket.


the trees along the drive by the university seemed to get red in the blink of an eye, and now they’re completely stripped of leaves.  i can’t remember why i had my phone while running on this day in november, but maybe i was riding my bike to yoga.  won’t be doing that anymore this year.


i had zero plans to go to the “dancing with the stars” fundraiser this year, but then on saturday morning randy got a couple of tickets from lori ann, so i was obliged to put on the coral dress and a bunch of makeup and stuff.  we didn’t dance much, but i like this goofy expression on my face here.


because lori ann was a judge for the event, we got to sit at the table with all the judges plus marianne manko, the MC.  she is very tall and beautiful, and really nice.


winnie, who continues to look slightly perturbed that he’s not getting any food right now.  at the moment, actually, he’s happily sleeping on kevin’s lap.  winnie’s diabetes is in remission now, and we get to check his blood levels every other week or so.  it’s amazing what a huge difference it made just giving him all wet food and no more dry.  i also think it’s odd that when he was diagnosed with diabetes, we found out that cats need protein and not carbs, and dry food is all carbs, but this certainly isn’t common knowledge.


sweet sadie.  they found out that she has allergies or something; she broke out in hives, and has some issues, but at least she’s so very happy now.


and that is all for this very early tuesday morning.

ok then,

mrs. almost xmas and i haven’t baked a single xmas cookie yet hughes.