yester we bought 22 bags of mulch, and i put 18 of them down.  before that i had to rake approximately one million leaves.  needless to say, i overdid it and i’m sore today.  but it’s warm!  which is incredibly fantastic.  yesterday i saw the first flower blooming; a random crocus.  but the huge horde of tulips and daffodils and hyacinths that we planted in the front are now popping up, and soon there will be blooms all over the place.

meanwhile…i’m feeling that if i keep up at this rate, i’ll eventually be a year behind in posting my photos.  so i’m trying to GET WITH IT.  always a challenge for me…

but here they are, my final photos from FEBRUARY.  the thing is, i think, that mom and i went to florida and i took many, many photos.  this will be a total of 226 photos posted for february; sometimes i only have 20, and i may have close to a hundred, but never this many!

here is darling winnie, sleeping on kevin.

because of amy’s candle obsession, i’ve been buying candles.  the thing is that they don’t burn all the way down, so there’s always wax left at the bottom.  clever kevin melted the little leftover portions of wax and created his own candles!  he had wicks, of course, because i’m pretty sure he has everything known to man and woman squirreled away down there in the basement.

i loved it that they had such GIANT wicks.  of course you know that wicks must be trimmed down to 1/4 inch in order for them to burn properly!  there are many, many other strict candle-burning rules, but that’s the only one that sticks with me.

geese in the early morning.

lester, one of the many times he broke free.

darling noodle, on his long car ride home from austin.

i made this impulse buy at wal mart – i hate our big heavy cat carrier, and i’d looked at soft carriers online but quickly got bored and frustrated cause of the huge selection.  but this one was a good price, so i bought it.  i was a little nervous that the kitties wouldn’t be interested in it.

but of course les climbed right in.

and then he climbed in the box, one of the boxes for my kitty condo additions.

winnie, resting so delicately on the edge of the computer.

kitties are always so tired.

and that’s february!  and i know i don’t have so many photos for march so i’m feeling pretty good about getting caught up…but it’s just so nice outside, and we’re going to go buy 20 more bags of mulch today because they’re on sale at menard’s and this is the last day!

a fishing boat just whizzed by.  that’d be a really nice hobby, i think, because you’d be out on the lake in the morning when it’s quiet and beautiful.

except for the fishing part.  and the getting up really early part.

the other morning i was lying in bed thinking about how you only get a finite amount of sunrises in your life, and if i could just force myself to get up a little earlier, i could start seeing them instead of sleeping right through them.

but then i went back to sleep.

ok then,

mrs. friday hughes.