i want to call LIFEPROOF, the maker of my incredible waterproof phone case and offer to be their spokesperson!  this morning my phone worked, but it didn’t want to acknowledge any of my power cords.  but then, they all worked.

also, the little number didn’t appear to show how many messages i had received, but then i turned the phone off and on and voila, it’s working great.

i mean, how is this possible?  the phone was in the murky bottom of lake springfield for 15 hours!

a very nice thing to happen, after a week filled with different kinds of drama and histrionics and general craziness, more than usual.

i feel fairly confident that i’ll manage to sleep all night tonight, for a change.  or at least most of the night, beside the cat-shuffling i’ll inevitably have to do at some point.

we’re having a garage sale on saturday.  but i think i’m kind of calm about that finally, even though we now have almost no time left to prepare.

so everything is kind of good right now.

ok then,

mrs. very sleepy hughes.