the guys pulled up in their cars less than an hour after kevin called!  one of the very nice guys said that he’d been out in his boat at the lake club last night, and would have been happy to come if we’d called then.

next time…but hopefully there won’t be a next time.  but you know, i’m terrible about learning a lesson about life experiences.


luckily i grabbed kevin’s camera as i’d hurried down to the dock, and kevin documented the amazing feat.

here’s the guy lowering the weight into the water.  the diving guy could hold onto that if he wanted to.  you see that the boat is at the end of the dock; last night it was moored where it usually is in between the docks, so there was only a small amount of room between the dock and the boat for the amateur grace diving.


i’m standing there thinking, “how did i do something that stupid???”


the guy put flippers over his water boots.  i had just felt around in the mud in my bare feet.


putting on his mask…


and down he went.


it was a few breathless moments as he searched…


and 96 seconds later, there it was!


the hand-off.


i’m shocked that the phone is still on, and there are four messages from mom.


yay!  but there was water inside the lifeproof case.

last night mom had kept calling me, with hopes that we’d see the glow of the phone under the water.  and each time she called, she left a message.

i turned off the phone, dried it  off, and set it in a bowl of rice.

so now i don’t have to worry about any calls or texts or replacing my phone til tomorrow.

whew.  ok then, i hope your labor day weekend is fun but not quite as filled with excitement as mine,

mrs. a little bit more calm now hughes.