chester update

by grace on January 3, 2018

well…as of right now, 9:50 on wednesday morning, we have some hope. early yesterday morning kevin picked up chester from the emergency vet and took him to our vet, dr. kris meyers.  during the day they just weren’t able to get his blood sugar to go down enough, and last night Kris talked to kevin and said that she wanted to keep him overnight.  and here’s the truly amazingly wonderful thing – she took him home with her!  i still can’t believe how incredible that was – it’s so hard, knowing that he’s spent nights in the emergency clinic where he was getting great care, but he was in a cage in a clinic, which i know was so horrible for him.

dr. myers said she wants to do an ultrasound to see if there’s something bad going on, and we went to bed without a lot of hope that he’ll be OK, but were comforted because he’s getting the best, most personal care imaginable.  but then this morning she called to say she’d talked to a specialist in cat diabetes and that doctor thinks it could just be an insulin issue.  so they’re trying a different insulin, and his level has been kind of good.  dr. myers will take him home with her again tonight, and tomorrow he’ll get an ultrasound.  and if it checks out ok, we’ll get to take him home…

so, some hope!  a good third day of the new year.


mrs. h.

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