Sunset Hill Views Air B&B, Seattle

by grace on April 28, 2022

As I mentioned previously (or maybe I didn’t), I’m slightly (or maybe more than that) overwhelmed by the huge number of videos/photos I took of Mom and my trip to Seattle earlier in the month.

This morning I decided to start with a couple of pictures and videos of the fabulous Air B&B we were lucky to stay in.

Here’s what it looked like outside. I took this video On Easter Sunday and it’s the only day when we could fully see the Olympic Mountains.

Here are the first photos I’d taken upon arrival late at night on April 12th. Actually by that time it was already Wednesday the 13th.

These are all at one in the morning after I’d put on my jammies. Outside those windows is an awesome view of the water and the mountains, which we only completely saw on Easter Sunday, the day I took the video above.

Mom got the master bedroom because she’s Mom. It was a high bed, with little steps on either side to climb up into it. There was also a nice big closet.

My little bedroom with a pull-out couch. It wasn’t the worst pull-out I’d encountered but not so great, but I managed to get a good night’s sleep anyway. I was actually just relieved that there was a separate bedroom because that wasn’t entirely clear in the photos on the website and I worried that maybe the big chair in there might have been in the corner of the living room. There was a washer and dryer in one of the closets and the other closet doors were locked so no place to hang my clothes but that didn’t matter.

And here’s a video of the inside.

So, that’s a good beginning.

Meanwhile…things are calm here right at the moment which is very nice. Yesterday things seemed to be in chaos quite a bit, including that in the early evening I looked out the dining room window and realized that Lovey was walking around in Amy and Jim’s front garden. At first I thought the tuxedo cat was Spot, but he’s not as chubby and fluffy. So, Lovey has figured out the she can climb over or squeeze through the fence. Kevin spent a lot of time trying to coax her back inside, and finally accomplished that.

The other bit of crazy yesterday was that because it turned out t be a warm and sunny day, Kevin thought we should launch my boat. I’d been out and when I got home the boat was already hooked up to the truck and the truck was sitting in the lane.

We started off down the lake road headed for the boat launch but quickly realized that a very bad noise was happening back there. We pulled off in another lane and Kevin announced that one of the bearings on the trailer had gone bad. The bearings are the things in the middle of the wheels and if they’ve gone bad, the wheel could fall off. Very, very bad. We slowly and cautiously drove back home and I could see in my rear view mirror that the other wheel was wobbling alarmingly.

Luckily we made it back to our lane and Kevin parked the boat in Mom’s driveway because it’s straight and easier to get in and out of. Right now he’s already hard at work fixing the trailer.

The thing is, when we bought our new boat a few years ago we didn’t buy a new trailer. We should have spent the extra money for a new one, because Kevin looked at the trailer title last night, and it’s from 1988, the year that Mom and Dad bought their pontoon boat, the old one that almost killed Mom and me because it had reached the end of its safeness. But the trailer’s bearings lasted 34 years which seems like a good long time to me. Maybe we’ll buy a new trailer but right now the old one has to be fixed because the boat is sitting on top of it.

It’s always something.

Ok then,

Mrs. is it really Thursday already? Hughes.

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