by grace on November 21, 2017

today i was walking with les in the backyard and the wind was blowing and i thought, “i’m going inside and not going out again til may.”

so that’s the kind of winter it’s going to be.

next time when i take him for a walk i need to bundle up better, that’s all.

and these photos are all about les, who is always doing something new and crazy.

this was the first of november, as les sauntered over to our neighbor’s yard.  i don’t like to trespass, but les loves it.  he found this tiny litle hole in front – it’s about as big as a brick, and leser managed to squirm all the way in.  but there was no place to go, so he squirmed himself out again.

a classic kitty pose.

november 4th, les spotted the geese down at the water and was very interested.

he quickly made his way along the rocks as a bunch of ducks joined the geese.

and there he goes!

he didn’t know which was to look because of all the waterfowl all around.

i love this picture, as everybody freaked out.  i can’t remember if the geese were agitated because of lester, but they probably were.

les decided he’d had enough.

he was happy to lie at the foot of our neighbor’s dock as the geese headed over to the other side.

but wait…should i go get them?

luckily, no, and the geese were free to go about their business.

another exciting walk with the kitty.

ok then,

mrs. h.

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