that’s a lotta miles!  well, not so many for experienced hikers, but a lot for us.

we woke up early on saturday morning, before 7 a.m., and it was another beautiful day.  here’s the view from our window.


breakfast was fresh everything, so delicious.


because we were up so early, we were the only ones in the dining room.


there was a big bowl of fresh fruit, and i put some yogurt on it, and then this delicious honey.  i wish i’d taken a picture of the honey jar, because i don’t know what kind it was – it was creamy and delicious and i’d never had anything like that before.


the view of the water from our room – two boats out there!  what if you lived in that stone house, wouldn’t it be something to see that view every day?  i wonder how much real estate goes for in little haven.  can we move to wales?


see that big flower bush over there on the right – it looked so pretty, and i wished that we could walk over there and examine it more closely, but we certainly we too tired to do i the night before, and this morning it’d involve lots of walking up and down before starting on our long trek, so we didn’t.  now i wish we would have.  next time!


we managed to get out of the b&b by nine o’clock, and we had to walk up the road to broad haven, but it was only about a half mile, maybe 10 or 15 minutes because i definitely trudging up the very steep road.


we stopped in at the little grocery store and got more cheese sandwiches and some fruit, and here’s the lovely beach.


it was a chilly morning, but there was an old guy out there in the water.


i want to go back there right now.





whoooaaa!  don’t fall headfirst onto the rocks!



this was such a lovely house with a spectacular view, and we wondered who might live there.  at this point we met a woman walking the other direction – she lived there in broad haven and she knew the owners – i think they were doctors from london – and she’d even been in the house!  she said it was lovely inside.


and just to make us feel like total slackers, a young guy went running past us.  maybe if i lived there i, too, would run around on the hills?  hmm, not very likely.


how’s this for a plaque?  an olympic yachtsman, only 33 years old, lost at sea!




we did see quite a few plaques…this one reads “it is not a calamity to die with dreams unfulfilled but it is a calamity not to dream.” the guy who died was only 19!  i wonder if he died attempting to fulfill a dream?







ok, right now i’m going to look into trips back to wales, plus home prices in little haven….

mrs. friday morning hughes.