That’s the sound of summer, suddenly racing away and I can’t believe it’s already the end of August. Because of the many annoying medical things I’ve encountered in the past few months I sort of feel like it hasn’t been a great summer, but on the other hand it has really been pretty good. I got to go to the fair, three times! I’ve managed to keep the evil Chameleon plants at bay; they keep sprouting up but I’ve mostly stopped them from continuing to encroach. And despite the stupid medical issues, I’ve managed to go on some good runs and lately I’ve been ending them with jumping in the lake, always a big treat. I finally decided a few weeks ago that my scars from my gallbladder removal were sufficiently healed so that none of the toxic lake water would infiltrate my skin and surely cause me great harm.

Re: medical nonsense – well, the best thing is I had an appointment with a fantastic cardiologist, Dr. Nallamothu, and he was so nice and understanding and explained many things to me. Firstly, he said that I didn’t really have atrial fibrillation like it said I had on my Apple watch; he said I have tachycardia, and that’s why I’m taking the very small amount of beta blocker every day. He said it won’t cause me any harm, so that was a relief. But then I explained how my doctors from being in the hospital had opposing ideas about my horrible stomach pain, which only happened six nights after my gallbladder removal, lasted four nights, and then never returned. Dr. Nallamothu said the pain wouldn’t have been from a fibroid because it only happened at night. He said that logically, it must have happened because after surgery my nerves were having spasms, and that could have caused organs around the place where the gallbladder had been to stick together instead of sliding across each other. This would have been very painful, and it explained why the pain went away.

This explanation seems so simple and makes so much sense, so why didn’t the surgeons at the hospital nor the gynecologist think of that? Don’t all doctors study nerves and how they work? All of those doctors had seemed really good, but I decided that none are as good as Dr. Nallamothu. I’m seeing him again in a year for a follow-up, but I wish he could be my general doctor.

I should have asked him about why I’ve been having the unexplained weight loss for so many months but it didn’t occur to me. I realize that’s way out of his scope, but I bet he’d have a good idea.

Anyway, blah blah blah, I just looked through the photos I took over the summer and there are lots and lots of them. Of course.

I’ve been busy working in the yard plus there have been many cat issues for the past few months and time has completely gotten away from me, but I’m determined to make a much better effort of posting more regularly, before the snow falls.

Tthis is me at 4:52 a.m. on May 27th, the morning of the gallbladder removal.

Not at my best so early in the morning. Here’s Kevin and me, all masked up before the surgery. 6:17 a.m.

And so many other things happened earlier in the month, and every day you’ll see a new post of summertime excitement…


Ok then,

Mrs. Hughes, about to go sit by the shore and read a book about cat behavior.