That about sums things up. No time, no free time to sit quietly and write here. Well, you could make time, Mrs. Hughes.

Anyway, here’s darling little Sweetie back in September.

Kevin made a little rock pathway from the yard to the driveway and Spot immediately laid claim to it.

And then, like Lester, he had to pose on a stump.

When it got really cold for a few days we moved Pumpkin from the screened porch up to Marley’s big en suite bedroom, but he was pretty happy on the porch back in September.

This was pretty historic – Kevin and I actually went out to a show. The group “Here come the mummies” was playing at the Danenberger Family Vineyards, and they were fantastic and the place was amazing. It’s nice to get out every few years or so. Here we are in one of the many cool rooms they have, filled with all kinds of fun stuff.

Because the concert was so big, they held it outside, and there were three big dogs on the property, just wandering around and being chill.

Super talented musicians dressed as mummies. They play all over; they’re going to be in Australia next year, I believe. And they’re also coming back to the area, and we’re going to get tickets to see them again.

And finally…at the end of September I ran through the upper part of the newer woods and I loved this sea of little white flowers.


Ok then,

Mrs. Christmas is Looming Hughes.