and we’ve been gone for FIVE WHOLE WEEKS.  yes, on vacation for FIVE WEEKS.

i guess i feel a little…in shock.  we got back saturday night, and i’ve had to do a few too many things, plus i’ve been kind of walking around in a daze, a little on edge – Amy says it’s because i’m feeling down because we were just on a huge journey, and now i’m trying to get back into a routine.  she may be right.

So…we went walking in Wales.  Along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, to be exact.  Just a tiny sliver of the 186-miles path.  That was six days of our trip, and it was unbelievably, breathtakingly beautiful and i didn’t fall off the cliffs nor did i stumble and fall and break my leg or anything.  plus the weather was perfect.  no, PERFECT.  sunny, just the right temps, incredible.  i feel it makes up for when it rained every single day when we were biking in Scotland in 2009!

We also went to Ireland for four days, did a little hiking there, saw some stuff, back to Wales, a little more hiking, visited a couple of gardens, including one of the most magical and lovely spots i’ve ever seen – it’s called the VEDDW HOUSE GARDEN, much more on that later, and if you happen to be stopping in wales anytime soon, you must go there.  We went to England for a couple of days, visited our friends Carol and Alan, and then sailed back home on the Queen Mary 2.  Oh yeah, that’s how we got to the UK, too…we didn’t take ANY PLANES AT ALL on our whole trip.

Hence the being gone for five whole weeks!

i have literally over a thousand photos, plus i took some video; i think i took a lot of video, but at this point i don’t even know.  I’m pretty sure i did.  I’m pretty sure i almost broke my video camera because i used it a couple of times when it was rainy, and then it didn’t want to work but i’m hoping that it has thoroughly dried out and nothing got permanently damaged and all is hunky dorey.

so…now, besides all the everyday kind of things that i need to do, i’m pretty desperate to create a new page and start posting all the photos, and to start editing the videos and posting them.

so maybe that accounts for the feelings of anxiety – many things to do in every direction possible.

the kitties were very happy to see us when we got home.  our dear friend bev came and kitty sat for us most of the time, and our friend jenna was here the rest of the time, and i’m pretty sure we’ll never be able to pay them sufficiently for the excellent care they took of our guys.

plus amy and mom did a great job of not killing most of our flowers, both inside and out.  that was a lot of watering.

plus amy went out and bought us all kinds of groceries for our coming home, and she cooked us some stuff so we wouldn’t starve first thing.

here’s one little photo for now.

Wating at the Train Station

Ok then.  Much more to follow.

mrs. end of travels for now hughes.