that michelle wore a red dress by…johnny chu?  jimmy yu?  jason yu, same guy as last inauguration, blah blah blah.  very anti-climactic, imo.

it is supposed to be VERY DANGEROUS FREEZING RAIN right now, but instead it looks like jut plain old rain to me.  we need about a foot of rain, but it is highly unlikely that will happen.  i’m already thinking about trying to get the boat in the water because spring is right around the corner, and if we don’t get a foot or so of rain, the boat will remain in the driveway.

sometimes randy makes snarky comments like “i guess you’ve given up on your site,” so here is a photo of les, to let randy know that i have not given up.  this was taken quite a while, i will have to say.

and because i’ve been so remiss here, i do have a varied collection of photos, at least somewhat, not all les all the time.  although i love this picture – i found it on my phone, and i don’t even know when it was taken.  but SO CUTE.

randy invited me to an 80s-themed birthday party a couple of weeks ago, and i spent a lot of time trying to tease my hair into a big boufy 80s do, but my hair is just too thin to tolerate that.  it was a little puffy to begin with but quickly deflated.  this is a dress randy bought me actually in the 80s, so i wasn’t dressed as many women were in slips and/or leg warmers.

me, don gray, whose birthday it was, former boss of lori ann, and lori ann.  don said he got his wig online and it was a justin bieber wig that he flipped up.

wouldn’t it be weird to have a wig styled after you?

me and lori tinsley.  the food was good at the party, but the music wasn’t so much 80s.  a little bit 80s, but then people seemed to want to dance to other music.

i spent some time finding different big bows to wear in my hair, but then was extremely annoyed because i forgot to put one in!  i was too busy trying to make it poufy.  so i was pleased that lori ann gave me one of her pink gloves.

the other day i was worried that les had escaped, but kevin found him in the guest room upstairs.

here’s a very old photo, my birthday last year.

deer by the road.  they’re almost always congregated in this one area of the lake road.

les looks like a show kitty with all his feathers.

mollie in the background, probably annoyed that les gets all the photos.

but he’s just SO DARLING!  yes, i am a crazy cat lady for real.

yesterday we babysat my friend jae’s dog, sunny.  she paced around a lot, but then settled down for a quick nap.  she’s an old dog who lives with cats, so she didn’t care about ours, but the kitties were VERY VERY ALARMED about this foreign dog in their midst.  but then everybody calmed down.

kevin took this picture when i was out ordering new laminate flooring for our kitchen/hall/dining room/bathroom/little square landing on the stairs to the basement.  there was a ONE DAY ONLY SALE yesterday, so i had to go look at the flooring, and i found some and it wasn’t too ridiculously expensive, and they’re going to install it in a couple of weeks.  because of that, i am going to be forced to defrost the upright freezer.  it has been in dire need of defrosting for at least a year, but probably longer.  water drips out of it sometimes, which i know is doing terrible things to the floor, and i’m hoping that by defrosting it, the water won’t flow anymore because it would ruin the new floor.

i might do that today, but i don’t want to.

i will wear gloves, so as not to freeze my hands off.

life is always very very exciting around here.

ok then,

mrs. sunday morning hughes.