we are about to be the proud owners of a sailboat.


because one boat just isn’t enough.

kevin has been talking about a sailboat all summer, and today he had lunch with his friend wayne, and on the way there he saw a sailboat for sale, and he looked at it and sent me a picture, and then we talked about it and then he made the guy an offer which the guy took without even haggling and it’s CRAZY cheap.

it has a cabin.

so pretty soon we’ll go get it and then kevin can sail the sailboat and i’ll drive the pontoon boat and we’ll be a multi-boat family.


randy has spent a lot of time and money re-doing his kitchen and dining room, which really needed fixing up.

they are now both so dazzling i can barely stand it.  here’s some of the fancy mission -style border in the dining room.  i know it was very, very hard to put up, but he didn’t even want any help.

this is the door going to the garage and it’s GOLD, as are the cabinets, and I LOVE THEM.  i’m been seriously contemplating painting my cabinets a metallic color.  not to mention a door or two!!!

plus a fancy beautiful back splash, plus you can’t even see the fabulous real hardwood floor!

i have to give a massage right now, more later…

mrs. nautical hughes.