well…things remain ok.  fair to middling.  not so bad.

kevin and i are out on the screened porch, a boat just zinged by on the glistening lake.  i hope to launch the boat next week.  or at least get it cleaned up so we can take it to the guy to tune up the motor so then we can take it out.

and then i’ll spend the rest of the summer on the boat.

yesterday was a flurry of activity.  the throop tree guys showed up a little after 8:00 a.m., and i was still in my jammmies, but luckily they consisted of a t-shirt and mutts jammie pants, so i guess it coulda looked like i was wearing actual clothes.

not that it was a fashion show.

there were five guys, and it took them a little over three hours to cut down our ENORMOUS gum ball tree right outside the front door.  the damn gum ball tree rains the damn gum balls down on us all year round.

not anymore.

i can’t believe how fast and efficient and good these guys were.  they brought in three massive trucks; one had a big cherry picker on top, one had the gigantic shredder and the last one had the boom – the tall thing with the big rope on it that they used to lasso the branches as they cut them.

i took many, many photos as well as video because we thought it fascinating.  because i have to do over one million things today, i don’t have time to post them, but at least here’s the before and after.

it was so tall, i wasn’t able to get a shot of the whole thing.  at this point the trucks were moving in and i had to work fast.

the end result…

kind of stark.

right after they were done, i rushed to wal mart and bought many, many flowers, some for the front porch.  last year i bought hanging baskets and the begonias did horribly because of the lack of sun.  so, more baskets, it will look better by saturday, and we’re going to buy a nice little chinese maple tree.

i dragged the computer out this morning to relate a funny story, but now i’ve run out of time.  hopefully i’ll still remember it by tonight.

ok then,

mrs. wednesday hughes.