and it’s gray and has been raining and will rain more and it’s gonna get cold tonight.  cold.

and that’s my weather update for today.

i’m going to go running in a minute, because i feel that when the temperature starts to plunge more, i’m going to wimp out and not run outside.  instead, i will continue with my bevy of activities at the fit club, including but not limited to weightlifting class, yoga, and, of course, zumba.  i was gonna try this other class this morning called RIPPED, but it’s too warm right now to not go running.

having mollie made me want to always run outside, because she was always happy and eager to go out.

i meant to post these two photos at halloween, but then that didn’t happen.  a few years ago i tortured mollie plus amy and jim’s dogs by dressing them up for halloween.  you can tell that mollie really, really did not like this getup one bit.

here she is, exhausted after all the attempts at picture-taking.  she just looks so funny with her princess leia wig.

she was happy to help kevin put in the new floor on the screened porch.  gee, that was a while ago, because i can tell that kevin’s face is relatively free from hair.  he’s pretty bush now, but hasn’t gotten to any kind of zz top or duck dynasty facial hair thing because if he did, i told him he’d be living alone.

so now i can say this is an early picture, instead of a late one…i put these chicken hats on all the dogs for thanksgiving, because they were the closest thing i had to turkeys.  mollie was only slightly more tolerant of the chicken hat.

this was one christmas, when mollie wedged herself into one of shortie and gizmo’s tiny beds.  mollie never met a tiny bed she didn’t want to lie in.

such a sweet dog.

amy was taking pictures, kevin was feeding the swans, and mollie was sooooo close to getting into the big bag of bread…

such a good dog.

ok then,

mrs. h.