did you get invited to our halloween party?  if you didn’t, i don’t know why not – today amy invited a couple more people, including her delightful 91 year-old friend ruth, plus stu, the manager of food fantasies.

if you weren’t invited, i assure you it was an oversight.

how many people will show up?  i haven’t actually thought about that, really, except that i know a handful of people who came last year won’t be here this year, but some other people who haven’t yet made it to a party are allegedly going to be here.

yesterday i made the PERFECT FOOD – they’re like buckeyes, that delicious chocolate peanut butter confection, except i got the recipe from an awesome halloween cookbook that amy gave me; you make the delicious peanut butter center, then, you dip it into the chocolate so it looks like an EYEBALL.  and then an M&M goes in the middle for a pupil, and they’re very cute and OH MY GOD SO GOOD, that i’m not entirely sure there will be any left for the actual party, which isn’t til SATURDAY, a lifetime away when you have a fridge full of mouthwatering CHOCOLATE EYEBALLS.

i’m calling them CHOCOLATE ZOMBIE EYEBALLS, and i also have a few other ZOMBIE creations, because i decided a zombie food theme would be funny; well, at least the names have the word “zombie” in them.

other zombie delights will include shrunken zombie brains, puss-filled zombie marrow, and freshly-baked stuffed zombie parts.

the problem is that i didn’t write down which is what,  so i’ll have to think about what the puss-filled zombie marrow might actually be.  i think that’s the pickles wrapped in cream cheese-filled pieces of buddig beef – DELICIOUS.

here’s a picture of les paul that i took the other night and thought i posted, but i don’t think i actually got around to it – i love it cause it kinda looks like he’s floating, because of lying on the glass tabletop.  it would be easy to photoshop that table right out of there, but i like the effect without any tampering at all.

my friend phil sent me this fabulous photo a while ago; he can’t make it to the party yet again this year; this time it’s because he’s directing some play…somewhere.  somewhere south.  the play is called…swamp fever?  swamp something.  this is what i get for being so procrastinatey about doing things.   it looks really interesting, doesn’t it?  but then again, phil only does interesting things.

lester and chester are pretty much fast friends, and here they are, happily enjoying dinner side-by-side.

kevin think he can keep lester in the fenced-in yard, and here are the two kitties, kind of like animals in a zoo.  except that lester ALWAYS FINDS A WAY OUT.

here’s winnie, watching from the deck.  chester stalks and terrorizes poor winnie, and i try to follow him around with a water squirt bottle which is very effective but i can’t do it 24/7.  almost.

this morning i went out to the yard and only found chester.  kevin came in and said “lester’s in the ravine, but he’ll come back because it’s starting to rain.”  WHAT IF HE RUNS AWAY?  I mean, i think that no matter how much extra fencing kevin puts up, lester will find a way because he’s very very motivated.  HE CAN’T RUN AWAY.  he’s the cutest cat ever.

don’t tell winnie or chester i said that, please.  they are also the cutest cats ever, but les is JUST SO FUNNY.

ok then,

mrs. crazy cat lady hughes.