i woke up and the HUGE snow hadn’t happened.  a dusting of snow, that’s all.

but then, at about 10 a.m., it started.  it snowed.  and snowed.  and it just keeps on snowing.

yesterday, kevin said that when it started snowing today we’d put on packs and tromp around in the woods that we usually walk through on a path.  he somehow thought i would enjoy this, marching through the woods, not on the path, carrying some kind of pack, in the snowing snow…so shhhhh, don’t remind him.  now that it’s almost six and he’s emerged from the basement, odds are that he won’t look at his computer any more before it gets dark.  so YAY for that!

because you know i would have gone with him, and it probably wouldn’t have been so bad, but i am very content to stay inside.

i did go out briefly to take some pictures.  here’ the poor concrete goose.

the snow is crazy thick on all the branches.

the fenced yard.  earlier, chester walked by me and he was all wet – for some crazy reason he went out in the snow for a while.

here’s a metal bird sculpture, covered.

the water is so high now!  and it’ll be even higher when the snow melts.

the sad swan planters.

and that is all for now on this sunday evening.  i hope you don’t have to leave your house!

ok then,

mrs. still winter hughes.