yeah, i know, unprecedented for a really long time, me writing on  here two days in a row.

kevin’s sailboat excitement continues.

he said he woke up extra early this morning cause he was so excited about the boat.  he couldn’t start working on it cause it was still dark outside.

but by the time i got up, at a quarter to eight, he had all the stuff from the boat all over the back yard, and was happily washing the sails.

les paul and chester were both outside, helping.

i sat on the deck reading the paper for at least seven seconds, before bedlam ensued.

first, kevin delightedly holding up the sail.

there’s lester over there on the right, scoping out the situation.

chester sat on the table next to me, checking out the action.

the ducks came waddling up the yard, demanding some breakfast, and chester hurried to investigate.

those two triangle-shaped things are the cushions for the bedding in the front of the cabin, in case some random children or very short people want to sleep on the boat.

chester didn’t really scare the ducks.

instead, he was happy to play with the hose, then he just laid down on it.

and kevin kept cleaning.

oh, but then…les came hurrying around the side of the house, a chipmunk in his mouth.  do you see it dangling there?  he was in a really big hurry, and chester scurried after him.

kevin rescued the chipmunk from les, but then i was forced to stop taking pictures and go down and get chester, who was happy to chase the chipmunk.

and back behind bars they both went…

…so unhappy…

meanwhile, kevin’s garden looks really good, with lots and lots of tomatoes that should ripen soon.

at this point i had to leave, but i think that’s all the major excitement for the morning.   kevin started working on the boat itself in the driveway and when i came home he finally came inside, because the sensor on his new insulin pump had fallen right off because he was sweating so much.  yeah, it was an incredibly hot day.  i said, “maybe that means it’s a good time to stop for the day.”

here’s the beginning of this progress on the back: (the stern?)

unfortunately, the guy who owned the boat has died, so we’ll never know why on earth he named her “be ba.”  is it supposed to be like baby, but that would be Ba Be?

i guess kevin will have to figure out how to re-paint a name.

there’s so much to do!

meanwhile, it’s almost 8:00 which means that “gypsy” starts in just a few minutes, so i’d better get in the car and go there.  i was getting a cold, but then took the miraculous “wellness” pills and was all better, but then i ran out so didn’t take as many today and i just sneezed literally 20 times in a row.  so that needs to stop here pretty soon because i have to go on stage in TWO HOURS!

ok then,

mrs. friday night hughes.