so, my aunt sandy just wrote to me, asking, in very friendly way, to hurry up and write already.

it is hot again today, but starting tomorrow it’s gonna be lovely and fabulous outside, so you can just forget about me sitting inside writing anything.  i could, of course, take the computer down to the dock.  i guess i could enter stuff on my BRAND NEW APPLE IPHONE, but i don’t want to.

i do have to say that i’m pretty excited about my phone, mostly about the talk-to-text feature, because i find it very funny.

here’s our darling doggie, sleeping happily on the way home from her chemo treatment at the U of I in Champaign.  i think i took this with my new phone, last wednesday, but i’m not entirely sure about that.  we fold down the back seat so she can lie comfortably in her bed.  on her last appointment, we thought the lymphoma must surely be in remission, but it’s not, and she has one more treatment of the doxirubicin next week, and after that, who knows what.

all these photos were taken the time before the last time, on july 3rd.  kevin and i checked out another park, this one had a pretty cool sculpture garden in it.  it was a relatively cool day, so nice for a walk.

this pergola trellis thing reminds me of the huge fabulous one they have at The Farm.

the 4th of july was a very stressful time for poor chester, as you can clearly see.

we did take a nice boat ride later in the day.

the thing is, i can’t think of anything, really, novel or new.

well, i’m gonna be in the musical GYPSY at the hoogland, starting on august 23rd, i believe.  i also believe it’s for two weekends, and it will be yet another chance to see me in a scanty costume, cause i’m one of the strippers.

this play is set in the 30s, so the costumes won’t be THAT revealing, but anything that exposes my inner thighs to view makes me feel a little bit sick to my stomach.

OH, YOU LOOK JUST FINE, my friend bev keeps saying.

YOU’RE NOT THE ONE WHO’S GOING TO BE ONSTAGE WITH YOUR INNER THIGHS EXPOSED, is what i say to her, and to anybody who gives me that very very lame argument.

plus, the other two strippers are both lovely, willowy DANCERS, with thin and willowy legs, so of course my fat thighs will look even more rotund.

when i was in “a chorus line” about a million years ago, at the old theater centre, i was the only non-dancer female in the show.  this makes me wonder how i even got cast in it in the first place, because of my lack of dancing ability, but i guess i did ok; i don’t ever remember falling off the stage or anything.

back then, they WEIGHED US EVERY WEEK.  the vast majority of the cast members looked just fine, but i was one of the plumper ones.  being weighed every week of course made me a little bulimic, not such a good thing, but i did join whatever health club we had back then and so my flab got a little bit toned.  it was a pretty hellish rehearsal process as i recall, even besides the weekly weigh-ins.  i think i lost six pounds.

and now, one hundred years later, and right now i weigh less than the weight i got down to so many years ago, and i know i have way more muscle…but being so much older, there has been a definite change in the distribution of weight, and my once-chubby thighs remain so, if not more.  there’s lots of blubber covering up the muscle.

luckily, this time there are no grueling dance moves, just a few bumps and grinds and it’ll be funny, but still, still, THERE WILL BE MY INNER THIGHS.

also luckily, jim’s sister meg is uber-fit and thin and works at the fit club and is all about the fitness 24/7, and today i told her of my plight and she immediately jumped into action.  she’s gonna spend her lunch hour tomorrow working with me, and she signed me up for a fitness assessment and then i’ll be enrolled in some rigorous group personal fitness training thing, that i get free for 30 days.  and i don’t even need thirty days, so hopefully this will be a good thing.  but on the other hand, 30 days isn’t really that long.

i already feel kinda exhausted thinking about it today.

i better nap now, in order to be ready.

ok then,

mrs. tuesday hughes.