i am being optimistic, thinking i’ll have time to actually post all my photos before the day is done.

there was no place for me to sit the other day, because winnie and lester were doing their best to relax.

here are some pictures of the beautiful flowering trees in our front yard.

the bleeding hearts.

the back yard was covered with a blanket of little flowers.  kevin finally mowed yesterday, so now they’re all gone.

the daffodils are already gone, too.

this azalea is in back of mom and dad’s new house.

i picked this branch when i was out running one day, so i can paint it.  luckily i took a picture because i haven’t painted it yet and now it’s almost dead.

we have lots and lots of bluebells.

i think this was the only lilac from our big bush in the front.  luckily we have some hardy new bushes in the back, loaded with blossoms.

kevin took this when i was out doing a little yard work.  you see chester there on top of the yard cart – there’s a narrow channel on top of it, and for a while he crammed himself into it and was all stretched out.  i had no time to get my camera.

chester kept attacking the snapple box, and i franticallly tried to get a picture of him, but he just moved too fast.  i tried shooting video, but then he wasn’t interested anymore.

this is the only really good one.  he kept peeking out at me.  he’s a funny kitty, but almost impossible to capture.

and that’s all the photos from march, yay for that!  and now i have to rush around some more on this beautiful, july-like april afternoon.

ok then,

mrs. grace hughes