yes, i have quite a few things to do, but not so many, not gonna get all stressed about it.

now, if the sun would just come out.  it’s been more than 10 days since the sun has shone.  a little bit yesterday, but come on, already.

winnie, on the seat cushion under the computer stand.  chester was all about the cushions at first, but then he got tired of them and moved on.  amy put this cushion down because les always lies here, but i don’t think he’s ever sat on the cushion.

kevin gave me this early xmas present, it’s so cute, and i must take a picture when it’s lit up.

it was really also a kitty xmas gift, because they were eager to climb into the box….

…and of course chester had to lie all over the wrapping paper.

here’s the tree i bought the sunday after thanksgiving, the earliest tree i’ve ever gotten.

it was a warm day, i picked it out, i put it in the car, took it home, brought it inside, set it in the stand, adjusted it so it wouldn’t be crooked, filled the stand with water.

kevin and garrick showed up a couple of hours later.  walked right down the front hall, with the tree right there in front of them, came in and started talking to me as i sat in front of the tree.


after a while i started grinning at them and they got very confused.  i finally gave up and pointed a the tree.

not very observant.

lester, always darling.  i have some VERY cute photos of him to post, but i have to get to work in about one minute.  later.

ok ok ok already,

mrs. thursday afternoon hughes.