well, except for doing any xmas shopping or baking cookies. i did bake one batch so far except it was just one big pan, of these delicious bars, not much work.

things with the SHOW are coming along, though. kevin graciously sat through another performance a few minutes ago, and now he’s napping. me, i’m WIRED, because i napped for an hour earlier except i wasn’t even so tired, and then i just had a very strong cup of tea.

the show is now 47 minutes, but the thing is, i could have written a lot less – a page less, as a matter of fact, and i keep cutting things but i don’t think i can cut any more. oh well, maybe i’ll jsut run a little bit long.

things are good, but i think a lot of that is the caffeine talking. my, i do have to say that i’m typing very, very fast.

we’re going to the holiday pops concert of the illinois symphony tonight and i was gonna get all dressed up but now i’m not in the mood. or hmm, maybe i am?

i love it that it reached SIXTY DEGREES today. screw the white christmas, bring on the global warming!

but seriously, we do need to buy a few gifts.

ok ok ok, i hope your weekend is/was fantastic.

p.s. i took this photo of kevin on that same day that we went to hanalei; as we walked in the sand, we sunk WAY DOWN.

gracefully grace.

kevin in hawaii