in between the stove and the fridge, which was moved and then plugged back in.

the plumber is arriving shortly to put them all back in the kitchen.  this will be very nice.  the grandfather clock is next to the stove, but last night kevin and garrick carried the dining room table back into the dining room, and i’ve taken the tubs full of glasses back to the dining room, where they’ll go back into the china cabinet, which kevin and garrick also moved last night.

things have been highly highly crazy here, kind of like when we first moved in here, although i can’t really remember that so much because of my rapidly deteriorating memory.

i have many, many before and during pictures of the transformation, plus a few after pictures, but i can’t put them up now because i must change out of my jammies because the plumber is going to show up any minute now and it would be embarrassing if i was still in my jammies.  even though they’re my cute blue flannel ones with cupcakes on them.

mmm, i could eat a cupcake right now.  the cupcakes are all gone, though, as well as every single cookie that was in the freezer, so i had nothing to offer garrick last night after all his hard work.  i did find two delicious walker’s white chocolate and raspberry shortbread cookies in the pantry, and was going to give them to him, but i ate one even though i usually don’t believe in white chocolate, and it was so scrumptious that i then at the other one.  then i wasn’t going to tell garrick that i ate the very last cookies in the house, but i told him anyway.

the stove will be working soon, and more cookie-baking will commence.

i leave you with two photos for now – first, an historic photo of chester, lying in kevin’s lap.  chester has been much more friendly since we got back from gulf shores.  clearly, he missed us a lot.

garrick and kevin with always-happy max.

ok, now i have to really really hurry,

mrs. thursday already hughes.