i now make a FULL AND COMPLETE APOLOGY for being so remiss in writing on here.  there has been so much to write about, but i have been deeply entrenched in getting ready for RANDY’S 50TH BIRTHDAY PARTY.

it was last night.  somehow i survived it.

i effortlessly slept till 10 this morning, even though i’m never able to sleep that late no matter how late i go to bed.

i may be tired all week.

even though THANK GOD IT WASN’T A SURPRISE PARTY, there were, of course, surprise elements to it.  it’s my own fault, these surprises, and i have no one to blame but myself.

first, the cake – randy told me he wanted a wedding cake-type cake, multiple tiers.  “with a naked man on top,” he said, onlyhalf-joking.

really, probably not joking at all.

you may recall that almost four years ago i made my own gigantic wedding cake.  after spending the entire day the thursday before the wedding putting it together, i vowed to never make another one.

luckily for randy, though, that memory had sufficiently faded.

i thought with this one that i’d try new things.  gum paste.  run-in sugar.  and MANY MANY MANY GOLD DRAGEES.

description of all of that will come later, this morning i’m too tired to think about it.  let me just say that this cake made my wedding cake creation seem like, well, A PIECE OF CAKE.  creating this monstrosity took literally days and days of intense, crazy work.

but i have been meaning to mention tuesday night’s powdered sugar incident.

at 5:30 i went to amy and jim’s house next door.  at six, kevin left for his 114th tomb ceremony.

last week i had made, frosted, and frozen the huge cake layers.  tuesday i was…i can’t remember exactly what i was doing, but it involved lots and lots of powdered sugar.  when i went over to amy and jim’s, i left a bag of powdered sugar on the counter.  this is one of the very few things that mollie hasn’t expressed an interest in.

i came back at 6:30.  mollie was unattended in the house for ONE HALF HOUR.

i was in a huge hurry because i wanted to go see kevin’s ceremony, which started at seven.  i saw the top to her big treat bin lying on the floor.  she had obviously unscrewed the top and i idly thought about how much i’d love to get a doggie cam to see the footage of her somehow unscrewing it.

i dashed into the kitchen, stepped on the big rug in front of the sink…and what was that i was stepping in?  i looked down.  my foot was completely covered in powdered sugar.

mollie and pulled down the bag, ripped it up, and scattered it on the floor.

actually, i can’t say how much scattering she did, because i certainly did a lot of it.  there was now lots of powdered sugar on the floor, on the rug, on my foot, and on my flip flop.

i didn’t have time for this mess, so i folded up the rug, washed my foot and my shoe, and wiped at the powdered sugar on the floor with a wet rag.

i left, hoping that when i came back the kitchen wouldn’t be completely overrun with ants.  they’ve been pouring in more lately, from all over the place.

when we got back later, no ants thank god.  however, the floor was still very sticky.  this time i tried using a cleaner to wipe at the ants, but by the time i went to bed there was still a stickiness to the floor.

wednesday morning, before i even got out of bed, kevin washed the entire kitchen floor.  WHAT a superb man.

soon i will post photos of the cake, and the party last night, maybe even some video.  oh, and also for randy’s party i made him a surprise “happy birthday” video, but not one of your standard ones with people saying over and over “happy birthday, guy.”  this one had production value, haikus, costume changes, singing, dogs, cats, all kinds of stuff.  i’m pretty sure i won’t be able to post the whole thing because it’s 28 minutes long and that’s probably too long to upload to youtube, but i figure i could probably at least post excerpts from it.

eventually, after i’m less tired.

ok then,

sunday morning grace.

p.s. now, this week, i must get back to working on my scotland videos.  i’m almost ready to start posting them and i’m really excited about that.