i have been watching the academy awards; luckily i dvr’d it in order to fast-forward through the ads and the boring speeches.

i watched a little of one of the pre-show red carpet blah blah blah look at my dress things, and kristin chenoweth LOOKED LIKE SHE JUST EMERGED FROM A CONCENTRATION CAMP.

if they’d had lots of hair and makeup up in the camp.

she was PAINFULLY SCRAWNY.  when she stood next to adele, she looked like a tiny midget and adele looked like a huge monster.

and then there’s anne hathoway, who NEEDS A QUARTER POUNDER.  WITH CHEESE.  can you get extra cheese on a quarter pounder?  when i used to eat them, it never even occurred to me to ask for extra cheese.  surely they’d do that?

she was also SO SKINNY, but not quite as bad as kristen, but at least kristen had a lovely dress, whereas anne’s was very very pale pink which just accentuated her very very pale skin, and not in a good way.

somebody was sitting in the front row in a ridiculously cartoon-like huge boofy dress that must have blocked several people.  i’m pretty sure it was amy adams, but i’ll have to wait til i see the photos in a magazine in the checkout line because of course she didn’t win best supporting actress.

i wish i’d seen les miz on the big screen because i just love that music so much.  bev actually called me friday afternoon to see if i wanted to go to a matinee, but it’s GONE already.

maybe it’ll come back.

i must continue watching.

this is one reason why i have no interest in twitter – i could never be hemmed in by such a tiny amount of words.

ok then,

mrs. sunday night oscar party in my red fleece jammies hughes.