here’s the fabulous hat i get to wear in gypsy:

i am very, very excited about it!  plus the costume.  plus i get to wear a big wig and my big heels so i’m pretty sure i’ll be over six feet tall!

it’s nice to have something happy and fun to think about.

meanwhile, back here at home…we took mollie to her last chemo treatment with the strong stuff called doxiburicin, but they didn’t give that to her after all because the lymph nodes were slightly larger, which of course was horrible news.  they gave her the “rescue” chemo, the kind that they usually give dogs after they’ve been in remission for a year or two, and way back when we started this, they said that dogs don’t have much time left when the cancer comes back.

but it never left.

so things are pretty grave.

luckily, mollie is still happy and eating.  she seems more tired than usual, but she still likes to take a walk.  she’s getting another rescue treatment in a couple of weeks.

the week before that last appointment, we took her to the jim edgar panther creek park, where we took a nice walk and she had an awesome time, doing lots of happy sniffing and chasing.

here they are, when we took the walk past the primitive campsites to the trail.  we stayed at these primitive sites a few times, but it’s been a long time since we’d been there.  the trees were bigger.

it was a lovely sunny day, but not too hot.

this is one of my favorite photos, and it’s the wallpaper on my phone now.

we didn’t see a single other person on our walk, of course; i think we might have seen one person one time we went walking there.

all was good, but we went on a wednesday, and on friday i was suddenly itching like crazy.  kevin and i both wore long pants, socks, and i wore tennis shoes, but i had crazy itching on my side and around my ankle.  i had chiggers!  chiggers are very, very bad, and they still itch sometimes.  i tried putting nail polish on them, because jim said that works – he’d gotten a gob of chigger bites on his leg when he played disc golf, and he said that helped.  we also have all kinds of anti-itch things, but i keep forgetting to apply them.

it’s always something.

my friend erica is going to tanzania next saturday.  she’s going on a mission trip.  i, personally, don’t think it’s such a great time to be going that far away, but i guess the nun in charge at the compound where she’ll be staying is very tough and can keep erica safe.  she hasn’t even left yet, and i’ll be glad when she gets home.

last night, mom and i went to see erica do the lincoln ghost walk tour downtown.  erica has been doing the tour for three years now, and it’s shameful that i’d never seen her do it.  she did a great job, and i took a bunch of pictures of her, and will post them here very, very soon.

but that’s all now for this thursday.

ok then,

mrs. thursday hughes.