that last night before bed as i was scanning upcoming shows to see if there was going to be anything, ever, on tv that might interest me, i found “the year without a santa claus,” which features the fabulous “i’m mr. heat miser” song which is one of my favorites.  i have that song on a great CD, a Big Bad Voodoo Daddy xmas album that i think i got when i actually saw them perform it a few years ago.

i can’t tell you exactly when the show is on right now because it is pitch black in my living room here because it is FOUR THIRTY IN THE MORNING.

so that’s the bad news for me.

i take a half a xanax every night before bed in order to NOT wake up for an hour or three in the middle of the night.  this has worked great, up til about a week ago.  every night, BOING go my eyelids and i try to talk myself into thinking i’m only gonna be awake for a few minutes, but suddenly an hour or two have passed.  and i am very, very, very annoyed.

i have been awake since three this morning.  i finally decided i might as well get up and do something, since i feel so very wide awake.  right now it is 21 degrees outside but feels like FIVE, so one reason i decided i might as well get up was to do a kitty check.  we left the pet door open tonight, the first time in i can’t remember how long, and i’ve heard chester going in and out periodically (i know it’s him because when he comes in he gives out a big and plaintive meow), but i started to worry that somehow lester might have escaped, even though i know this is not really possible since it’s all icy and slick out there so we wouldn’t be able to scale the fence even if he wanted to.

so i got up and headed down to the basement.  winnnie followed me, and kept meowing at me like he wanted something.  he did – he wanted OUT.  because he is clearly insane.

but then les joined us downstairs, and i was relieved.

and oh yeah, yesterday morning when i staggered out of bed, sleep-deprived from not sleeping the night before, i was greeted by the sight of kevin lying on the floor next to a little display cabinet in the living room, looking for a mouse.  he said les had found the mouse in the basement, was playing with it in the dining room, then the mouse broke free and scampered under the cabinet.

kevin handed me an empty coffee can and asked if i’d put it over the mouse after he reached under there and grabbed him by the tail.


and so kevin did just that, and it was a pretty good-sized mouse, and i suppressed my natural shriek-at-the-sight-of-mouse urge and slammed the can over the mouse.

kevin then carefully slipped an xmas card lying around under the can and took it outside.  he carried it way out there, so it would then probably take the mouse a little while to find his way back into our basement.

so anyway, les was in bed with us tonight, but i’m sure he’s on serious mouse patrol now.

winnie was lying here next to me on the couch, purring loudly, but now he is having a snack.

and five a.m. looms.

i was so exhausted last night from lack of sleep that i went to bed at nine thirty. i mean, that’s when i turned out the light, BEFORE KEVIN, and that never happens.  kevin isn’t 100 percent better yet, but he’s much better and maybe when he wake up IN AN HOUR he’ll be all better.

so i got five and a half hours of sleep thus far, but i really need three more.  so if i can somehow go back to bed by five and instantly doze off, that will work.

the odds of that happening are slim.

ok, now my annoyance has increased.  after i typed that last sentence, my computer suddenly SHUT DOWN because it had to re-configure.  ARRRGGGGHHH was in my mind.

luckily it saved the draft before switching off.

and also luckily for you i looked up the time of “the year without a santa claus” and it’s on at three in the afternoon (central time) on saturday on the family channel, which is ch. 931 here on comcast.

kevin just got up briefly and was very sweet but groggy, and as he was going back to bed he said “the christmas lights are on, if that helps,” and i remembered that he has the outside xmas lights set to go on for an hour in the morning, not sure why, maybe just for this moment in time.

lester continues to patrol the area.

i go back to bed now.

i hope you don’t have to go out into the cold today.

my plan is to go to my weightlifting class at 9:30, which sounds like a pretty wretched plan at this time.  i now have three minutes to get enough sleep to accomplish that.  plus then i have massages, many other things to do today.  which really still seems like tomorrow to me.

ok already,

mrs. h. not awake at all, really.