today amy cut and colored my hair and then blew it dry and puts lots of fancy hairstyling products in it and it looks FANTASTIC.  so if i just don’t smile really wide, nobody will know i’m a hillbilly!

there was a patch covering the gaping hole, and some little strings had been hanging down (adding to the allover stunning look of my smile), but last night i was eating salad and the BACK OF THE PATCH CAME OFF, and there it was, dangling down, and i was very alarmed.

that’s what i get for eating salad.

i pretty much stopped eating my dinner, but did manage to have some pudding but it even hurt to eat pudding.  i mean, what’s softer than pudding?  a milkshake!  but alas, i had no milkshakes, only some very old eggnog frozen yogurt in the freezer that i finally decided to throw out.

it was feeling ok today, but then this morning i couldn’t leave it alone of course, and i pushed the flap back with my tongue and was then alarmed again because i couldn’t get it back.  i finally pushed it back with my finger and it seemed kind of stable and then i ate a very soft piece of pumpernickel bread…and it FELL OUT.

so now it’s truly a yawning, gaping hole in my mouth, and it probably reaches way up into my head.  but since it doesn’t seem so bad right now, i’m not going to worry about it now.  plus of course my hair looks SO FABULOUS that nobody will even notice the cavern.

i’ll be out and about tonight flaunting my tresses…i keep meaning to write about this and i realize it’s very very late-minute, but tonight from 6-8 there’s going to be a


it’s $10 to get in, and all the money goes to the APL, and there’s free food and live jazz.  so if you happen to read this in the next couple hours and you’re not doing anything and you want to su0pport the APL which is of course a GREAT cause, please come to the benefit.

there will be no extra charge for looking at the huge hole in my mouth.

ok then,

incognito hillybilly grace.