Mom, Amy, Randy and I went to the IL state fair on Tues. August 15th. Our first stop was the Hobbies, Arts & Crafts building which I always thought was my favorite til this year when I realized I love the horses the most. Here’s some very cute award-winning sheep cupcakes which of course must be modeled after the delightful animated show “Shaun the Sheep.”

I took a picture of these wrapped packages in honor of Bev, who won a ribbon one year for a gift, except she was robbed of first place.

I love to look at the antiques on display, and I took a bunch of photos of things I found particularly interesting. This is a salesman sample of a Dorway Double Screen Rockaway grain fan, exhibited in the 1923 Morgan County Fair. I’m not sure what a grain fan might be, but I really like the look of this.

This is the same display of grain on the wall that there always is, and I continue to like it.

We rode the Sky Glider across the fairgrounds, and way behind us are Amy and Mom.

More horses – I think this was another draft horse show.

You see the young woman is wearing a crown, maybe she’s a county fair queen. I wonder if the guy driving is her dad, or maybe one of her fair duties is to ride around on a wagon. Hmm, I bet it’s the former.

I thought it amusing that this woman in a very shiny pants suit but also boots was cleaning the horse’s mouth. None of the other drivers had somebody to do that. Are they called drivers?

I only saw one woman taking the reins.

We had some perfect Culler’s fries and I walked through the sheep barn where there were many very cute sheep.

I think we were too late in the fair to see the goats. Maybe next year. When I’m not hanging out in the coliseum watching the horse show, that is.