i was lying in bed at 6, thinking about all the stuff i need to do today, finally getting up at 6:18, because i clearly wasn’t sleeping anymore.

but then when i staggered out into the living room, kevin was up.  well, he’s 99% of the time up before me, but i asked him when he got up today.  FOUR A.M.

and not even because he’s feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff to do.


meanwhile…will i get all the december photos posted before the end of the year, which is COMING RIGHT UP???


erica and i went to the farm and my plan was to buy maybe one little thing and take maybe a couple of photos.  but of course, everything was magical so i had to buy so many things plus take a ridiculous amount of pictures.

here are just a few.

it would take such a long time to set up all this stuff, wouldn’t it?  but it seems it’d be really fun to do.  plus fun selecting all the many things you wanted to sell.

i loved these old-fashioned looking ornaments, and bought a table topper that looks like them.

i bought one of these mercury glass trees for my neighbor bernice.  i had hoped bernice could go to the farm because she’s never been there and she would love it and would have bought even more stuff than i did.  so instead i took all these pictures to show her, but she doesn’t have a computer so she can’t see them.  i showed them to her on my phone, but of course they were tiny.  i’ll have to bring her over and show her on the computer, or better yet, on the TV.

i love this snowman.

i don’t know why i didn’t buy one.  oh yeah, because i already have MORE THAN ENOUGH XMAS STUFF.  oh yeah.

there are always so many dried flowers hanging from the ceiling and in pots…i’d love to have flowers hanging from the ceiling.

outside, it was pretty even in winter.

they had a bunch of adorable jackets for little kids.

i didn’t buy everything in the store, but i came close.  here’s that table topper that is now sitting on my already crammed dining room table.  i bought the last one!

i bough myself this purse, too…it’s from equador, one of those fair-trade things.

i got this for amy, who hasn’t had a lot of xmas spirit for the last few years, but now she does, but she gave all her xmas stuff away.

these birds are so darling that i bought a couple for myself, as well as for amy.

and i got her this cute little guy.

and this is maybe my favorite.

and i also got her these owls, and this penguin.

i bought this for myself, because it looks like lester.  i realize now that it’s not so prominently displayed.

the problem is that i have so very many decorations that almost every surface is filled, or over-filled, with so much stuff…maybe next year i can discriminate.  just because i have tons of stuff, that doesn’t mean i have to put it all out.  i could give some of it to amy!  i could get rid of some of it.  but as i sit here typing on this gray and rainy monday morning, i love all the xmas stuff i see!

maybe we just need more surfaces on which to put things.

amy didn’t get a tree, but she has this fabulous cactus she bought a few years ago.  it looks so nice.

and whoo hoo, it’s not even 8 a.m. and i’m already getting all kinds of things done!  i fear i may have to go to sleep before 9 tonight, because i’ll be so exhausted.

all right already,

mrs. monday before xmas hughes.