This morning, March 3rd, the lake has finally thawed, it’s sunny, and might reach 60 degrees. Whoo hoo!

I thought maybe this would be my last post from February but then was a little dismayed to see that there are many photos I haven’t yet posted. What was I doing all month?

This is one thing that Riley was doing.

The snowfall on February 16th was pretty deep; see the mound there in back of the fence? That’s the tree stump, completely covered.

I realized a deer was standing at the shore looking up at me.

She quickly bounded away.

Meanwhile the geese seemed to be enjoying sleeping on the snow-covered lake. I didn’t hear them complaining, anyway.

The morning of February 18th, this deer was only slightly upset to see me watching her.

Later in the day, a couple more deer were wandering around in the yard and the one in the background is intently watching Riley who is lurking in the fenced yard.

Here’s a little video as Riley wishes I’d shoveled a clear path to the fence so he could get that deer.

After realizing that it’d be impossible to catch the deer that day, Riley sat under the swing on the one little patch of bare deck.

The next day he was content to lie on a cushion from the warmth of the plant-filled room.

On this same day Mom and I ventured out into the field.

Here’s a snowy wasteland video.

The snow ended up being deeper than we’d thought it was and it was quite a good workout to trudge along.

Glenn came over that day to do some cross-country skiing with Kevin, and on February 20th I joined them.

Mom was taking these pictures and I can’t remember what we all must have been doing here.

My turn at skiing only last for one turn around the circle. One of Kevin’s skis broke and I was happy to surrender mine so he and Glenn could head out into the field.

I heard Kevin tell Glenn that he hadn’t thought he could get me out to ski again after the last time and I was indignant. Quite a few years ago we went out for my first time of cross-country skiing and we went out into the back yard and naturally I had a deep fear of plunging out of control right down the hill and into the lake. So when I fell down while vainly attempting to turn around, Kevin suggested that I turn around while lying there on the ground.

Yes, I’m not graceful or good at any kind of skiing. But of course I did it again this year, and I’ll certainly try it again next year.

Meanwhile…thoughts of spring. Later today I’m going to chop down the tall grasses down by the lake so the new ones will have room to shoot up. I already made a pretty long list of “spring 2021” projects and I’ll be able to check that one off today, which will give me a sense of accomplishment.

And that’s it for today…

ok then,

mrs. h.