it rained a lot last night, and this morning it’s cool.  we’re going to have a couple more hottish days, and then cooler, fall-like weather.

weather forecast in a nutshell.

gus the goose continues to come back, almost every day, and i bought a 40-lb. bag of bird seed for him yesterday plus a 25-lb. bag of crushed corn, so that should last him a while.  we were dangerously close to running out.

last night i looked at kevin’s computer screen and his new screen saver is this spectacular photo and i said WHY HAVEN’T I SEEN THIS?

i can’t remember his reply.  this is gus and family coming in for breakfast one morning, maybe a week ago.  you can see gus there on the far right, because he only has the one foot.

i love this picture soooo much.

it looked to me like they were leaving, but kevin said they were circling around to make their descent.  like planes.

so that’s more than three months that gus has been with us – i feel that we need to build him a little goose house for the winter.  his leg with the missing foot is pretty fat, and yesterday he looked a little bit disheveled, with his wings a little ruffled.  i worry about gus and the upcoming winter.

here are a couple more beautiful sunrise pictures that kevin took.

so nice…i continue to wish that sunrise was later, so i could see it. it’s probably almost as late as it’ll be in the year, isn’t it?

i just checked my phone – today it rose at 6:27.  but it’s cloudy now so i didn’t miss anything.

6:27 just isn’t a time when i’m awake.

ok then,

mrs. tuesday but it feels like monday hughes.