everything is just so much better now that it’s spring. we went running at 10 this morning, because if we’d waited any longer it would have been too hot for mollie. the other day i ran with her and it was in the 60s and she just didn’t want to keep up. today, though, she was delighted. me, i was struggling to keep up with kevin. he says this is good, because then i’ll get faster. we checked our heart rates when we were done and my heart was almost bursting right out of my heart cavity. his pulse wasn’t very high at all. maybe i should get a head start on the running next time.

kevin has been taking lovely pictures before i’m up in the morning. it makes me want to get up early, except that lately i’ve been awake for about two hours in the middle of the night so then in the morning i just want to keep sleeping. last night we were in bed before ten, reading – but i couldn’t keep my eyes open. i may be overdoing it just a little bit, but it feels great to have energy during the day, but then it catches up with me. for example, even though it’s only 7:13 right now, i could definitely go to sleep.

anyway, here are some shots he took yesterday morning. i don’t know what time – at whatever time the sun rises, whenever that may be.  it looks so cool, with the fog rising over the lake.



i took this yesterday afternoon.  i thought it was funny, mollie and winnie lined up like they were waiting for the bus.  maybe kevin was gone and they were waiting for him to come back.  it’s funny, but when we come home, mollie is always there wagging her tail and jumping on us – but winnie is also always around, only much quieter in his pleasure at our return.


kevin took more sunrise photos this morning.



the ducks are getting more and more bold – they come up on the deck to eat the bird food, but now that it has all been moved out in the yard, they’re all over it.  if we’d left the food on the deck any longer, i’m sure they would have started coming right in and making themselves comfortable on the couch in front of the TV.



here’s the bradford pear tree in the front yard.  the flowers are really amazing this year.


i took a picture of the buds on the tree – this was just ONE WEEK AGO.  it’s very hard to believe.


and today,  the flowers are in full bloom.


we pulled the boat out a little bit so kevin could take a look at the engine.  i sat up in the driver’s seat and kept trying to start the motor and it didn’t work at all, which kevin said was odd because at least one of the coils should have sparked, or something like that – and then finally i realized that i hadn’t attached the key to the little clip thing.  the boat won’t start if it’s not connected.  after i did that, it started right up.  kevin says he cleaned out one of the spark plugs and that might be why it wasn’t working last year.  hmm, we’ll see.  we’re going to try it out tomorrow!  i’m excited about that.  there were lots and lots of boats on the water today.


and here’s winnie right now, on the deck in the cushioned chair, resting up for his late night catting around outside.   he is just as happy as we are that the weather is warm.


all right, it’s 7:38 now; is it too early to go to bed?

ok then,

really really old lady grace.